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Why We Don’t Speak In Tongues
Oct 15 • 29 min
The modern-day tongues movement does not measure up to the teachings of Scripture. —- Support this podcast:
Not All That Calls Itself Christian Is.
Oct 9 • 29 min
There are many false voices claiming to be Christian that are, in reality, following the god of this world. —- Support this podcast:
The Eternal Security of the Saved
Oct 2 • 29 min
Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. (1 Peter 1:5) —- Support this podcast:
The Last Days And Our Reaction
Sep 26 • 29 min
How should Christians respond to the apostasy we see today? —- Support this podcast:
What Solid foundation Ministries Is About
Sep 19 • 29 min
Why does Solid Foundation Ministries Exist? —- Support this podcast:
Deceived Christians
Sep 11 • 29 min
Too many who claim to be Christians are deceived. —- Support this podcast:
Do Your Really Believe the Bible - Part 5
Sep 4 • 29 min
This is the final episode in my series on Do You Really Believe the Bible? —- Support this podcast:
Do You Believe the Bible - Part 4
Aug 29 • 29 min
If we truly believe the Bible, we will follow its precepts. —- Support this podcast:
Do You Believe the Bible - Part 3
Aug 22 • 29 min
If we don’t do what the Bible says, do we really believe it? —- Support this podcast:
Do You Believe The Bible - Part 2
Aug 20 • 29 min
We say we believe the Bible, but do we believe it enough to do what is says? —- Support this podcast:
Do you really believe the Bible
Aug 12 • 29 min
This is the first in a series on what it means to believe the Bible. —- Support this podcast:
Don’t Be Surprised When You Face Christ
Jul 30 • 29 min
Matthew Chapter 7 speaks about those who, even though they thought they were following Christ, were not. Jesus told them that He did not even know them. —- Support this podcast:
Baptists and the Fall of America
Jul 24 • 29 min
Baptists were influential in the founding of America. Today that influence is lacking and it is one of the major reasons America is in serious decline. —- Support this podcast:
A Time For Rejoicing
Jul 17 • 29 min
The world is in turmoil, but how should we, as Christians look at what is happening? —- Support this podcast:
Don’t Worry
Jul 17 • 29 min
The world around us seems to be falling apart. We have a tendency to worry about it. We should be concerned, but we should trust God and not worry. —- Support this podcast:
Hell Is Enlarged
Jul 17 • 29 min
America is in trouble because we have turn we have lost the fear of God. —- Support this podcast:
The Dempanic
Jun 26 • 29 min
The Covid-19 is pushed by the left to cause panic among the American people. Christians should not panic because the Dems are not in control, God is. Learn the facts about this dempanic. —- Support this podcast:
A Reprobate Mind
Jun 17 • 29 min
Our nation has turned it back on God, and God has given the majority of Americans over to a reprobate mind. This is a mind that is incapable of reasoning correctly. —- Support this podcast:
What Does It Take To Be Saved?
Jun 4 • 29 min
Not everyone who says they are saved is truly saved. Many think they are saved because they believe in God and do good works in His name. What does it truly take to be saved? —- Support this podcast:
Freedom Is Not Free
May 29 • 29 min
The freedoms we have in America were paid for at great cost. To keep them we must defend them. —- Support this podcast:
Knowing the Time
May 25 • 29 min
Do you know the time? I am not talking about 8:22AM, I am talking about the time in which we live. A look at the times in which we live from Romans 13:11-14. —- Support this podcast:
Separation of Church and State
May 14 • 29 min
The First Amendment does not protect the government from the church, it protects the church from the government. —- Support this podcast:
Holiness in God’s Children
May 8 • 29 min
God expects His children to live holy lives that bring honor and glory to Him. —- Support this podcast:
The Manifestation of God’s Holiness
Apr 23 • 29 min
God is holy. His holiness is manifest in numerous ways. We look at several of them in this episode. —- Support this podcast:
The Holiness of God
Apr 17 • 29 min
We have forgotten who our God is. This is the first in a series of the attributes of God. —- Support this podcast:
Can We Trust God?
Apr 10 • 29 min
In times like these many say they are trusting God. This episode is about what it means to trust God. It is more than just saying I trust Him. —- Support this podcast:
Biblical Principles In America’s Founding Documents
Apr 3 • 29 min
Some try to tell us that America was not founded on biblical principles. In this episode we look at some of the principles enshrined in our founding documents. —- Support this podcast:
Baptist Influence On Protestants
Mar 27 • 29 min
The Founding Fathers of our nation were, for the most part, members of mainline Protestant churches. These churches did not believe in religious freedom. They believed in a state church and in enforcing religious law by the sword of government. What…
Coronavirus Panic
Mar 23 • 29 min
The Coronavirus is a serious issue. We should take the proper precautions to avoid getting it, especially if we fall into one of the groups that is in the most danger. Panic, on the other hand, is not necessary, nor is it wise. —- Support this podcast:…
The Faith of our Founding Fathers
Mar 12 • 29 min
The history revisionists are trying to tell us that our Founding Fathers were not Christians, and that America was not founded on Christian principles. This episode exposes the truth from the writings of the men who were the most influential in the…
Why America is Failing
Mar 5 • 29 min
I think everyone knows that America is in moral decline. This is the reason that we have all of the problems that plague us today. In this episode I deal with the why, and how we can fix the problem. —- Support this podcast:…
What Is Your Foundation?
Feb 28 • 29 min
What is the foundation upon which you build your beliefs? —- Support this podcast:
Why Are We Losing Our Freedoms?
Feb 20 • 29 min
I don’t think anyone can deny that we are losing our freedoms, especially those in the First and Second Amendments. This episode is an explanation of why we are losing them. —- Support this podcast:
There Is Purpose In Your Valley
Feb 13 • 29 min
Today’s post is a message preached by Pastor Kevin Broyhill from Calvary Baptist Church in King, NC. Most of us see the 23rd Psalm for those who are dying, he made it come alive for the trials of ordinary life. —- Support this podcast:…
The New Testament Church - Part 5
Feb 6 • 29 min
Requirements for church membership. —- Support this podcast:
The New Testament Church - Part 4
Feb 3 • 29 min
Today I want us to look at the government of a New Testament Church. The Bible tells us how a church is to function, and many have departed from the New Testament model. —- Support this podcast:
The New Testament Church - Part 3
Jan 23 • 29 min
In this podcast we will look at the purpose for the New Testament Church —- Support this podcast:
The New Testament Church - Part 2
Jan 16 • 29 min
In this cast, we look at what the New Testament church is, and how the false doctrine of the universal church doctrine got started —- Support this podcast:
The New Testament Church - Part 1
Jan 10 • 29 min
This is the beginning of a five-part series on the Testament Church. We will look at what it is, it’s purpose, and how it is orgainzed. —- Support this podcast:
Fight The Good Fight
Jan 6 • 29 min
We are in a spiritual war, and all Christians must be involved in the fight. Will you get involved? —- Support this podcast:
What We Celebrate At Christmas
Jan 6 • 29 min
We often get so involved in the hustle and bustle of Christmas that we forget what we are really celebrating. Remember, it is the celebration of the birth of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who was God manifest in the flesh. —- Support this podcast:…
Should We Celebrate Christmas?
Jan 6 • 29 min
In this episode, I want to answer the question, Should we celebrated Christmas. There are those that believe that Christmas is a pagan celebration and that it was started by the Catholic Church. We will see that this is not true. —- Support this podcast:…
False Teachers
Jan 6 • 29 min
There have been false teachers from the beginning of Christianity. Today there are more than ever. We need to take great care in avoiding them. —- Support this podcast:
Salvation Effects
Jan 6 • 29 min
When a person is truly saved, there will be obvious changes in him or her. —- Support this podcast:
True Salvation
Jan 6 • 29 min
We see a lot of professions of faith where no fruit is produced. Something is dreadfully wrong with this situation. In this episode I look at what true salvation really is. —- Support this podcast:
There is no Fear of the Lord
Jan 3 • 29 min
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. It also is to hate evil. It is sadly lacking in our society today, even among Christians. —- Support this podcast:
The Purpose of the Church
Jan 3 • 29 min
The church is God’s institution, and He established it for a purpose. It behooves us to understand this purpose and strive to fulfill it. —- Support this podcast:
Why America Is Failing
Jan 3 • 29 min
America is not the nation it once was. There has been a slight movement in the right direction, but it is not for the right reason. Our nation cannot be fixed by any political solution because the problem is spiritual. —- Support this podcast:…
The Loss of Our Baptist Heritage
Jan 3 • 29 min
The freedoms we have in America are the direct result of the long struggle of Baptists for freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our hearts. As we lose our Baptist heritage, we are also losing our freedoms. —- Support this podcast:…
What Does It Take to be Saved?
Jan 3 • 29 min
The Bible clearly teaches that we are saved by grace, through faith, without works. There are, however, some things that are necessary to bring us to saving faith. —- Support this podcast:
God’s Warning
Jan 3 • 29 min
The Word of God gives us many warnings. With the warnings, we are also given consequences for not heeding them. —- Support this podcast:
The Cost of Compromise
Jan 3 • 29 min
When we compare modern Christianity with the Scriptures, we see that something is not as it should be. In this episode we will look at the cost of not doing things God’s way. —- Support this podcast:
Faith and Works
Jan 3 • 29 min
The Bible teaches that we are not saved by works, but this doesn’t mean there is no relationship between faith and works. This episode will teach the relationship and the importance of understanding it. —- Support this podcast:…
Do All The Commands of God
Jan 2 • 29 min
We can’t pick and choose which of God’s commands we will keep. We are to follow all of the precepts of God if we want His blessing. —- Support this podcast:
Why Are We Losing Our Freedoms
Jan 2 • 29 min
We are losing our freedoms a little at a time. Why is this happening? —- Support this podcast:
Dogs, Pigs, and Christians
Jan 2 • 29 min
Everything in God’s creation has its own nature. You expect dogs to bark, but you don’t expect cats to bark, you expect them to meow. In this podcast I want us to examine ourselves to see if we are true Christians. —- Support this podcast:…
What This Podcast Is About
Jan 2 • 14 min
Solid Foundation Ministries is a ministry of Dr. Pierre Coovert. This ministry’s goal is to help build solid foundations in churches, individual Christians, and Christian families. I am a Baptist, and I make no apology for being one. Everything you hear…