Beginner's Mind

Beginner's Mind
Welcome to the Beginners’ Mind Podcast. My name is Christian Soschner, entrepreneur, business coach, investor, and lifetime student of business, communication, and psychology. On this podcast, I share everything I learn, new and current thoughts exclus?

#8: European Tech Hubs - A panel discussion at the RESI Conference
Mar 24 • 50 min
This week I had the honor to moderate a panel discussion at the RESI conference ( It is one of the most important meetings for early-stage investment in the United States. Life Science Nation is the organizer of the…
#7: Michael Lukesch - CEO of Valanx Biotech on how to start a life science company
Mar 9 • 21 min
Michael Lukesch has recently closed his first financing round for Valanx Biotech. He started right after graduating into his entrepreneurial journey and cleared many obstacles on the way with excellence.Valanx focuses on a novel approach for protein…
#6: No sales? This might be the reason
Feb 29 • 6 min
Did you ever wonder: Whatever effort you spent with potential clients. The sales figure doesn’t go up. Instead, it is moving down. The more time you spent with potential clients, the less you sell. Well, trying to convince the unconvinceable might be…
#5: Making Money with Coffee
Feb 16 • 3 min
How to turn a daily habit into an investment. Some thoughts on savings, investment and making money.More information:
#4 The story behind LSG2G
Feb 9 • 4 min
In 2017 I created the Life Science Network LSG2G. This is a brief overview of the history and the next event.More information at
#3: A business needs paying customers
Jan 19 • 3 min
There is this thing that some people demand free work. My take on it. Script:
#2: Lottery Winner?
Jan 13 • 12 min
Thoughts about money managing skills
Episode 1: Start with Why
Jan 6 • 16 min
Intro to the Podcast Beginners Mind. Talk about the reasons why to start another podcast.Link to Script: