Dad Dare

Dad Dare
A Dare To Become And Be The Best Dad You Can Be In this podcast Cody Axthelm, the creator of Dad Dare, has conversations with dads from different backgrounds. He asks them to share their wisdom from their profession relating to fatherhood and how it has impacted their children. Cody also “double dad dares you” to take part in his self improvement monthly dares so that we can become and be the best dads we can be. Please visit for more information and links to our other platforms.

Having A Baby With Special Needs - A Dad With An Autistic Son
Mar 14 • 40 min
Having a baby with special needs is a possibility we have discussed. If we do have a baby with special needs, like autism, we want to be prepared as parents. Today’s Dad Dare conversation is with Chad who has a son with autism. I hope you enjoy it as I…
Dad Advice From A Former Police Officer and now Pastor
Feb 11 • 33 min
Cody from Dad Dare sits down with Issac, a former police officer to hear some dad advice. Cody is meeting up with dads in order to learn their dad advice on how to become and be the best dad he can be. Welcome to Dad Dare discussions!
What is Dad Dare? - Hosted by Cody Axthelm and Jake Axthelm
Jan 3 • 27 min
The two brothers, Cody and Jake Axthelm discuss the meaning of Dad Dare and what you can expect from this podcast. Cody is currently married without any children and on a journey to prepare himself to become a dad. Jake has been a father for two years and…