Creation Magazine LIVE Podcast

Creation Magazine LIVE Podcast
Creation Magazine LIVE! features cutting-edge science that supports the Bible, delivered in an easy-to-understand, talk-show format.

Evidence for the Global Flood of Noah
Mar 25 • 24 min
Did the flood really happen the way it’s described in the Bible? Or was it just a local flood that got exaggerated over time? Could Noah get all those animals on the ark? Where did the water come from?
Where do the fossils fit?
Mar 18 • 23 min
How old are fossils? When was the fossil record produced? Could fossils have existed when God called His creation "very good"? The answer to these questions have profound effects on the Gospel. Tune for the answers in this mind expanding episode.
Genesis and the Gospel
Mar 11 • 24 min
Continuing from last week, what was the world like before sin? Are science and faith actually incompatible? How do beliefs about where we came from affect morality?
Dinosaurs and humans — did they live together?
Mar 4 • 24 min
What fossil evidence supports dinosaurs and humans living at the same time? Do scientists ever find dinosaurs buried with animals that were not supposed to have evolved yet?
Making sense of science, faith and Genesis
Feb 26 • 24 min
Is creation/evolution a side issue for Christians? Does it have any impact on the Gospel? We’ll provide some clarity about the links between scientific discoveries and beliefs about the creation/evolution issue.
The relationship between faith and science
Feb 19 • 24 min
What is the nature of the relationship between faith and science? Can the apparent separation between science and faith ever be eliminated? Many scientists are convinced that evolution happened, does that mean it did? Join the discussion.
Continental drift and the Bible
Feb 12 • 24 min
Have the continents moved apart? If so, when? Creationist Antonio Snider, the first person to publish on continental drift proposed that the continents separated during the Flood. Today his original idea is backed by cutting-edge computer modelling.
God’s amazing design
Feb 5 • 24 min
The Bible says that all people know there is a God because of what He created. Many atheists say there is no evidence for design. This episode explains how we recognize when something is designed and explores some of the amazing design all around us—the…
How long were the Genesis days?
Jan 29 • 23 min
Could the Genesis creation days be millions of years long? Join us as we dive into the language of the biblical text and discover how long God took to create the universe.
Scientific evidence for a recent creation
Jan 22 • 24 min
All dating methods involve making assumptions. But many scientific dating methods, with reasonable assumptions, do not support deep time and an old universe. Hundreds of dating methods support a young earth and recent creation of the universe.
How natural selection supports a recent creation
Jan 15 • 23 min
Natural selection is erroneously used as evidence for the evolution of people from a single cell. Actually, new discoveries involving natural selection support Biblical creation and powerfully refute evolution. This episode explains why the changes…
When did God create?
Jan 8 • 24 min
Did God create millions of years ago, or only thousands? Can we know for sure? How accurately can a date be determined? Watch this week’s episode for a discussion on these topics.
Why youth leave the church
Jan 1 • 23 min
Surveys show that many youth who grow up in the church will leave. Today we examine these surveys and present a powerful solution that is already making a difference.