I am Gerrett Stier, owner of GMS DISTRIBUTION and host of the GMS PODCAST. I am talking to different manufacturers, vendors, contractors, suppliers, educators and anyone else I have met in the restoration industry while building power distribution equipment for the last 10 years. These are non-scripted casual conversations I have with some of my friends.

35 Thank You To The Volunteers
Aug 11 • 60 min
Jenee Johnson is the Program Director for Junior Achievement (JA) in Northeast Indiana. She is a great asset to the youth in our community and is responsible for reaching over 142,000 kids K-12 in 2019! Jenee contacted me a few years ago to volunteer and…
34 Keep Having Fun
Aug 4 • 62 min
Frank Kinmonth is the Director at Serum Products. Frank is a very successful business person with expertise in leadership, management, and growth. We talk about his background, getting in shape, Serum Products, Emergency Mitigation Technician Academy, and…
Jul 28 • 59 min
Darren Foote is the President of Remediation Training & Consulting. Darren has owned and operated a restoration company, is an IICRC Instructor, and was the former Head of Technical Training at Belfor. He has over 25 years of experience in the restoration…
32 Without My Employees, I’m Nothing
Jul 24 • 70 min
David Olson is the General Manager of 1-800 Water Damage Seattle. David has over 40 years of experience starting at “the bottom of the totem pole” in a green truck at ServPro of Gig Harbor. He went on to own that Franchise, become the Washington State…
31 It Even Ruined Asparagus
Jul 14 • 66 min
Jakob Hibbard is the Business Development Manager at DBK-USA. Jakob has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Materials Science Engineering. Jakob has a passion for the science of drying and helping restoration contractors…
30 Be The Example
Jul 1 • 54 min
Stuart Stier is the owner of Ultimate Electric and is my Dad. He joined me on the podcast for a special Father’s Day episode. My Dad is one of the greatest people I know! We talk about how he started his business, tons of stories, his memories of being a…
29 I’m A Total Hugger
Jun 22 • 61 min
Michelle Blevins is the Editor in Chief at R&R Magazine and an award winning journalist. Her passion is to provide the restoration industry with quality education, stories, and information. Michelle and I talked about how she got started with R&R, the…
28 Call Her Your Girlfriend
Jun 17 • 65 min
Dan Vaughn is a Strategic Account Specialist at Jon-Don. Dan started his career with a local restoration contractor outside of Chicago which allows him to better understand the needs of his customers. He has multiple IICRC certifications, over 15 years of…
27 What Is Your NET Profit?
Jun 10 • 65 min
Ben Justesen is the President of Just Right Cleaning & Construction in Moses Lake, Washington. Ben is a second generation restorer who started working with his dad at a very young age. Ben has grown the company to 3 locations, he is an Xactimate Certified…
26 Spring Bear Hunt (Part 2)
Jun 2 • 84 min
Colin Miller joins me on the podcast to talk about our recent adventure, a spring bear hunting trip to Idaho. Colin is a backcountry hunter, photographer and videographer. This is part 2 of a 2 part series. In this podcast we talk about what happened on…
25 Spring Bear Hunt (Part 1)
May 27 • 51 min
Colin Miller joins me on the podcast to talk about our recent adventure, a spring bear hunting trip to Idaho. Colin is a backcountry hunter, photographer and videographer. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. In this podcast we talk about the “Turkey Tour”,…
24 Dumped The Sewage
May 19 • 68 min
Rachel Adams is a Corporate Accounts Manager. Starting her career as a chemist, she eventually found her passion teaching the science behind restoration work. She has over 30 years of restoration experience! During this time she has started a restoration…
23 The Belt Buckle
May 12 • 49 min
Jeff Cross is the Editorial Director of ISSA Media and the host of Straight Talk. Jeff hosted me on an episode of Straight Talk and now I had the pleasure of hosting him on the podcast. We talked about changes in the restoration industry, digital vs.…
Bonus Episode: Happy Mother’s Day
May 10 • 34 min
Tamra Stier is my Mom and is my guest for our Mother’s Day Episode. My Mom is AMAZING!! She has raised 7 children while growing her real estate company, Rockfield Realty Group. I talked to my Mom about some of her favorite family memories, balancing work…
22 You Didn’t Know That??
May 5 • 57 min
Leanne Welsh is a National Sales Rep at Phoenix Restoration Equipment. I met Leanne years ago when she worked for her family’s business Viking Equipment. Leanne has a ton of experience in the restoration industry. She helped build Viking, she was…
21 Old Dog, New Tricks
Apr 28 • 46 min
Bryan Brainerd is the President at Restoration Academy. He is an IICRC approved instructor and industry consultant. Bryan and I have been friends for a longtime and he has always been a big supporter of GMS power boxes. I had a great time catching up with…
Bonus Episode: Selling People, Not a Process
Apr 24 • 21 min
Eddie Green is the host of the podcast called “Selling People, Not a Process.” He is a sales and marketing specialist with over 25 years of experience. Eddie invited me on his podcast to talk about my background, where the idea for a power box came from,…
20 This Is Me
Apr 21 • 63 min
Josh Winton owns Discreet Restoration. Josh is a mold expert who promotes “healthy homes” through remediation. He talks with me about his company, all about mold, remediation procedures, his YouTube channel and much more. Josh has so much passion and an…
19 Empower Others
Apr 14 • 62 min
Jackie Haydock is a Digital Healthcare Attorney at Microsoft (and my lovely wife). Her expertise include navigating the FDA regulations, negotiating complex technology transactions, advising on data privacy and cyber-security, and counseling on ethical…
18 There’s Not Enough Of Us
Apr 7 • 90 min
Cole Stanton, Director Of Education at ICP Building Solutions Group (parent company of Fiberlock and Benefecrt), is on the podcast. Cole has been in the restoration industry almost 40 years and is an expert in environmental abatement, mold, lead,…
17 You’re Going To Like Me
Mar 31 • 68 min
Keith and Paige Sproles are on the podcast. Keith is a construction contractor and Paige has a passion for working with underprivileged children. I sat down with Keith and Paige after the AIR Summit 2020 in Charleston, SC. We had a great time talking…
16 We Clean Rockets
Mar 24 • 66 min
Thomas McGuire is the founder of Large Loss Mastery which is a class offering hands-on training in restoration and recovery of commercial properties. I met up with Tom after the AIR Summit 2020 to talk about his 30+ years in the industry, the Large Loss…
Ep.15 Visions Of Rockstar Fame
Mar 17 • 70 min
Ron Colling is the Product Manager at Aramsco, Nashville TN. There are very few people in this industry that I have known longer than Ron Colling. He is/was a deprived child, sales rep, manager, regional manager, instructor, restoration product manager,…
14 The Best Lego Castle
Mar 10 • 72 min
Kory Kappes is the Commercial Account Manager at SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team in Atlanta, GA. I met up with Kory in Las Vegas and talked to him about helping people, fires in Malibu, problem solving and Cher’s house. Kory is one of the most genuine guys…
13 Texas Heart Shot
Mar 3 • 33 min
Huey Miller of ServiceMaster out of Scott Louisiana is on the podcast. Huey is a second generation restorer that works at a ServiceMaster that is 60 years old!! We talk about yellow vehicles, sitting on floor strippers, duck hunting and the “Texas Heart…
12 Raise The Bar Brother
Feb 25 • 45 min
Blaine Parry owns Parry Property Services just outside Seattle. Blaine has 2 masters and is an expert in many areas of the water restoration industry. We talk about how he got started and his new business focusing on air quality testing using InstaScope.…
11 I Love Me Wall
Feb 18 • 44 min
Michael Albert owns ServiceMaster of Wichita Falls in Texas. I was able to talk with Michael about how he started his business, the importance of training, retaining a great team and his role in the fire department. I really enjoyed this conversation. I…
Feb 11 • 36 min
Bob Frazee and his son Justin Frazee. Bob Frazee owns ServiceMaster by Texas Best in San Angelo, TX. I flew to Texas to train Bob and his team on the generator power distribution system GMS built for them. I stayed with Bob and Justin in the hunt barn the…
9 Legitimately My Friends
Feb 4 • 57 min
Luke Draeger is a sales rep at Aramsco. I met up with him at the Seattle location to talk about his job, the people at Aramsco, 14 hour days, swimming and lots of shout outs. Luke is so much fun to talk with, he is a very hard worker and does everything…
8 One Upper Part 2
Jan 28 • 57 min
Klark Brown, owner of Restoration Advisers and Chris Jeter, owner of ServiceMaster are on a retreat with me in Kalispell, Montana. We talk about our visit to Glacier National Park, The Titans, traveling, diving and just hang out for an hour. We recorded…
7 Bring Order To Chaos Part 1
Jan 21 • 53 min
Klark Brown, owner of Restoration Advisers and Chris Jeter, owner of ServiceMaster are on a retreat with me in Kalispell, Montana. We talk about education, company ownership, FB communities, leadership and elevating the restoration industry. I had a…
6 Pushed To Do Something
Jan 14 • 36 min
Derec Stevens is the warehouse manager at GMS Distribution. We reflect on 2019, discuss new things for 2020, talk ice fishing, dogs and company improvement. This podcast was recorded on January 14, 2020.
5 Skill And Luck
Jan 7 • 46 min
Jon Isaacson is a Project Manager at 3 Kings Environmental in Seattle, WA. I talk with Jon about asbestos removal, trusting your team, and his article in Restoration Remediation Magazine the “Intentional Restorer”. This episode was recorded…
4 Education Is An Investment
Jan 2 • 38 min
Tim Farmer is on the episode. Tim is a Restoration Consultant out of North Carolina. We talk about business growth, personal growth, education and helping others. This episode was recorded on December 31, 2019.
3 Prove It On Paper
Jan 2 • 30 min
Matt Hice is on the episode. Matt Hice is the manager at AllPhase Electrical Supply in Fort Wayne, IN. We talk to Matt about upgrades in his warehouse, long range shooting, LED lighting and home automation. This episode was recorded December 26, 2019.
2 Put Tape Over Your Mouth
Jan 2 • 33 min
Spencer Warren is on the episode. Spencer is the Logistics Manager for Woodard in St. Louis, MO. We talk about the history of Woodard, what makes a team successful, and giving back to your community. This episode was recorded December 13, 2019.
1 My Mother’s House
Jan 2 • 34 min
Chris Laney and Chuck Dewald are on the episode. Chris Laney is the owner of WaterOut in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Chuck Dewald is an instructor and owner of the Dewald Drying Academy in Indianapolis, Indiana. We talk about how our companies started and what…