Bixby Developers Chat

Bixby Developers Chat
Are you a voice developer or designer? Are you excited about the future of voice? Are you curious about an ambient computing future where our TV’s, appliances, watches, phones, and more can talk with you to create new experiences? Join us on the Bixby ?

Games, Success and Voice with Sarah Andrew Wilson
Aug 3 • 63 min
Sarah Andrew Wilson of talks voice gaming, building a successful voice company and the future of voice
Reinventing Podcasts with Rachel Batish of Audioburst
Jul 20 • 53 min
Rachel Batish of Audioburst talks about how Audioburst is reinventing audio discovery and consumption and the Voice industry in general
Interactive Stories with Ear Reality
Jul 6 • 63 min
Christian Mahnke and Sebastian Schöps of Ear Reality discuss making great interactive voice experiences
Adam Cheyer talks Siri, Viv Labs and over 25 years in Voice
Jun 22 • 75 min
Voice Legend Adam Cheyer talks about founding Siri and Viv Labs and his career in voice
Weather, Philosophy and Voice with Steven Arkonovich
Jun 8 • 41 min
Steven Arkonovich, the author of Big Sky and philosophy professor discusses voice development, philosophy and the future of voice
Meet the Viv Labs Bixby Evangelists
May 25 • 58 min
The Viv Labs Bixby Evangelists talk about evangelism, Bixby, voice and their backgrounds
Voice and Shortcasts with Armel Beaudry of
May 11 • 60 min
Listen to Armel Beaudry of talk about the future of short form audio, podcasts and voice
Voice in Education with Julie Daniel Davis
Apr 27 • 61 min
Listen to Julie Daniel Davis talk about the important and bright future for voice in Education
Voice Development and Empowering Women in Voice with Jennie Stenhouse
Apr 13 • 65 min
Jennie Stenhouse discusses voice development and empowering women in voice
Talking Jovo with Jan König and Ruben Aegerter
Mar 30 • 51 min
Jan and Ruben from Jovo talk about their cross-platform voice development framework
Voice Development, Speech Markdown and Jovo with Mark Tucker
Mar 16 • 45 min
Mark Tucker shares his experience developing for voice and creating speech markdown
Voice Development and the Creative process with Ilarna Nche
Mar 2 • 32 min
Accomplished voice developer Illarna Nche discusses how to create compelling voice experiences
Gaming, Flash Briefings and Voice with Adrian Simple
Feb 17 • 38 min
Adrian Simple of the Gaming Observer discusses how to create a successful flash briefing and the future of voice and gaming
Project Voice Conference - Interviews #3
Jan 30 • 53 min
Project Voice Conference - Interviews of Voice Innovators - 3 of 3 part series
Project Voice Conference - Interviews #2
Jan 28 • 42 min
Project Voice Conference - Interviews of Voice Innovators
Project Voice Conference - Interviews #1
Jan 23 • 58 min
Project Voice Conference - Interviews of Voice Innovators
Introduction to Bixby Developers Chat
Jan 9 • 1 min
An Introduction to the Bixby Developers Chat Podcast
Science Fiction and Voice Experiences with Ryan Jordan
Jan 9 • 28 min
Science Fiction and Voice with Author and Voice Developer, Ryan Jordan