Becoming a Streamer

Becoming a Streamer
How did your favorite streamer get to where they are today? In this podcast, StoneMountain64 and Snoopeh sit down with your favorite streamers to learn about their journey. Comment who you would like to see us interview next! You can also join the community at

#14 - Varieties of Happiness ft, ZombiUnicorn!
Mar 30 • 41 min
ZombiUnicorn, a Twitch Partner for over 6 years and was the first Twitch partner to be on network television. She’s down to earth, constantly stepping out of her comfort zone, and focusing on self-improvement! She tells us about starting out on Twitch…
#13 - Overcoming Boundaries, ft. Darkness429!
Mar 25 • 33 min
Darkness429, one of the original Facebook streamers with over 600K followers! He started on Twitch where he grew his audience before making the leap to Facebook, he was one of the first to make the switch, and he’s also the co-owner of Raredrop, and Kings…
Going Viral, ft. SypherPK!
Mar 22 • 35 min
SypherPK, a Twitch Partner with nearly 3 million followers and YouTube legend with 2.6 million followers! He’s the viral video king of Fortnite, but his story started before that, Sypher is an inspiration and extremely wise with his decisions, excelling…
#11 - Rise to the Top, ft. Stodeh!
Mar 18 • 44 min
Stodeh, a Twitch Streamer with over 200K followers and YouTube with over 300K! He started with a passion for making games that turned into building a community and live streaming! He has cemented himself as a legend in the Battlefield community and his…
#10 - Building Foundations ft, Kross!
Mar 16 • 36 min
Kross, a Facebook Gaming Partner with 120k followers! He started watching CoD montages on YouTube and decided to try it for himself. From there, he continued to explore content creation before transitioning to live streams on Twitch, Mixer and then moving…
#9 - Fast Growth Strategy, ft. One_Shot_Gurl!
Mar 9 • 32 min
One_Shot_Gurl, a full-time Twitch streamer with over 90K followers and YouTube creator with over 500K followers, her natural positivity and professional approach makes her stand out in the crowd! She tells us about her transition to Twitch live streaming…
#8 - Streaming is an Addiction, ft. Doom49!
Mar 2 • 32 min
Doom49, a full-time Facebook streamer, he transitioned from YouTube content creation to live streaming daily with over 1 million followers across both platforms! He is well known for his production value and amazing thumbnail art. He shares with us his…
Streaming is a Marathon, ft. KreekCraft!
Feb 24 • 34 min
KreekCraft, full-time YouTube Live streamer with 900+k subscribers, started uploading at 14 years old playing Minecraft and transitioned to Roblox! For the last few years, he has been the main Youtube Live startup streamer in the space, finding his…
Passion Meets Motivation, ft. Its Dwolf!
Feb 17 • 39 min
Its DWolf, a Facebook Gaming Partner nearing 100k followers who transitioned to full-time streaming late 2018. He started making content in 2017 and found his streaming passion kickstarted when he joined the Facebook Gaming community. He shares with us…
Extreme Growth, ft JaredFPS!
Feb 10 • 31 min
JaredFPS, Full-time streamer, one of the first creators to stream on Beam, now known as Mixer with over 400k followers. He is incredibly active across social media to feed his hunger for opportunity! Previously a mechanic, he went fulltime in 2017 with a…
Mobile is Taking Over ft, CWA Mobile Gaming!
Feb 3 • 39 min
Ash (CWA Mobile Gaming), is one of the most well known content creators in mobile with over 1 million followers. He is an entrepreneur that is continually growing the mobile industry through several business and organizations that he’s involved with. Ash…
Dedication Pays Off, ft. TSM_Viss!
Jan 22 • 36 min
TSM_Viss, professional creator for legendary TeamSoloMid (TSM) sits down to tell his story and how he made it on Twitch now streaming full time. Battle Royale Competitor, #1 ranked Solo/Duo PUBG in 2017, and currently one of the top Apex Legends streamers…
The Analytical Side of Creating Content, Ft. WackyJacky101!
Jan 18 • 32 min
In this episode, StoneMountain64 is joined by WackyJacky101, who currently has almost 700k followers across YouTube and Twitch! He started making content in 2017 and is now a full-time content creator and streaming 150 hours a month, has his own skin in…
Full-Time Streaming Was Not The Plan, ft. StoneMountain64
Jan 13 • 40 min
Kicking off the series with a very special guest, Pipeline Co-Founder, StoneMountain64! He’s been a creator for 8 years, starting part-time in college. He has over 3.5 million total followers, is the pioneer of Facebook Gaming, nominated for Streamer of…
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In this podcast, your hosts StoneMountain64 and Snoopeh learn more about the journey of top streamers and how they got to where they are today.