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Neil Patel Origin Story — Improved
Sep 14 • 20 min
#039 Neil Patel became one of the most famous brands in Digital Marketing, fast…How does he use his Origin Story in his marketing?And can his Origin Story be made much MUCH better?Listen to notice the nuances, tips, and nuggets.Plus, a surprise…
One Big Prediction for 2021: The Death of Direct Response Marketing
Sep 14 • 14 min
Why Direct Response Marketing Will Die? And A New Replacement.
The Most Terrible Manifesto For Humanity
Sep 14 • 4 min
This is the most terrible thing in the world…
Brendon Buchard Origin Story Analysis
Sep 11 • 20 min
Lessons From A Simple Story That Sold $100 Million in Digital Products.
Marco D’Elia Step-By-Step Identity Positioning MakeOver
Sep 7 • 19 min
Identity Positioning Applied Step-By-Step to Marco. What was the result?
Eminem Stans. Hitler Youth. And Affiliate Losers.
Sep 3 • 14 min
Business Lessons From Eminem Stans, Hitler Youth, and Affiliate Bankruptcies.
Why Putin and Tesla Swam Through The ‘River of Rejection’?
Sep 1 • 12 min
Tesla did something. Putin did the same. Is this really what works?!
Kobe Bryant. Bill Ackman. And Content Creation Creativity.
Aug 29 • 8 min
Kobe and Bill have a secret. Steal it & improve your content creation today.
Positioning DeConstruction: Brian Johnson + Marco D’Elia (Case Study)
Aug 27 • 22 min
Insightful Case Study: Look over my shoulder as I deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of Brian Johnson + Marco D’Elia.
PewdiePie VS Sasha Grey — The Final Death-Match
Aug 22 • 12 min
Stans Bet PewdiePie Will Win. Fans Want Sasha Grey To Dominate. Who Will Be The One?
Pablo Picasso, 01 Cheeky Woman & The Day I Almost Died
Aug 20 • 14 min
Picasso Did It. The Person Who Saved Me Did It Too.
Elon Musk, ‘No Time To Die’, And The Humiliation of Successful-Failures
Aug 18 • 15 min
What’s the hidden link between Elon Musk and the delay of ‘No Time To Die’? The Answer is in this episode.
One Wrong Assumption, Deep Sabotage, And 95% of Storytelling Mistakes
Aug 16 • 14 min
One assumption causes 95% of Storytelling Failures. Learn more in this 14:14 minutes episode.
The 3 Hidden No-Ps That Are Destroying New Online Coaching Businesses Today
Aug 14 • 57 min
Are you doing any of these 3 sneaky mistakes that 95% of New Coaches do? They’re the 3 Online Coaching Business Destroyers that beginners don’t even think about.
The Coronavirus Strategy To Dominate & Succeed In Any Coaching Niche
Aug 7 • 48 min
The 3 Strategies The Coronavirus Can Teach Us About Successfully Marketing An Online Coaching Service in any Niche.
How “Chaos Theory” Is The Missing Key To Stop Procrastination & Get Success Today
Jul 28 • 36 min
Chaos Theory Explains The One Root Cause of Failure & Procrastination. And The Only Effective Strategy For Success & Easy Action.
Why Marketing Funnels Are The Biggest Scam of 2020 And The Free 3-Step Plan To Implement Instead
Jul 27 • 33 min
The Marketing Funnels That Gurus Sell Don’t Work Because of 3 Obvious Reasons. And What To Do Instead.
Quick Coaching Session Audio
Jul 24 • 47 min
Vinícius came to me to find completeness, to feel fulfillment, and to get on a path to improve his earning. Did I help him get there?
Acing Job Interviews During The Economic Crisis With The Power of Personal Positioning
Jul 20 • 36 min
Summary: Details on How To Create Powerful Personal Positioning To Standout In Any Job Market, To Ace Interviews, and To Become The Only Logical Choice For Employers.
Danavir Sarria Interview: What Can eCommerce Stores Do to Turn the COVID-19 Economic Crisis Into an Opportunity?
Jul 15 • 34 min
The COVID-19 Economic Crisis will change how business is done for a long time. Tune in to know the details.
The StoryBonding (Controversial?) Beliefs Manifesto 2020
Jul 10 • 24 min
Listen as I share with you some of my most important, yet somehow controversial, beliefs in 2020.
The Truth About Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets
Jul 1 • 19 min
The 3 Deep Reasons for Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets, and The Solutions.
What Can Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Teach Us About Productivity In 2020?
Jun 22 • 21 min
A&CT: This is how you overcome anxieties, internal blockages and fears to naturally take maximum action.
Is It Possible To Be A Happy Successful Marketer?!
Jun 16 • 43 min
Can You Use Your Marketing To Build A Perpetual Happiness Generating Machine For Your Life?
Why Masterful Marketing Is A Meta-Story
Jun 1 • 24 min
Most prospects are confused and disappointed. Typical marketing doesn’t fix this. Meta-Story Marketing is the solution to create masterful modern marketing.
How To Succeed As An Authentic Marketer In The 2020s
May 25 • 33 min
Is it viable to be authentic, sincere, and tell the truth, rather than manipulate, pretend, and be Machiavellian?
TODAY: Discover Your True Talent And Follow It Towards Your Deep Destiny
May 15 • 24 min
When You Discover Your True Talent,You Can Find Your Deep Destiny, And The World Recognizes You In Return.
How To Deal With ALL Rejections Without Breaking Down Or Freaking Out…
May 4 • 45 min
There is a pattern to positively and joyfully dealing with rejection: N^(n) = Success.
Joe Schriefer Interview (Agora Financial): Protecting Your Business & Finances During The Coming COVID-19 Economic Crisis
Apr 17 • 27 min
Resources, Ideas, and Practical Steps to Survive The Upcoming COVID-19 Economic Meltdown.
Why Your Success Is Almost 100% Guaranteed With This New Paradigm (Ultimate Prioritization & Productivity For The 2020s)
Apr 10 • 60 min
The New Paradigm For Prioritization and Success In The 2020s — And Its 3 Keys.
The Ultimate Influence & Persuasion Formula = ‘S+E+N’ (New Discovery)
Apr 1 • 59 min
3 Unusual Elements To Unleash Unstoppable Influence and Persuasion: S+E+N.
COVID-19: The Official CoronaVirus Business & Marketing Survival Guide (2020)
Mar 27 • 24 min
3 Steps So Your Business Survives The Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic.
Coronavirus / COVID-19: How The Corona Threat Will Forever Change The Way Business Is Done — Critical Knowledge For the 2020s
Mar 14 • 15 min
The Coronavirus Pandemic will change your business in these 3 unexpected ways. Listen to adapt to these threats.
The New Way To Attract Good Clients Without Pursuing Or Trying — What Works in Business in the 2020s
Mar 5 • 45 min
Pursuing what you want repels it. What works is to attract the clients without pursuing them. This is how…
How To Find The Cool New Business Idea That Will Make You Money (Niche Selection)
Mar 5 • 29 min
How To Find The Cool New Business Idea That Will Make You Money — An Unusual Technique That Works In The 2020s
The Weird Reason Your Personal Perspective is Marketing Gold (Increase Your Marketing Confidence For The 2020s)
Feb 4 • 50 min
How To Embed Personality Into Your Marketing Content Using Your Personal Perspective and POV.
Why Timelines Create True Human Bonding in Your Marketing and in All Your Relationships
Feb 4 • 36 min
Using the Past, Present, and Future to Connect Deeper with Your Audience, Prospects, Friends and Family.
The Most Important Marketing Prediction for 2020 and Beyond
Jan 4 • 68 min
The most important Marketing prediction for 2020 and beyond: AI will gain the capacity to study all content and funnels in your niche, generate the best of all into an ultimate funnel within seconds, and direct traffic to it.
How to Use the X-Squared Simple Story Structure
Jan 4 • 36 min
A Simple 3-Step Structure to Turn Anything Into an Effective Marketing Story.