Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough
Inadequate responses to inadequate responses.

30 — Insufficiently legal
Aug 3 • 56 min
We dissect the media’s preferential coverage of the covid crisis, the Labor party response to climate change and how big business is more interested in making money than keeping their workers alive. Media watchAfter getting horny for Premier Dan Andrews,…
29 — The legitimate taking of piss
Jul 28 • 61 min
We chat about the latest round of government handouts to mates, then delve into a blistering rundown of Serco’s crimes and coverups. Money for matesParliament is sitting out the pandemic.At least six of the “sports rorts” grants approved by Bridget…
28 — Stupid sexy Dandrews
Jul 21 • 58 min
Lockdown horn has infected Australia’s pundit class, Albo reckons mines are cool, and we run through the highlights of recent stupid money bullshit. Bushfires for leaseIn Portland, unidentified federal agents are kidnapping people.Because of the response…
27 —Masks off
Jul 13 • 72 min
We chat about Melbourne’s return to city-wide lockdown and the ongoing police presence at the nine inner-city public housing blocks. Then we get personal, talking about our own paths to radical politics.Lockdowns and masksCoronavirus safety information…
26 — Cop Tower
Jul 7 • 72 min
We talk about Victoria’s lockdowns of public housing tower blocks, cops making drugs and the Morrison government’s ongoing quest to shut down Jobkeeper as soon as they can. Lock down the block3000 people in low-income government housing tower blocks are…
25 — Nationalise the government
Jun 29 • 69 min
With climate disasters looming, we pick apart the Labor party’s anaemic response. Then we chat about ideological cuts to the ABC and the right-wing media’s take on Victorian Covid spikes. Climate backslidesLabour party leader Anthony Albonese has…
24 — Blaming families
Jun 22 • 68 min
We chat about the News Corp beat up of Lydia Thorpe, the re-up of the lockdown in parts of Victoria and ginned up cyber attacks in the news.Feel good news?Victora has criminalised wage theft! Time to send George Calombaris to perma-jail.Aboriginal…
23 — Law & Order: Statue Victims Unit
Jun 15 • 65 min
Police are out in force to protect metal in the shape of Captain Cook, the PM apparently hasn’t learned anything since primary school and money keeps not reaching the people who really need it.Metaphorical fire newsAustralia is still trying to be as On…
22 — Black Lives Matter
Jun 8 • 60 min
We talk about Australia’s Black Lives Matter protests against indigenous deaths in custody, and the responses of Australia’s media and police.Black lives matterTens of thousands of Australians came out in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and to protest…
21 — Blow it up
Jun 1 • 70 min
We discuss National Sorry day, Aboriginal people dying an custody and Rio Tinto destroying an ancient and irreplaceable historic site. Then we dance on Robodebt’s grave and chat about the long-lasting effects of Australia’s bushfires. Sorry DayMay 26 is…
20 — What’s the go with Angus Taylor
May 25 • 68 min
In this very special episode we talk about the life, times and scandals of Angus Taylor, the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction. Angus Taylor, this is your lifeAngus Taylor and his wife Louise are apparently extremely litigious.Taylor had a…
19 — The podcast of Australia to all Australians
May 18 • 73 min
We break down the Prime Minister’s meaningless speech patterns, then dig into the politics of journalism and climate change. Morrison’s wordsScott Morrison hates hiding under the doona. Not Good Enough is a pro doona podcast.Is Morrison copying Buttigieg,…
18 — Boardgames & Blasphemy
May 11 • 69 min
We get real nerdy on this one. First we discuss the socialist and feminist history of Monopoly that Hasbro has erased, then dive into the source code of the CovidSafe app.NewsAnneliese van Diemen, Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer has been cleared of…
17 — Captain Cooked
May 5 • 66 min
We break down the culture war surrounding Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer. Then we explain why the Great Barrier Reef is important and why you shouldn’t install the government’s Covid Safe app.NewsVictoria’s deputy Chief Health Officer compared…
16 — Respect the tropes
Apr 28 • 80 min
We acknowledge the sacrifice of our fallen heroes, and discuss former PM Malcom Turnbull’s testy responses to criticism of his new book. Then chat about the knock-on effects of tumbling oil prices and how to save the Great Barrier Reef.NewsCongrats to the…
15 — Rentseekers united
Apr 20 • 67 min
The NSW and Victorian state governments have announced massive rent relief packages. Or are they just handouts to landlords? Then we chat COVID tracing apps, and what Angus Taylor has been up to recently.NewsGeorge Pell is under investigation for new…
14 — Corollavirus
Apr 13 • 64 min
We officially announce our endorsement for the US presidential election and discuss Pell walking free. Then we get all dreamy talking about what cities could look like without car commuting.NewsNot Good Enough has formally endorsed Bernie Sanders for…
13 — Money police
Apr 6 • 69 min
We remind you all that the climate still exists, then discuss the government’s ‘Jobkeeper’ stimulus plans, cruise ship crimes and landlord crimes.The climate is still hereThe airline industry’s push for using 2019-20 as a baseline for emissions targets…
12 — Cruise control
Mar 30 • 61 min
Private schools and hospitals are getting massive bailouts and there’s day-long lines at Centerlink. We talk coronavirus shutdowns, the government’s confusing messaging and why cruise ships are spreading the plague.NewsAustralia is still on fire.The…
11 — This episode is up so I guess podcasts are an essential service
Mar 22 • 65 min
It’s the biggest news week of our lifetime, and we podcast through it. We discuss the government’s (mis)handling of the corona situation, then get hopeful about what might come out the other side of this mess.PandemicageddonNewstart is being doubled, and…
10 — The gang self isolates
Mar 15 • 82 min
There’s a looming pandemic and the energy is weird. We talk about police violence, the closure of the AAP, and how to survive coronavirus.PolicingNew South Wales Police Minister David Elliot is under investigation after the release of photos showing him…
9 — Corona? Barely even knew ‘er (International Women’s Day)
Mar 8 • 59 min
Shell is posting cringe on International Women’s Day, Missy Higgins’ dad has Coronavirus, and the Australian government continues their efforts to make corruption a national sport. We try to make sense of the chaos in this blockbuster episode.NewsAll…
8 — Stop the floats
Mar 1 • 50 min
The Liberal party’s float at the Sydney Mardi Gras was targeted by protestors who were ejected from the parade. We discuss the Liberal party’s history of policies that hurt the LGBTQI community, and the Labor party’s lack of spine on both gay marriage and…
7 — Dirty Solidarity
Feb 24 • 55 min
We take on the Liberal Party’s latest line attack on climate action as “uncosted”, then delve into dirty solidarity with Paul Parker, hero firefighter.NewsAustralia still on fire, but mostly just in Queensland now.Queensland has historically not been as…
6 — Eat the Rich
Feb 16 • 58 min
Through the lens of worker underpayment within George Calombaris’ restaurant empire and the ongoing Robodebt scandal, we discuss the war the rich wage on the poor. View full notes and references
5 — Horses in Forces (feat. Tom Tanuki)
Feb 9 • 56 min
What happens when mining companies move to protect their interests from protesters? We talk with activist and comedian Tom Tanuki about the growing threat of eco-fascism.View show notes and and referencesTom Tanuki’s website
4 — Methane Clown Posse
Feb 2 • 52 min
The Prime Minister is tying funding for renewable energy sources to more natural gas extraction. We discuss why using gas as a “transition” energy source is a dead end and a bad deal.View full show notes and references
3 — Minister for rorts
Jan 29 • 50 min
A casual chat about the sports funding saga that reveals the corruption at the heart of Australia’s government.View full notes and references
2 — Clean coal and other fairytales
Jan 21 • 52 min
The Liberal party has a new line: Adapt and Mitigate. We discuss why that’s still climate denial.
1 — Malcolm Morrison
Jan 14 • 46 min
We pick apart former Skynews Political Reporter David Speer’s interview with Scott Morrison, and shockingly discover that it has some issues!