Creative Spirits Unleashed

Creative Spirits Unleashed
Creative Spirits Unleashed is about becoming more of who you really are by changing your relationship with mistakes, pressure and criticism and adding more balance to your life.

The Lessons My Daughter’s Addiction Taught Me
Jun 12 • 67 min
Navigating addiction is never easy. In this mother-daughter conversation, we share some of our stories, dilemmas and uncertainties as Jen went through a series of life and death decisions on her road to recovery.
Warwick Schiller, Performance Horses, On listening, Presence, Curiosity and going from knowing to learning.
May 21 • 147 min
Every now and then, you find someone who pierces through the noise of all the people vying for our attention with a message that is so clear and compelling, you just have to stop and listen.
Corey Vaughn; Putting a life jacket on self-doubt to live his dream as a pro water skier
May 14 • 146 min
From the minute we started the conversation, it was evident that Corey Vaughn is a philosopher.
In the Hot Seat with Podcast Host Julianne Neal and Bruce Anderson of Whinny Tales
Apr 23 • 60 min
In this special episode, we turn the microphone around and Julianne Neal of Whinny Tales interviews Lynn Carnes, executive coach and Bruce Anderson of Natures View and founder of Natural Humanship™.
Chelsea Mills World Ranked Water Skier Talks Failure as the Only Path to Success
Apr 16 • 82 min
When Chelsea Mills decided to take up tournament water skiing in her 20’s, most people would have said she was a decade too late.
Nikki Porter, Equestrian Mindset Coach on Leadership, Energy and Truthfulness
Apr 9 • 81 min
The ironic thing about developing self-awareness is that we often need others to hold up the mirror so we can see what is really true about ourselves. Nikki Porter, is the host of “Take the Reins, a weekly personal growth podcast for horse owners.”
Chris Braund and Karen Van Sickler A Playbook for Adversity
Apr 2 • 75 min
Early 2020 promised to be the year newly minted entrepreneurs Chris and Karen would break through in their business Pampered Pets Inn.
Tammy Tappan Equestrian Artist: Take The Leap and Figure It Out on the Way Down
Mar 26 • 93 min
In this episode, we dissect the methods Tammy used to breakthrough her fear and take chances, even with nagging self-doubt.
David Benzel The Sports Family Coach talks influence, culture and becoming.
Mar 13 • 58 min
This conversation is packed with wisdom on leadership, change and dealing with the discomfort of going from point A to point B.
Natallia Berdnikava first woman to jump over 190 feet
Feb 17 • 80 min
Playing on the world stage as an athlete requires a tough mental game, deep work ethic and resilience.
Let Pressure Teach You to Become Who You Were Born To Be
Feb 5 • 127 min
If you have pressure in your life, Bruce Anderson has a message for you: Pressure can help you become more of who YOU really are.
In Defense of Management
Jan 21 • 103 min
Today’s guest Steve Snyder has been a leader in many domains, first in the Military as a Naval aviator and Commanding Officer, then in Business and now in Academia.
The 4 P’s: Passion, Pets, People and Photography
Dec 30, 2019 • 96 min
Julie came to Mystic Waters to catch up with what was happening in my world and to capture my favorite (and only) dog Xena, a beautiful 8-year-old Doberman. Through our various conversations, it dawned on me Julie would be perfect for my very first…