Data Points

Data Points
Data Points is a podcast by InterSystems Learning Services that features conversations with experts about new and exciting features of InterSystems products, as well as cutting-edge trends and topics in the tech industry today.

3. IntegratedML in InterSystems IRIS (Thomas Dyar)
Feb 11 • 12 min
In this episode, we chat with Thomas Dyar about IntegratedML in InterSystems IRIS – the feature coming this spring that will enable SQL developers building applications to leverage machine learning directly within the SQL environment of InterSystems IRIS.…
2. What is Kubernetes? (Luca Ravazzolo)
Feb 11 • 15 min
In this episode, we chat with Luca Ravazzolo about Kubernetes - the most popular container orchestration platform today. Kubernetes (K8s) provides a rich set of features for deploying, managing, and maintaining your containers deployed across clusters of…
1. What is InterSystems IRIS? (Jenny Ames)
Feb 11 • 16 min
Welcome to Data Points! In this episode, we chat with Jenny Ames about InterSystems IRIS – the flexible, scalable, and interoperable data platform that powers many of the world’s most important applications. From its multi-model nature to its integration…
Data Points is Coming Soon!
Jan 16 • 0 min
InterSystems Learning Services is launching a brand new learning podcast in February! Data Points will be a learning-oriented podcast that features conversations with experts about InterSystems products and the tech industry today. Find us on your…