The Point Is

The Point Is
Join nutrition and fitness coach and author, Cait Lynch as we ruminate, percolate and delve into everything from coffee to foot fungus! Just kidding… We promise—no mindless banter and no curse of knowledge potholes. Just straight talk and great stories from fellow travellers and heroes amongst us, with actionable steps to consider for each season of your life. Brace for impact! The point is, be ready for anything…

BEDTIME YIN with Cait Lynch & Co
Mar 30 • 50 min
Destress and unwind with this user-friendly practice that offered yin yoga poses that do not require any athleticism or flexibility. Put on some comfortable clothes, put on some socks, plug in your ear buds, grab a blanket and get down on the floor. For…
Stress Eating? Too Stressed to Eat? This is for you!
Mar 22 • 17 min
Whether you are ‘filling the hole’ every time you walk through the kitchen or you are too stressed to eat, this one is for you. Join us online for nutrition and fitness coaching.
5 Things You CAN Do + FREE Resources
Mar 14 • 17 min
It’s easy to focus on what we can’t do. And it’s human nature to run a bit negative. Stop. Instead, I invite you to focus on what you CAN do. Here are some FREE resources for you: (scroll down for links) (Click on the…
Feb 29 • 4 min
I had some crazy “who luck” on this project and I also learned some great lessons along the way…
Feb 29 • 21 min
Let’s wrap this up with how to be a contender, how to navigate social gatherings and some thoughts on how what brought you here can’t keep you here or…get you there!
Feb 29 • 21 min
One of the things I’m known for as a coach is what some might call tough love. In this halfway point check in, I ask you to honestly dig down and consider some your answers to the ASSESSment questions of NOURISH.
Feb 29 • 9 min
Healthy people cook. If you can read or watch a video, you too can learn to cook!
Feb 29 • 12 min
First, you cannot out train a poor diet. And, sleep is more important than exercise. That being said, I am a fitness coach with a thriving fitness business. So, let’s talk about exercise.
Feb 29 • 9 min
Lights out for sleep! Never, ever give up on your quest for a good night’s sleep.
Feb 29 • 7 min
How are you? Let’s check in and ask the all important ASSESSment questions of NOURISH.
Feb 29 • 21 min
Sugar is a nutrient-dead substance. But, it tastes good, right? Have a listen to learn more about how too much sugar is potentially making us fat, sleepless, sexless and surly.
Feb 29 • 11 min
Are you getting enough fibre? And, are you getting your fibre from low sugar sources? We need fibre to feed the food bacteria in our guts, the kind that keep us healthy. Listen to learn more about fibre choices to serve you.
Feb 29 • 18 min
Contrary to what you might be thinking, NOURISH is not anti-carb. NOURISH is about choosing the right carbs for y-o-u. Carbs are NOT the enemy! But not all carbs are created equal.
Feb 29 • 13 min
Something is wrong with our low fat diets and it’s showing up everywhere! Fat is a macronutrient and we need it to not only survive but to thrive. Listen to learn more.
Feb 29 • 11 min
Protein: Are you getting enough? Are you eating too much?
Feb 29 • 17 min
A calorie is NOT a calorie. What? Caloric ranges are subject to change as life changes. What are you getting for what you are eating…?
Feb 29 • 14 min
First, change nothing! And, TRACK your food and water. The hydration lesson starts at [06:15]. Learn why water is absolutely essential to thrive and some tips to help you stay hydrated.
Feb 29 • 26 min
You can only change what you acknowledge. Ready to establish your starting point physically and mentally? Plus, here are some handy tools for your NOURISH journey.
Feb 29 • 25 min
Welcome to NOURISH—your comprehensive solution to reclaiming nutritional and energetic prosperity. Forget about fridge lists, forbidden foods and skipping cake on your birthday! Instead, NOURISH and bless the venture and joys of daily living—for you.
Season 2 Wrap-Up (Plus a Sneak Peek at Season 3)
Feb 28 • 21 min
Join me as I wrap-up Season 2 with a thank you and look back, thus far, at the evolution of The Point Is podcast. Plus, I share what is coming for Season 3! (Pssst…I made an audio book, à la podcast-style, and I’m dropping it all at once, very soon!)
Montse Alvarado: Photographer & People Lover, Following Her Heart & Her Art From Mexico City to Trent Hills, Ontario!
Feb 27 • 45 min
“The beauty is there, you just have to see it!” Montse talks about seeing the positive in all things—including mud puddles. Want to see some of Montse’s photography? You can find her here: Do you have…
Alcohol Untangled: PART II
Feb 21 • 19 min
It’s been a week since Kate and Cait offered up some thoughts on untangling how alcohol shows up in our lives. In this episode, we circle back to check-in on some other people’s thoughts about Annie Grace’s book, This Naked Mind. Want to connect? Find us…
From Harry Potter to Freud & Driving the Plot Of Our Lives with Psychotherapist, Alex Samets.
Feb 20 • 65 min
Alex Samets, a psychotherapist who practices in Baltimore, Maryland, shares the idea that humans are ‘sense making creatures’ and that life is charged and complicated and endlessly vibrant. Have a listen as we chat about everything from Harry Potter to…
Alcohol Untangled: PART I
Feb 14 • 58 min
Kate Wentzel and I talk about how alcohol affects lives both positively and perhaps, negatively. This podcast is for you if you currently drink alcohol of any kind and in any amount and you want to look at your drinking in an informed, intelligent and…
Leaps of Faith, Grass Roots Entrepreneurs & Feedback Is The Breakfast Of Champions
Feb 13 • 47 min
Partners Jason Butler and Jessica Root join me to talk about sticking to your values, teaching your kids what you know, being imports to a lovely small town and running a bakery. Learn more:
Are You Comfortably Uncomfortable? Worse Before Better & Pushing On Pain To Make Progress!
Feb 9 • 52 min
Where can you push on your pain to make progress? Join us as we talk about multi-faceted self-care. From saunas to looking at your drinking to riding ‘one horse at a time’ with your nutrition choices, why some of us choose to suffer and some of us choose…
Magic Is Only Good If It Is Shared! with Eye Smiler, David Sharpe
Feb 2 • 34 min
David Sharpe is a born and raised Havelock, Ontario boy with more than enough fire in his belly to create ice for an entire community. This is Dave’s story about how he learned to “share the magic”. Dave is the mastermind behind the Havelock Community…
Food, Feasting & Why Diets Just Don’t Work! A Fireside Chat With Johanna Allen
Jan 26 • 39 min
This episode is a part of a 2020 corporate wellness program that Johanna Allen of Allen Insurance Group launched for her team. To request more information about The 10 Day Bring Your Body Home Coaching Program, go to and hit the…
The Daring Way™ Coach, Tammy Faulds: Choose, Focus, Sustain & Be A Heart With Ears
Jan 19 • 41 min
Tammy is an International Coach Federation certified coach, a Grief Recovery Specialist®, The Daring Way™ certified facilitator, and a 500 hour, certified yoga teacher. An all-around perspective shifter, Tammy uses her skills to help people around the…
Race Cars, Side-Hustles & Relationships with Derek Lynch
Jan 12 • 74 min
Race car driver and entrepreneur Derek Lynch shares leap of faith stories from racing, business, fatherhood and more! The point is, it’s the people…
Happy New Year! Ready To Get Off The Sugar Train?
Jan 5 • 65 min
Ready to get off the holiday, sugar train bender? In this episode, Cait and Laureen talk about three things to focus on to get back on track with your food. And, they offer some nuggets from Cait’s new book NOURISH EXPRESS LANE: The 10 Day Guide To Bring…
2019, It’s A Wrap! How Was Your Year…?
Dec 29, 2019 • 32 min
10 questions to wrap-up 2019 before launching into 2020. Here’s the blog post link: and here is our private Facebook group:
Get Bare Naked! 99% is hard; 100% is easy. Tips for navigating the holidays with grit & grace.
Dec 22, 2019 • 39 min
Your heart is what keeps you going when no one would know (or care) if you quit, and anything is better than nothing but nothing is better than the wrong thing (for you)! Thoughts on moving your body, food and friends.
Change or Choose, Professional Pivots & Living A Life You Love
Dec 15, 2019 • 40 min
Dr. Kerri Belsito of Loveland, Colorado is an equine vet, an acupuncturist, a human health coach and has her masters in business. Listen to hear stories about the connection between human and animal health. Kerri also discusses how keeping an open mind…
Are You Spinning Or Winning?
Dec 12, 2019 • 15 min
Are you spinning or winning? This week, that’s the question Cait asked the tribe at Custom Fit Vitality. It’s also the question she asked of herself. This quick, bonus episode offers some nuggets to ruminate on as we wrap-up 2019.
Got Three Minutes? Think Three to Get Through This Holiday Season & Beyond
Dec 8, 2019 • 31 min
Here are three, simple things you can do to navigate this time of year with grace and grit and maybe even some joy…
Medical Intuitive & Spiritualist, Cher Bartlett
Dec 1, 2019 • 37 min
Meet Cher Bartlett, a medical intuitive and spiritualist from Atlanta, Georgia. Join Cait and Laureen as we chat with Cher about staying curious about our health physically, metabolically, emotionally and spiritually.
Tips On How NOT To ‘Polite Yourself’ To Death
Nov 24, 2019 • 33 min
The holidays are upon us! That means that one in three of us will stick a fork in our wellness routines until January. Will you ‘polite yourself to death’ through the holidays? Here are some tips to encourage you to lean into your self-care routines…
Find Your Tribe, Be They Two-Legged Or Four, Losing A Pet & Old Friends
Nov 24, 2019 • 43 min
Join Cait & Reen as they discuss the challenges of losing a beloved pet with psychologist, Kelly Starr and speech pathologist, Kate Wentzel. A meaningful topic for many that we do our best to approach with compassion, levity, grit and grace. Here is an…
Embrace The Season You’re In, Bullet Proof Coffee, Curling, Fascia Stretching Therapy & More!
Nov 17, 2019 • 41 min
Join us as we chat with Judd Gilks about embracing the season of retirement, grandfather-hood and giving back as he approaches his 65th birthday with grit and grace.
Ruminations On Creating A Clearing, Brain Dumps, Flashes & More!
Nov 15, 2019 • 42 min
Join Cait & Reen as they recap what they learned from Episode #2 and chat about how creating clearings in life is a way to let in the magic.
Don’t Change The Toilet Paper & Face The Music! (+ More Sage Advice From A Mother Of 5 Boys)
Nov 14, 2019 • 40 min
Pssst! This is NOT a parenting podcast. Join Cait and Laureen as we chat with Jennifer Curley. Jenn is the mother of five boys, all under the age of 16 that she had in seven and a half years! Jenn is also Cait’s sister-in-law (she’s married to Cait’s…
Energy Behind; Wisdom Ahead.
Nov 13, 2019 • 25 min
Welcome to the first episode of The Point Is podcast with Cait Lynch and Laureen Partington. The point is: just start!