Biggest Loser Fancast

Biggest Loser Fancast
For Fans of the Biggest Loser Television Show on USA

The Fun Side of Getting Fit
Jun 23 • 5 min
We need to keep motivated as we wait for season two of the biggest loser. ( on their website. I found it interesting that more than one…
Erica Lugo - It is Up To You
May 31 • 9 min
Erica Lugo courageously takes on her trolls and shares a great workout in her garage.
Meal Planning 101
May 22 • 8 min
If meal planning sounds hard, this app makes it a breeze - and its free.
Season One Finale
Apr 1 • 11 min
The season was coming to an end. Here are some things I loved about. The before and after pictures are amazing. Sure we normal people can’t take months off to exercise non stop, but we see if we don’t give up and stay focused - weight loss is important. I…
FInal Four
Mar 25 • 12 min
This was my favorite show of the season. Before and After VideosThe contestants watch videos from when they first arrived. This was so powerful. Coach Jim has lost a ton of weight (they all have). Micah said he hated the guy (his fat version) in the…
Boosting Moral - Choosing Life
Mar 20 • 12 min
Is Micah Giving his All? Steve and Micah have a chat and Steve points out that he doesn’t feel Micah is giving his all. He’s not going 100%. Instead of being offended, Micah thinks on this and comes out stronger. Leaving the Safe PlaceThe contestants are…
Going Solo
Mar 11 • 10 min
We are down to Jim, Kyle, Micah, Terri, Kristi, and Kim. This week exercise is not in teams, and its every person for themselves. They each get some alone time and again, Micah needs to be very careful as he drinks a ton when he is home and Bob wants him…
Dive In Reflections
Mar 1 • 12 min
The crew did exercise in a pool. This really makes you face reality when you are in a swimsuit in front of a mirror. This just in: Coach Jim, complains that exercise is hard… (shocking) One theme that always comes out in the biggest loser is you end up…
Letter From Home
Feb 23 • 7 min
Call In Your Comments888-563-3228 First, finally, The red team won their first challenge. Coach Jim wasn’t complaining and instead of was leading the team. Later on the treadmill he has an issue with his health, and it was somewhat scary. The contestants…
Not Impossible - I’M POSSIBLE
Feb 16 • 5 min
Bruised AttitudesThe different between the winners and losers seems to be their attitudes. Coach Jim and Dom both are whining and just stopping, leaning, etc during challenges. Meanwhile Micah is just a BEAST. The thing that stood out for me was the…
Don’t Be A Stick in the Mud - A Big Loss
Feb 3 • 8 min
LAst week the bue team sent someone home. How will they respond? The red team has some momentum. Will they rest on their victory? For me the biggest surprise was big Jim on the red team. It seems every challenge he keeps saying great insights such as:…
The Biggest Loser is Back - is it Different?
Jan 28 • 7 min
No spoilers today as we talk about episode 1 “A Time for Change” which aired ( watch episode ( ). A couple of thoughts: The difference between USA and NBC Budgets? What do you think of…
Meet the Contestants Part III
Jan 26 • 4 min
Today we roll through the bio of the last batch of contestants Here is the run down of all of them: Robert 409 Jim 385 Phi 357 Mciah 326 Dom 323 Kyle 302 Catrina 293 Megan 290 Delores 280 Kristi 264 Teri 256 Kim 242 Support the Show Click Here to Give Us…
Meet the Contestants Part II
Jan 24 • 5 min
Kim - 242 lbs Jim - 385 lbs Megan - 290 lbs Phi -357 lbs Kristi - 264
Meet The Contestants Part 1
Jan 23 • 4 min
Teri - 256 lbs Catrina (age 23) - 293 lbs. Dom - 323 lbs Micah - (age 23) - 326 lbs Some of the clips show the contestants jogging, and rolling in the mud and doing crossfit and flipping giant truck tires. Support the Show Click here to show some love…
Meet Steve Cook
Jan 22 • 5 min
Steve Cook’s path to The Biggest Loser is vastly different from Erica Lugo’s. He is 34 years old and grew up in a fitness-minded family. He said, “If I wanted to watch TV as a kid I had to do push ups during commercials,” he remembers. Steve Cook played…
Erica Lugo’s Impressive Story
Jan 14 • 10 min
Erica Lugo was a BIG GIRL. Trainer Erica Lugo lost 160 pounds from 2013 to 2015 and she’ll be sharing her personal experience keeping it off for five years with The Biggest Loser contestants. She went from 322 to 150 lbs. You can find her at…
Past Winners Where are They Now?
Jan 10 • 10 min
The Biggest Loser went off the air in 2016. That same year, The New York Times published findings by the journal Obesity, which kept track of 14 contestants before and after a season of the show. The study found that just one of the fourteen weighed less…