Sit Still and Listen!

Sit Still and Listen!
A vigorous discussion between two generations. A mother and a daughter. A millennial and a Generation X-er.Topics are randomly chosen by alternate weeks being lead by one host or the other. The person not leading the discussion will have just heard the…

Impacts of Covid19
Jun 26 • 29 min
Have thoughts about this topic, or a topic you want us to talk about? Give us a call! (602) 888-4907‬Due to COVID-19, Sit Still and Listen is produced via Zoom conference call, as Sarah and Beth Cornell are adhering to the social distancing guidelines….
Walt Life Box Reveal
Jun 6 • 36 min
Beth and Sarah unbox a Walt Life box together
Musicals - Part 1
Apr 19 • 26 min
Ironic and pathetically revealing takes on Rent, The Phantom of the Opera, Sweeny Todd, Frozen, Hamilton, and Wicked.
Nationalism vs. Globalism
Mar 22 • 30 min
Beth and Sarah discuss a heavy topic (pre-pandemic recording), with an interesting take on Nationalism vs. Globalism and how we tend to never find the right mix of both to provide an interdependence that allows humanity AND all living beings to thrive on…
Mar 7 • 32 min
Beth and Sarah give their take on the evolution of technology! Wow, who grew up without a computer? Imagine, only using a corded phone? What was it like to be untethered from technology vs growing up with the digital leash?! All this and way more than…
Feb 29 • 35 min
Beth and Sarah talk about their experiences with dogs (and wolf-dogs), from having a dog family member to working for a small business that specialized in hand-made dog beds for Great Danes! We love dogs!Sarah’s debut as a motion graphics designer!Thank…
Feb 23 • 27 min
Beth and Sarah talk about their experiences visiting Tokyo Japan during the country’s hottest month (July) and some of the fun things you may do or see in Shinjuku.Thank you for listening!Give us a call and let us know YOUR thoughts on this topic. We…
Feb 15 • 31 min
Sarah and Beth talk about a favorite subject - DISNEY! This random exploration of the subject goes from land to sea and back again… don’t miss it!Thank you for listening!Give us a call and let us know YOUR thoughts on this topic. We will follow up in…
Feb 8 • 31 min
Today’s topic is one that Sarah and Beth are a little too familiar with, COLLEGE! Learn from their mistakes, are you in college or thinking about it? Well, listen up!
Climate Change
Jan 25 • 27 min
Welcome! This is our first episode, the topic is climate change.
Trailer: Sit Still and Listen
Jan 5 • 0 min
Just an introduction to our podcast.