The Migration Generation

The Migration Generation
This is a Podcast for African ex-pats around the world. The Migration Generation is a series of interviews discussing the migration journeys of Africans who left to start new lives out in the world, and those they left behind. I aim to provide a balanced discussion of views so I will not only interview those who left or are leaving, but also those who stayed because they wanted to, those who have returned after living abroad, and those who want to leave but can’t. The aim is to share the different perspectives of everyone so we can all have a better understanding and maybe be a little kinder.

5. Jacqui - Why would you return to South Africa after living in America.
Jan 27 • 75 min
Welcome back to The Migration Generation Podcast! This is my 5th episode and the guest for this episode is Jacqui Bester. Jacqui is a minister’s wife and a mom to 5 kids! 5! As if that wasn’t enough, she is a teacher, a parenting blogger at One Messy…
4. Liberty - Life In Ireland as a South African expat family of 6 | The Migration Generation Podcast
Jan 22 • 58 min
In this episode of The Migration Generation, I chat with Liberty Henwick. A mom of 4, Liberty and her husband immigrated from South Africa to Ireland back in 2004. Whilst there is a lot of focus on people leaving South Africa in the last few years, mostly…
3. Nikki - On Making plans to leave South Africa for the UK
Jan 13 • 42 min
Nikki and her family are making plans to move from Cape Town, South Africa to the UK. Cape Town is often considered to be one of the most beautiful and best places to live, so why would anyone want to leave? Find out why this mom of two and her husband…
2. Laetitia - Building A New Life In New Zealand
Jan 7 • 65 min
This is the first interview I’ve done for my Migration Generation Podcast. In it, I interview Laeticia Corder, a South Africa mom who immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa in 2019. When I met Tish, and for some time after, I thought she would be one…
1. The Migration Generation Podcast - My Story by Carly Crawford
Jan 7 • 26 min
This is my story of migration from Africa. The first time I left for the UK I was 19. I returned nearly 10 years later with my South African husband. We had our two little girls in Zimbabwe and then moved to South Africa 3 years later. After 5 years in…
Migration Generation Trailer
Jan 7 • 2 min
Welcome to The Migration Generation Podcast. As a Zimbabwean, who is married to a South African and raising our daughters in the UK, I wanted to start a conversation for other expats like us to share their stories. Hopefully, by sharing our stories of…