Merchandising Matters

Merchandising Matters
Working in a fast-paced industry and increasingly fast-paced world, foodservice providers often struggle to sit down and speak about the work they do. In reverse, it is also difficult to speak about the customer’s buying habits. is her?

Warmer Case Offerings
Mar 10 • 33 min
About 160 million people visit a convenience store per day. 84% of these sales go from some sort of food/beverage (Standard-Examiner). In this episode, hear from Frankie and Barbara as they discuss the offerings, appearance and taste of warmer case…
Roller Grill Programming With The Pros
Feb 5 • 31 min
Roller Grill Programming
Jan 11 • 1 min
In this episode COO, Barbara Barry and Senior Graphic Designer, Frankie Rowles discuss how they met and their role at They believe there is so much to be said about the foodservice industry and not enough people talk about it!
Patents Make The Heart Grow Fonder
Jan 11 • 15 min interviews the founder Mike Kurm. With his years of industry experience and over 25 patented products, he fills us in on how important it is to protect your inventions and how he built this company with a 30,000 loan, a vision, and a…
Identity Crisis
Jan 11 • 14 min
Who are we? Brand identity can be a journey for many companies, including…formerly Spirit Specialty Solutions Inc. It is the essence of your business, It makes your business unique and tells its story to the world. Frankie and Barbara…
Refresh, Revamp, Renew
Jan 11 • 13 min
Is your perception of your business relating back to your customer’s reality? Hear some tips from the PROS on how you can increase your ROI by focusing on your customer’s experience and in-store merchandising needs.
Jan 11 • 0 min
Humble Beginnings
Jan 11 • 13 min
Every business starts somewhere! In Barbara’s case, her childhood was built on a product called….a Wiener Minder®. Learn how built its business, the purpose of this podcast and why merchandising is so essential in the foodservice indu…