The Oath Podcast

The Oath Podcast
The Oath podcast is as an educational tool for current serving military personnel, veterans, their families, and the general public on all things relevant to our military and veteran communities. Justin Rich, former Army, and Jesse Puryear, former Navy, facilitate discussions each week with a new guest, covering a variety of topics.

#009: Federal Hiring Procedures and Benefits with Rudy Muriel, Navy HR Specialist
May 11 • 68 min
Rudy is a Human Resource specialist who works for the Department of the Navy. He is an expert on Federal hiring procedures and the numerous benefits afforded to Veterans in Federal hiring.
#008: Equine Therapy for Veterans With Bob and Debbie, Hope 4 Heroes
May 11 • 59 min
Our guests today were Bob and Debbie of Hope 4 Heroes in Yelm, WA. Hope 4 Heroes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Veterans recover from their physical and mental health problems through Equine Therapy (horse therapy). The program is…
#007: New Career Placement After Transitioning Out Of The Service With Kyle Kotecha and Blake Anderson, Veteran Transition Mission
Apr 16 • 52 min
The Oath Podcast with your host Jessie Puryear and special guests Kyle Kotecha and Blake Anderson with Veteran Transition Mission. Veteran Transition Mission is here to help veterans get quickly trained and certified for in-demand careers in a variety of…
#006: Navigating the Complexities of Veteran Appeals with David Oliver, Attorney At Law
Mar 24 • 60 min
Join us today for an insightful episode about navigating the lengthy and complex veteran appeals process, with David Oliver. David is a practicing attorney at law who specializes in veteran affairs.
#005: Active Duty & Veteran Mental Health and the Family Dynamics with Cornelia Thomas, Winds of Liberty
Mar 12 • 56 min
Today’s guest is Mrs. Cornelia Thomas of Winds of Liberty. This is a continuation of our last show with her husband and partner Jay. Cornelia is a Liscenced Mental Health Counselor with extensive training and background in family therapy. The focus of our…
#004: Financial Literacy with Jay Thomas, Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach
Feb 28 • 60 min
Today’s guest is a Ramsey Preferred financial coach and certified fundraising executive. This episode focuses on financial literacy for our military and veterans’ community. In particular we will address what to do with extra pay like combat pay,…
#003: Meet the Hosts!
Feb 17 • 57 min
Hello everyone! We are excited for the future of this podcast, and we thought it would be a good idea to let you know a little bit more about our hosts, Justin Rich, and Jessie Puryear, both of whom are retired veterans. Tune in for great conversation and…
#002: The Deportation of Veterans
Jan 28 • 52 min
Join us today as we speak with two guests that have been part of the United States military that have been deported, and we discuss potential solutions to this growing problem. Disclaimer: While we may talk about political issues, we are a non-partisan…
#001: The Benefits of Sensory Deprivation Through Floating
Jan 18 • 43 min
Tune in for our first guest, Jessie Puryear, the Managing Director of Urban Float in University Place, Washington. Jessie discusses the benefits of floating and sensory deprivation that positively impacts both the mind and body. Floating is clinically…
#000: Introduction
Jan 11 • 0 min
Welcome to The Oath Podcast!