The RadioDana Diaries

The RadioDana Diaries
Kansas City broadcast veteran Dana Wright has spent 25 years telling stories as an investigative reporter and news anchor and now an afternoon talk radio host. One day her son said to her, “Mom, the news is so depressing you should start telling good s?

#8: Two Local Physicians Unlock Mystery of Lung Disease and Death in Teens.
Jun 11 • 30 min
You’ve probably heard about the extremely popular antibiotic known as “Bactrim,” which is used to treat all kinds of ailments from acne to urinary tract infections. But two local physicians recently figured out - that for some teenagers - the common…
#7: Braden’s Hope Founder Deliece Hofen and Her Story of Strength and Gratitude
Mar 5 • 24 min
When I first started asking around about the strong and amazing women that I NEEDED to know in my life? More people than I can count, replied, “Deliece Hofen.” Deliece is a warrior and a cancer survivor. And so is her little boy. In one TINY window of…
#6: Real Grief, Real Healing with Thought Leader Mindy Corporon
Feb 23 • 31 min
As I was sitting down to write this, I was thinking how much I wish that I knew my friend, Mindy Corporon, for a reason OTHER than the one that brought me to Mindy Corporon. Like me, Mindy is a boy mom. She is a public speaker and a wife. She has kind…
#5: The Shooting Death of John Albers and the Fight to Change Kansas “Open” Records Laws….
Feb 18 • 30 min
In this week’s “RadioDana Diaries,” I’m asking you to think about all of the different ways people die in our community and the questions we ALL have when a young person, in particular, is taken from us. The nightly news is filled with car accidents and…
#4: “Bee Organized:” Why Clutter is Slowly Killing Our Soul….
Feb 9 • 38 min
I read a jaw-dropping article a few weeks ago in the New York Times. It was called, “The Unbearable Heaviness of Clutter.” I love that word. Heaviness. Because that is what clutter has always felt like to me. The very SIGHT of crap in my house gives me…
#3 : “Butterflies Unleashed: The Toby Dorr Story”
Jan 22 • 51 min
The story that starts in prison…and ends in prison… and then, redemption.
#2: Stress, The Numbers 4, 8 and 7, and My Anxiety House….
Jan 17 • 44 min
If you have anxiety like I HAVE anxiety….
#1: Alyssa’s Wishes
Jan 7 • 15 min
When I first decided to launch “The RadioDana Diaries” podcast, I knew I wanted to focus on bringing everyone good stories about good people who are making the world a better place right here in KC. Today I want to introduce you to my friend Karen…