The Fair Food Forager & Friends Show

The Fair Food Forager & Friends Show
The Fair Food Forager & Friends show | Changing the way the world eats by making ethical easy | Follow for chat about feel-good food & sustainability Food Directory App, social media, education and environmental sustainability ideas - Free DownloadTalk…

Ash Grunwald Musician & Author - Touring, sobriety, flow state, Wim Hof, podcasts & medicinal cannabis
Mar 21 • 93 min
In this podcast we talk about the touring world, beating negative self talk, flow state, creating an enjoyable life, quitting alcohol, breath work with Wim Hof and treating cancer with medicinal cannabis.
Peter Whish-Wilson Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania - Oceans, Economics, Forests, Wine & Waves
Mar 9 • 79 min
With portfolios including Consumer Affairs, Treasury & Finance, Small Business, Healthy Oceans and Waste and Recycling Peter Whish-Wilson has a lot on his plate. Lucky for us he is also one of the good guys of Australian politics with the intellect…
Jamie Lepre of Peloton Against Plastic - Fears, activism, thinking positive & having fun
Mar 3 • 41 min
Jamie Lepre is the creative director and CEO at Mane Collective an environmentally conscious filmmaker for the planet and the people! He is the co-creator of The Peloton Against Plastic, an eco-tourism impact model and documentary. Paul and Jamie rode…
Damien Clarke of Green Caffeen - Lessons of an environmental startup.
Feb 19 • 79 min
This episode is about easing wasteful ways, mental health and learning as you go.Welcome to the fair food forager & friends show, episode 3. A chat with Damien Clarke of Green Caffeen. A mobile application and reusable coffee cup solution that…
Monica Mudge & Dean Howcroft of Treading Lightly - Bushfires and regeneration.
Feb 1 • 81 min
Paul talks to Monica Mudge and Dean Howcroft of Treading Lightly about the South Coast bushfires and all things sustainability.
Susie Crick Surfrider Australia - Staying positive and finding a way forward.
Jan 12 • 48 min
We meet Susie Crick, National Chairperson of Surfrider Australia and how we can all help our planet.