Psychic Podcasts

Spiritual Abundance
Oct 18 • 12 min
Spiritual Abundance what is it? How do we get it. Chris Cheung your show host explains about having or creating a Abundance Personality then having gratitude.
Oct 16 • 7 min
The Power of Asking,be careful what you ask for,?you just might receive it maybe not how you expected it, Last nights New Moon great for asking as the moons energies within 3 days before or after are a great time to ask. Chris Cheung gives a mini demo on…
Psychic Advice Love
Oct 13 • 9 min
Years ago people would turn up to welcome there loved ones passed away in the spirit realms,nowadays its mainly about love does he she love me? is he she the one? are we soul mates and make that person love me.
Release Pain Fear Anxiety in Your Life Now
Oct 10 • 11 min
Chris Cheung your show host was meditating and his Inner Voice mentioned to record this podcast as he meditates,so listen along with Chris, Release Pain Fear Anxiety in Your Life Now. Free yourself from emotional pains.
Psychic Podcast
Oct 9 • 14 min
How do we talk to the universe and be understood. Is the Universe hearing our requests? are we asking in the way it understands us. Chris Cheung your show host explains why and soon on Amazon Fire Tv ? spotify,Apple.
Psychic Meditation Method
Oct 8 • 8 min
Why do i fall asleep during meditation,and how do i prevent that.? Here your show host chris cheung explains a quick method to help you.
Feng Shui
Oct 6 • 7 min
Locked down Bored try this,try changing your energetic space we meditate to change within so change your space where you live. chris cheung
Orb Messages Full Moon Cake
Sep 30 • 16 min
Can orbs give messages,yes and i will explain some instance that recently happened,shows updates on where you can watch on Amazon Fire Tv.
Scorpio Full Moon
May 7 • 8 min
what is the Scorpio Full Flower Moon ? and building your light energy body Chris Cheung
Build a Body of Light Energy
May 6 • 9 min
Howto Build a body of light energy around you for your spiritual self growth. Chris Cheung
Away with the Fairies
May 4 • 6 min
Can you see Fairies,how to see Fairies
Conformity Obey the rules
May 4 • 9 min
Are you a Rule breaker or do you obey and Conform
Conformity Obey the rules,Do You.
May 4 • 9 min
Are you a Rule breaker or do you obey and Conform ? here Chris Cheung gives examples of choice thinking
Lightworkers of the World unite and Expand
May 3 • 10 min
Energy expansion meditation for light workers of the world this is for you to join together and grow blending all our energies at this powerful time Chris Cheung asks you to listen a few times and share this message please on as many social media outlets…
Being Grateful Gratitude Kindness
May 3 • 7 min
How Grateful are you to be alive today? who did you help who was you kind too,what about being kind to yourself. This subject is a powerful reminder for self to get back on track. Chris Cheung show host please share this with your freinds and…
Waking up People and Why
May 2 • 9 min
Some of us have woken up,some of us have been shocked out of there bubble life. why has this happened and what will you do about this new awakening ? Chris Cheung your show host from expands more on this vast subject. please share, help us all…
May Day Meditation Green Man Beltane
May 1 • 13 min
May Day 1st of may has so much going for it,Beltane the Green Man Dance around the maypole but today i will give a brief may day meditaion. Chris Cheung your show host
Focus Your Mind
Apr 12 • 7 min
Focus your mind,this skill can be very effective in your life.
Journey Within
Apr 10 • 14 min
Your spiritual journey within
Heart based Love what is love and Pink Supamoon
Apr 8 • 12 min
Why do we say I Love You? what is love is it measurable pink supamoon full moon chris cheung
Power of Thought-Chakras Energy Root chackra
Apr 7 • 7 min
Power of Thought and ussing chakras
Beat Panic Fear Stop Listening to Scare mongering
Apr 4 • 9 min
Beat Paniv Fear
Feeling Good about Yourself
Mar 25 • 7 min
How good do you feel about yourself
Mindset Energy
Mar 19 • 6 min
St Patrickds day,Why wear Green Leprechauns and Fairies
Mar 17 • 5 min
Happy St Patricks day,Leprechauns
Full Moon Aries,Fri 13th
Mar 14 • 6 min
Aries Full Moon and Fri 13th
Confidence Effects the You Now
Mar 6 • 6 min
Confidence Effects the You Now.
Psychic Interviews
Mar 4 • 3 min
We launch from 30th of March the Whose Who in the fields of Consciousness.
Parallel Realities
Mar 3 • 3 min
Parallel Realities do they exist.
Telepathic Thought in Animals
Mar 2 • 5 min
Are Telepathic thoughts real and are Animals telepathic in nature.
Mar 1 • 5 min
What is a lightworker,and can we help this world at war or the war within ourselves.
Heart Emotions
Feb 29 • 4 min
Heart Emotions v Mind Powers
Rituals Magick Mindset
Feb 28 • 5 min
What are Rituals,why use magick and how is mindset useful.
Feb 27 • 4 min
Are you on track with your New Years Resolutions,do you know if you made them jan 1st that only 8 per cent of people made it to end if Feb.
How to Receive More from the UNIVERSE
Feb 26 • 5 min
Just How do you and I receive more from this Universe we live in.
Psychic Loops
Feb 25 • 7 min
No matter how hard we try to break free,we just dont BUT WHY
The Psychic Cross- Am I Psychic.
Feb 24 • 5 min
Am I Psychic,well simply look in your hands,Palm Reading can give you the answer.
Feb 23 • 8 min
New Moon Pain,A good time to make changes in your life,but unless your in Pain your in a comfort zone meaning nothing changes.
11-11 Meanings Angel Guidance
Feb 22 • 6 min
Do you often see the number 11-11 on clocks or the other guided numbers 22-22 33-33 and more.What does it mean and why are you seeing those numbers.Can they be messages from your Angels giving recognition that they are around you.
Effective Closure of Bad Relationships
Feb 21 • 5 min
Your in a Bad Relationship its Finished yet those energies are still within you.
Relationship Tarot Card
Feb 21 • 6 min
What is the Relationship Tarot Card and The Numerology Number?,Its The Lovers the sixth card in the pack of Tarot.
Grounding Self,Hug a Tree.
Feb 20 • 7 min
Want a fast earthing or grounding method,then nature is Fantastic Cleanser of Negative Energies.
Psychic Energy Bubbles
Feb 19 • 5 min
Psychic Energy Bubbles,can we project into our future and make changes for the better,if so How?.
Comfort Zones Hold You Back
Feb 18 • 6 min
Being Comfortable holds you back,from progressing in life.
Being Undersood
Feb 17 • 5 min
Being Understood makes a huge Difference as to what our meanings of Intent really are,let Chris expain his meaning.
Relationship Problems Advice for a Woman
Feb 15 • 9 min
Just what do you do,and who do you turn to once a problem has set in.
Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities
Feb 15 • 6 min
How to use your Psychic abilities
Psychic Love Spell
Feb 13 • 5 min
Psychic Love Spell.just for you on Valentines day. Chris Cheung
Psychic Seduction
Feb 13 • 5 min
Psychic Seduction is it Possible,can it be done to achieve the love you want in your life.Chris Cheung of believes you can under certain conditions.
Blame Guilt within You
Feb 13 • 9 min
Trying your Best to move forward in life,always seem to be NOT progressing something feels not right. Maybe you blame yourself or have Guilt over something Not Resolved. Maybe its not your fault but its energies are HOLDING YOU BACK. First you need to…
True Psychic Experience Weird
Feb 12 • 7 min
True Psychic Experience Weird Ever had such a weird experience that it can only be synchronicity at play. In fact if you told people they would not believe you. Life sometimes is very spooky strange. Your show host Chris Cheung has had many spooky events…
Plan your Destination Goals Targets
Feb 11 • 8 min
Plan your Destination Goals Targets,this Podcast by Chris Cheung will help better explain the procedures that you need to get to where your goal target is. How will you ever get there if like most people you havent a clue where to go.
Aladdins Lamp Wishes.This ending might Blow your Mind
Feb 10 • 7 min
Aladdins Lamp Wishes.This ending might Blow your Mind. we all make wishes do we expect them to come true but what if they dont do we doubt ourselves. Chris Cheung your podcast host gives a few things to think about.
How can i look at my own Aura
Feb 9 • 8 min
How can i look at my own Aura. Ever wanted to look at your own aura,what is a aura or auric field around a person,the energies around yourself. Chris Cheung gives examples on a full moon with different colour candles and incense.
Somewhere out there is my SOULMATE
Feb 8 • 6 min
Somewhere out there is my SOULMATE. Do you have this inner yearning that somewhere out there is your Soul Mate,ever wondered why this is. Chris Cheung gives a example of why this might be the case.
Real Life Psychic Funny asked Questions
Feb 7 • 6 min
Real Life Psychic Funny asked Questions. Sometimes the questions asked in private are so stupid one wonders how people survive in a relationship
Psychic Seduction
Feb 6 • 5 min
Psychic Seduction is it Possible,can it be done to achieve the love you want in your life.Chris Cheung of believes you can under certain conditions.
Psychic Energy Harmony and Why we argue with Family
Feb 6 • 7 min
Psychic Energy Harmony and Why we argue with Family. just why do we argue with family and friends. Chris explains why we fall out with our loved ones,falling Victim to Chackra Energies inbalance.
Life Rewards Exceptional Talent
Feb 6 • 7 min
Life Rewards Exceptional Talent,are you talented in your field if not why not. How do i get from here to where i want to be in life. Is Desire enough or do you need a Action plan. I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Chris Cheung
Lucky Number 5
Feb 5 • 5 min
Lucky Number 5,how is it lucky for you
Psychic Protection
Feb 4 • 7 min
Psychic Protection just what is it? and how can we protect ourselves, and from what,Chris Cheung your show host answers a question put too him by a listener.
Fear Destroys Progress
Feb 2 • 6 min
Fear Destroys Progress it stops us growing as a person it holds you back it makes you lazy and weak. this can be overcome. Chris Cheung offers solutions to fear releasing.
How to Contact your Spirit Guides
Jan 31 • 7 min
How to Contact your Spirit Guides. Just what or how do i contact someone i loved that passed away.or a/my spirit guide or helpers in the spirit world. Listen to Chris Cheung explain a super fasr method.
What is a Clairvoyant
Jan 30 • 6 min
What is a Clairvoyant,and what is the reason you see one. Why attend a Spiritualist church,will my deceased loved ones came and say hello,all these questions Chris Cheung will address
Manifestation and Waves Of Prosperity
Jan 28 • 6 min
Today Chris Cheung looks at Manifestation and Waves Of Prosperity bringing you success into your life.
That Special Place-I Want To Go Back There Again
Jan 27 • 7 min
That Special Place-I Want To Go Back There Again. Ever had a experience that was so profound that you never wanted it to end ?. In fact you wanted to stay there and never return. Here Chris Cheung of ( walks you thru the talk…
Activating Energies Within You
Jan 26 • 7 min
Here Chris Cheung Talks about, Activating Energies Within You to help enhance your dreams bringing them into alignment with reality. (
New Moon Energies For Attracting Desires
Jan 24 • 7 min
New Moon Energies For Attracting Desires in your life Just how do we Prepare to bring this into our lives Here Chris Cheung explains colored candles and Why please visit share or and donate to keep this podcast advert free.
Meditate Information
Jan 23 • 5 min
Ever wondered what to expect if you are a newbie to Meditation. Let ( guide you along your journey
Meditation Journey
Jan 22 • 10 min
Today Chris talks us through a mini meditation session. This was intended to just relax,but a unexpected meeting of a important person was the outcome.
Dreams and the New Moon
Jan 21 • 8 min
Dreams and the New Moon number 21st and mention our Moon Meditation Please join me Chris Cheung (
Obstacles in your Life
Jan 20 • 8 min
Obstacles and How to overcome them,Here Chris Cheung of ( explains briefly a few ideas.
Trees Nature and Breaking Habit Loops
Jan 18 • 5 min
Trees Nature and Breaking Habit Loops,Here Chris Cheung ( Chats about How to Break the loops that have formed from your earlier years.
Wake up Positive and Be Happy
Jan 17 • 5 min
Wake up Positive each day,are you like both ends of a battery + and - Fridays were all happy very positive But Monday mornings were down in the dumps again waiting till the next weekend or your holidays Here Chris Cheung explains his thoughts.
Become a Magnet for Miracles
Jan 16 • 6 min
How to become a Magnet for Miracles,Here Chris Cheung Looks at ways we can adjust and tweek ourselves
Lazy Procrastinate Negative Energies Empath
Jan 15 • 7 min
Are you Lazy did you wake up tired no energy. Pick up negativity fast like a psychic sponge,maybe your a empath, listen here and find out
Effective Leadership Skills
Jan 14 • 6 min
Effective Leadership has to start somewhere,do you agree. The skills required can be learnt here Chris gives a brief intro into these skills. ( )
Are You Living The Life You Deserve
Jan 13 • 7 min
Are You Living The Life You Deserve,if Not Why not this is your life you get one shot at making it work for you and your loved ones. So make it a good one,a life to be happy about giving you freedom Living your lifes choices is a wonderful feeling. That…
Visualisation Methods
Jan 12 • 7 min
Visualise your wants in life.
Full Moon wheel of fortune
Jan 10 • 6 min
Full Moon Jan 10th 2020,Chris looks at Tarot card .
What do you want in 2020
Jan 8 • 7 min
What do you want in 2020, Here Chris briefly mentions Tarot card and Numberology of the 8 day.
The Hermit Tarot Card
Jan 8 • 6 min
This Podcast Chris looks at the 9th Tarot card and its Numberology meanings
Dec 31, 2019 • 7 min
We’re Broadcasting live and recorded, Star Signs Music Tarot Readings here . Meditate with us, set your New Years Resoloutions with us.