The Pillow Fort Sessions Podcast

The Pillow Fort Sessions Podcast
Contrary to popular belief, therapists are people too! And behind every therapist is a story of why mental health matters. Every other week come hear about what we do and why we do it in the safest place there is, my pillowfort! Skeptical about schedul…

Sam the Psychiatrist
Jun 21 • 49 min
Nicole and Sam talk being a new psychiatrist
A Message From Your Host
Jun 7 • 19 min
Nicole talks to Nicole about racism
Stephany the LatinX Therapist
May 24 • 44 min
Nicole and Stephany chat about life as a LatinX therapist, social justice advocate and DJ
What the What is attachment theory?
May 17 • 24 min
Mike and Nicole talk attachment with their pets!
Dr. Deering the Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer
May 10 • 43 min
Nicole and Dr. Deering talk mother/daughter relationships
Ericka the Racial Identity Therapist
May 3 • 38 min
Ericka and Nicole talk race and mental health
Clare the Eating Disorder Therapist
Apr 19 • 46 min
Clare and I talk about her career in eating disorders
Mom the Veteran
Apr 5 • 28 min
Me and mom talk life as a veteran in therapy
Rob the Guy Therapist
Mar 22 • 40 min
Rob and I talk about therapy for dudes.
Niti the EMDR Therapist
Mar 8 • 32 min
Niti and Nicole talk EMDR
Sara the Trauma Therapist
Feb 23 • 32 min
Nicole talks with sara bout
Lauren the Sex Therapist
Feb 9 • 32 min
Nicole and Lauren discuss what sex therapy is actually like and why sexual health for all is so important to her.
Emily the Gender Counselor
Jan 26 • 34 min
Nicole talks to her BFF about being a counselor for trans people
G the Client
Jan 17 • 43 min
G talks about her journey with therapy.
Jenn the Family Therapist Supervisor
Jan 12 • 31 min
Nicole talks to her supervisor about why she’s a family therapist
PFsP Trailer
Jan 12 • 0 min
A trailer for the therapy curious
Suzie the School Social Worker
Dec 31, 2019 • 29 min
My BFF Suzie and I talk about life as an elementary school therapist/social worker.