True To You

True To You
The True To You Podcast is about providing you with the tools to live your life by design. Jessica Derksen’s goal is to help you become the person you most want to be and live a life that you love.

Whatever you do, do not quit on yourself!
Mar 23 • 12 min
We are living in a time we probably have never imagined living in, we are staying indoors more, we aren’t seeing people, we are doing what we need to do to stop the spread of COVID-19. But that does not give us the excuse to give up on ourselves. Now more…
“The only person who can change this is me” - my interview with Katrina Breau
Mar 16 • 52 min
This week I got to chat with the amazing Katrina Breau! As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Brain Health and Life Coach Katrina combines her education, skills and life experience to aligning with your goals. Through natural whole foods-based…
“People Matter Most” - My interview with Jessica Koch
Mar 9 • 38 min
I had so much fun chatting with Jessica. We met over this crazy thing we call social media and our personalities aligned so beautifully. I am so thankful to have her on my show today. Jessica Koch has been a National Sales Professional for more than 25…
You attract who you are, not what you want
Mar 2 • 23 min
Y’all!!! Today, I have another amazing interview with another super inspirational lady! Angela Bradford is a Senior Marketing Director with World Financial. In this episode Angela shares with us her journey, how she got to where she is, what her…
Just because something ended, doesn’t mean it failed
Feb 24 • 36 min
Today I got the chance to talk with Michelle Bateman. Michelle is a transformational soul coach, dynamic speaker, facilitator and founder of soul journey. She is passionate about helping women discover who they are and create a life they love by uniquely…
You Are Enough
Feb 17 • 18 min
Today on the True to You Podcast I got the chance to speak with an incredible human being Kelli-Anne Cerini. Kelli-Anne is the founder of Cernic Apparel, blogger, hiker, and a life time girl scouts member. Her story is so inspiring. She is firm in her…
Self Care
Feb 11 • 10 min
What is self care? Is it about treating yourself to a shopping spree every six months? Is it getting a massage weekly? To me self care is something that we should be doing daily. Listen to this weeks episode to learn how to make your self care part of…
Are you living your dream life?
Feb 3 • 11 min
I do not and will not accept a mediocre life. I truly believe right down to my core we all want to be living a life that we love, a life we have designed for ourselves. Check out this weeks episode on how to get your dream life started!
Overcoming the All or Nothing Mentality
Jan 27 • 8 min
Recently I was asked the question: “Can you help with staying focused? For those who have an all or none mentality and need strategies to stop from quitting if they “fall off the wagon”. Listen in to this weeks episode for my tips on getting re-focused…
Do you know your Why?
Jan 21 • 6 min
One of the things getting in the way of you and your goals is you are not connecting your goal to your why. Knowing your why and connecting to it everyday is an important step to get you closer to your dream life! —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor:…
How Gratitude Changed My Life
Jan 13 • 7 min
About a year ago I started my very own gratitude practice. It was hard, I don’t even know why I wanted to do this, I didn’t know what I should be writing about. But overtime I figured it out and let me tell you, this practice has changed my life! Listen…
Listen to Your Body
Jan 6 • 12 min
Today Jessica is talking all about health. Being healthy isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you feel. When you feel good, you get more done! Learn to listen to your body so you can fuel it with what it wants and get you through your day feeling…
True To You (Trailer)
Jan 6 • 0 min