Bloodworks 101

Bloodworks 101
Bloodworks 101 is a monthly podcast produced by Bloodworks Northwest, a Seattle-based blood bank and research center. Stories are designed to inspire and educate listeners to donate time, money or blood.

Not as Expected - Molly’s Story (S1 E12)
May 18 • 16 min
Bloodworks Northwest Board Member Molly Firth, figured she was just going to have a baby. Then she figured she was just going to have a C-section. What happened next is how Molly Firth survived what turned out to be the fight for her life. But as she…
Isaac Strong - The Right Side of 50/50 (S1 E11)
May 9 • 17 min
In 2017, Isaac Williams was diagnosed with high-risk, Stage IV neuroblastoma at just 17 months old. Facing a course of treatment lasting the duration of his life so far, Isaac, his mother Kelli, father Dennis and older brother Isaiah endured the…
The Day a Heart Stood Still - Sue Nixon (S1 E10)
Apr 28 • 18 min
The remarkable true story of how Seattle’s Sue Nixon owes her life to the quick response of genuine Good Samaritans and paramedics at Medic One, the tireless research of scientists at Bloodworks Northwest’s Research Institute, and the blood donations of…
The Hope of the World - Elizabeth Schneider, Bloodworks’ First Convalescent Plasma Donor (S1 E9)
Apr 25 • 8 min
Seattle’s Elizabeth Schneider is Bloodworks Northwest’s first Convalescent Plasma donor. Convalescent Plasma is donated by those who’ve tested positive for COVID-19, have recovered and have a clean bill of health for 28 days. In a story with too few…
Bloodworks Northwest Saved My Life - LinMara Bluebird & Dr. Rebecca Kruse Jarres (S1 E8)
Apr 22 • 15 min
The story of a Bainbridge Island woman, LinMara Bluebird, who says, “Bloodworks Northwest saved my life.” Bluebird was diagnosed with a rare form of hemophilia. World class doctors at the Washington Center for Bleeding Disorders say her case was one in…
A Ray of Hope - Convalescent Plasma with Dr. Rebecca Haley (S1 E7)
Apr 9 • 10 min
As the Medical Director for Bloodworks Bio, Dr. N. Rebecca Haley’s newest project is one that could, if history is any guide, have a big impact in worldwide the fight against COVID-19. Over the past few months, the virus has disrupted public health…
Getting Real About Emergencies - Blood Services Executive VP Vicki Finson (S1 E6)
Mar 27 • 16 min
Bloodworks Northwest’s Executive Vice President of Blood Services Vicki Finson knows what happens behind the scenes when the blood supply dips to emergency levels. Listen in as she describes her reaction to learning about the February 2020 shooting in…
Born In Crisis - COVID-19 Curt Bailey (S1 E5)
Mar 16 • 5 min
As concern grows over the spread of COVID-19, Bloodworks Northwest, the leading provider of blood in the Pacific Northwest, sounds the alarm. The blood supply in the Pacific Northwest is collapsing. As a result, Bloodworks President & CEO Curt…
New Car Giveaway - Mark Gilman (S1 E4)
Mar 10 • 18 min
Imagine winning a brand new car just for donating blood. In this episode, we travel across Puget Sound to Bremerton, Washington and talk to the staff at Haselwood Auto Group who are partnering with Bloodworks Northwest on a unique promotion - a new car…
Seven Times as Smart - Dr. N. Rebecca Haley (S1 E3)
Mar 3 • 17 min
Dr. N. Rebecca Haley is Medical Director of Cord Blood Services, the National Marrow Donor Program Donor Center and Apheresis Center at Bloodworks Northwest. She also gives medical direction for Blood Collection Services. She is a hematologist and has…
The Snowboarding CEO - Curt Bailey Bloodworks 101 (S1 E2)
Feb 5 • 18 min
Bloodworks Northwest’s new President & CEO is Curt Bailey, a former Marine chopper pilot who takes a snowboarder’s approach to leadership in the competitive Seattle health care industry. In 75 years as a Pacific Northwest institution, Bloodworks has…
Bloodworks 101 Introduction (with host John Yeager)
Jan 13 • 2 min
Podcast trailer gives subscribers an introduction of what’s to come.
Paying it Forward with Tom Newman - Bloodworks 101 (E1 S1)
Jan 6 • 14 min
Courrier with a remarkable backstory picks up and delivers lifesaving blood products all across Western Washington and the Pacific Northwest.