The Curious Climber Podcast: Chatting with Hazel and Mina

The Curious Climber Podcast: Chatting with Hazel and Mina
No rules. Just long form conversation about topics that interest us. Warning: we don’t talk that much about climbing.

Emma Wood - The Mind in Climbing
May 19 • 68 min
Hazel talks to Emma Wood about the mind in climbing. Emma is a cognitive hypnotherapist based in Sheffield, UK. Find her website here. They talk about a lot of things including: fear of falling, fear of failing, coaching, what is cognitive hypnotherapy,…
Stacy Sims: Women are not small men.
May 4 • 68 min
This episode is a conversation between Mina and Dr Stacy Sims. Stacy is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Waikato in New Zealand where she specialises in exercise physiology and human performance, specifically looking at sex differences in…
Sky Yardeni - Let’s Talk About Grief
Apr 23 • 76 min
In this episode Hazel speaks with Sky Yardeni about grief. Sky is a therapist and social change maker, originally from Israel but is based in Santa Fe, NM. He is currently the Therapeutic Director of the Climbing Grief Fund with the American Alpine Club.…
Charlotte Gibbs: Running into trouble.
Apr 13 • 96 min
In this episode Mina talks to Charlotte Gibbs who is a runner and ultra endurance athlete. She was the winner and course record holder at the Beacons 50 mile race in 2018, and has taken part in Skyrunning races in the UK and Europe. After suffering with…
Nasim Eshqi - Defying Convention
Apr 6 • 81 min
Hazel speaks with Iranian climber Nasim Eshqi. If you’re a climber in the West you may have imagined that your experiences and opportunities might be different if you’d grown up, and become a climber, in Iran. Especially if you’re a woman. Or you may not…
Prerna Dangi: Moving Mountains
Mar 26 • 80 min
In this episode Mina talks to Prerna Dangi, a Dehli based climber. Prerna mixes her climbing time between bouldering, trad climbing, ice climbing and alpinism - she has a taste for everything about the mountains. We talk about her experiences getting into…
What does Covid - 19 mean for climbers with Levi Yant (Virologist)
Mar 22 • 68 min
In this episode virologist Levi Yant walks us through the science of Covid - 19. We discuss what a virus is, what makes Covid 19 different, why we’re in a global pandemic and what we can do about it. If you’re feeling confused by all the information out…
Cameron Norsworthy - The Path to Flow
Mar 21 • 61 min
This conversation is all about flow state. Also known as ‘being in the zone’. This psychological state could be responsible for our best climbing performances but also our most enjoyable moments. Mild flow can feel like a heightened focus or presence and…
Madeleine Crane: The Mind Detective
Mar 12 • 69 min
In this episode Mina talks to Madeleine Crane who is a Sports Psychologist and Systemic Coach based near Magic Wood in Switzerland. As a strong climber herself, Madeleine takes a special interest in working with rock climbers from all disciplines. In this…
Hazel talks to Mina about the divergence of health and performance
Mar 4 • 79 min
This episode is the first of a few that we plan to do together. Each one will have a focus and in this episode Hazel talks to Mina about health and performance, where they intersect and how in her experience they have also diverged. We talk about Mina’s…
Gilly McArthur: Cold water swimming, don’t say the C word
Feb 8 • 71 min
In this episode, Mina talks to Gilly McArthur, a life long climber, who has in recent years found a love for cold-water swimming. Gilly swam every day in January in the lakes and tarns of the UK to raise money for Mind Charity. In this episode we talk…
Nikki Smith - ‘Dancing Saved My Life’
Jan 27 • 85 min
In this episode Hazel talks to Nikki Smith about: - climbing on rock and ice near to home and further away - first ascents - travel - photography - her experiences coming out, transitioning and becoming herself - social media and the problem of privacy -…
Nina Williams: A Baller at Height
Jan 10 • 50 min
In this episode Mina talks to US-based climber Nina Williams. Nina is well known for her ascents of highball boulder problems such as Evolution Direct (V11), Ambrosia (V11) and the absolutely massive Too Big to Flail (V10) as well as many other hard…
Beth: She did her best
Dec 31, 2019 • 79 min
In this episode Hazel talks to professional climber Beth Rodden about: - looking back; what she’d do differently - body image and eating disorders - achievement versus learning - happiness versus success - compatibility of good health and high performance…
Chatting with Hazel and Mina, what’s all this about?
Dec 31, 2019 • 2 min
What’s this podcast shizzle about? Who are we? Why are we doing it? What kind conversations will be on it? How are we doing it? When will episodes come out? A somewhat haphazard into to our podcast plans. Stay tuned for the first proper episode soon (ish).