Courage Over Comfort with Sheilla Dare

Courage Over Comfort with Sheilla Dare
This is the show that’s meant to inspire you to step into your courage and out of your comfort zone, because that’s where we learn and grow. By facing our fears and stepping into the unknown, we find out what we’re truly capeable of.

10. Embracing Imperfection with Jummy Olawale
Mar 4 • 40 min
Therapist Jummy Olawale shares her journey of embracing imperfection.
9. Recovering After Trauma with Reshma Baral
Feb 26 • 46 min
Reshma Baral shares her story of surviving domestic violence and how she overcame the trauma it created in her life.
8. Claiming Your Truth with Franny Nicole
Feb 19 • 32 min
Franny Nicole, creator and host of Claiming Your Truth podcast, sits down with Sheilla to share her personal story of childhood trauma and how she shed the labels of her past.
7. Baring It All with Tiffany Humfeld
Feb 12 • 21 min
In this episode, Tiffany Humfeld recounts the courage it took to bare it all in her first burlesque performance. She shares her WHY for choosing burlesque and how she gained the confidence to participate in her first live show in front of an audience.
6. Carving Your Own Path with Kristin Giese
Feb 5 • 42 min
Author Kristin Giese takes us on her journey of courage to get her first book published.
5. Stepping Into Parenthood with Dale Chube
Jan 29 • 34 min
Guest Dale Chube shares his story of becoming a first-time parent and his motivation for writing his new playbook for expecting dads.
4. A Month of Sobriety with Jasleen Prihar and Sheilla Dare
Jan 22 • 27 min
Sheilla Dare and guest Jasleen Prihar talk about how they gained clarity through a month of sobriety.
3. Pushing Yourself Beyond Your Limits with Billy Brown
Jan 13 • 34 min
Guest Billy Brown shares his experience of running his first marathon.
2. Pursuing Your Passion with Nicole Resnick
Jan 13 • 20 min
Guest Nicole Resnick talks about pursuing her passion by opening her own salon.
1. Climbing the Mountain with Sheilla Dare
Jan 12 • 20 min
Host Sheilla Dare’s journey of getting out of her comfort zone.