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Digital Asset News
The Top cryptocurrency and digital asset news…in bite-sized pieces. Channel Is for entertainment purposes only. I’m not a financial planner, or a financial analyst or anything to do with finances. I’m just a small business owner who firmly believes in cryptocurrency and digital assets.

🔕BREAKING! SQUARE + BTC Lightning Network! XRP New Partner TRILLIONS Processor and Ethereum Dapps 🚀
Jan 22 • 23 min
â–ºBREAKING: CEO Jack Dorsey (Twitter and Square) is rolling out the LDK (Lightning Development Kit) to hyper-accelerate the usage of the lightning network for MASS ADOPTION. Ethereum DeFi Dapps are accelerating at a rapid pace and XRP lands ANOTHER partner…
BREAKING NEWS! U.S. SECRETARY OF FINANCE Basically Calls Out XRP & RIPPLE! DeFi + Eth = 1 Trillion!
Jan 22 • 18 min
â–ºBREAKING: I can’t believe the news somedays. U.S. Secretary of Finance basically says they are working with Ripple and XRP in the Davos conference. Paxos unleashing the power of their stable coin on banks and the US Dollar. Decentralized Finance (DEFI)…
1/18/2020 - BREAKING: Bitcoin’s CONSERVATIVE 2020 Price Point. Hash Rate ATH= Strong Hands! Where’s Craigs Keys?
Jan 18 • 27 min
â–ºBREAKING NEWS: Analysts argue on BTC Bitcoins Price Point for 2020 but ONE thing is certain and that is we are GOING UP UP UP! BTC mining hash rate is at all time high, weak hands are ALL gone so only the strong survive! Also, has anyone see Craig Wright…
NEWS: Ripple HEAVILY INFLUENCING U.S. Govt/Trump Staff/Steve Mnuchin & CFTC! Crypto Dad & US Token
Jan 18 • 25 min
â–ºBREAKING: Brad Garlinghouse and Ripple are doing everything in their power to influence the U.S. Government and it’s position on the CBDC arms race with China! Lobbying efforts (payments) between 2018 - 2019 have been in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of…
Jan 10 • 9 min
â–ºBREAKING: NBA player TOKENIZES his MULTI-MILLION dollar contract! Game titan Ubisoft wants to invest in Blockchain, Brazilian Banks are looking to shut down ALL cryptocurrencies in their country and my price prediction MIGHT be a little off. PLUS: What’s…
BREAKING NEWS! John McAfee DROPS BITCOIN! “It’s Worthless Ancient Technology!” Is BTC a ShatCoin?
Jan 7 • 36 min
â–ºBREAKING: BITCOIN BTC maximalist and HUGE cheerleader throws in the towel on bitcoin and calls it “ancient technology” and that people are stupid for believing him! Is Bitcoin a trash coin? â–ºFollow us on Twitter - @newsasset â–ºFollow us on Facebook -…
Jan 6. 2020 - XRP is UP Along With the WHOLE MARKET! What’s Going ON?!? Also, Is XRP a SHAT COIN?
Jan 7 • 40 min
â–ºBREAKING: The market is going UP across the board (finally) and there has been no bigger surprise than by WHICH digital asset led this charge - XRP! We take a look at this new XRP Futures Market with 75x Leverage on Binance. Also, the question has been…