Business & Beers Japan

Business & Beers Japan
How many times have you had great discussions over drinks with business partners and friends? That’s exactly what Business & Beers Japan is about. Each episode is recorded in bar with interesting and successful business people with extensive Japan expe?

Ruth Jarman’s Top 3 Japanese Cultural Traits
Mar 30 • 34 min
Ruth Jarman shares her Top 3 Japanese traits from her book “39 Reasons Japanese are Great”
Ruth Jarman: Japan Internationalization Pioneer
Mar 19 • 45 min
Japan is bursting with “content” and is the best place in the world to visit and live
Timothy Connor: Customer-Centric thinking Visionary
Mar 9 • 45 min
A thought-provoking episode about the customer experience and the customer as the point-of-sale with Timothy Conner.
Rochelle Kopp: Japan Inter-Cultural & Communications Expert
Feb 26 • 47 min
Amazing conversation with cross-cultural Japan expert Rochelle Kopp
Chris Thoma: Master Businessman & Story Teller
Feb 16 • 41 min
A fascinating conversation about career & life in Japan over German beers with successful businessman and master story-teller Chris Thoma
Michael Howard: “The Salaryman” Author
Feb 6 • 43 min
Cross-cultural insight and humor with “The Salaryman” author Michael Howard
Masako Yamamura: Retail & Leadership Trainer Extraordinaire
Jan 26 • 45 min
Insight into Japanese Hospitality and Retail industries with professional trainer Masako Yamamura.
Per Rasmussen: Brand Marketing Guru
Jan 15 • 46 min
Brand Marketing professional Per Rasmussen shares his insights on 30 years of marketing in Japan.
David Sweet: Japan Entrepreneur & Sales Superstar
Jan 6 • 43 min
An entertaining conversation about life & business in Japan over adult beverages with sales superstar and best selling author David Sweet