Real Deals by Chloé

Real Deals by Chloé
Discuss with your host the latest technology trends, gadgets and software to disrupt the Real Estate industry. Real Estate holds the space for us to create our lifestyle, and technology affects the way we nest, work, shop and play.

Getting Started in Real Estate Investment with the #1 Investment Advisor Reed Goossens
Jun 9 • 59 min
You can be an avid investor, a software engineer working in PropTech, or a Real Estate professional with an extra $40 grand ready to invest…where do you start? Thematic Points: The Reed Goossens Story- from Australia to the #1 Real Estate Investor…
Where does #WFH (working from home) leave Office buildings? A chat with Plastarc on navigating future workspace
Jun 2 • 18 min
Working remotely isn’t a new concept, but COVID 19 helped propel all industries forward utilizing technology that allows for efficient team communication, individual productivity, and yes- retail/property virtual tours has incredible metrics for online…
Working from home, resiliency, happiness & productivity for Corporate Leadership; with Elina Teboul
Mar 24 • 37 min
Happy National Happiness Day! It is also a time when corporations and individuals are suffering from the fear with the onset of COVID-19. This episode explores, how behavioral psychology predicts and thus, provides solutions for Corporations to instill a…
Futuristic Tech China used to control and contain COVID 19; how private are our homes & street?
Mar 16 • 7 min
Futuristic technology has fascinated us all, but while we anticipated them being used during wartime, it is not coming out of the gates as the front runner in containing the CoronaVirus. Mostly used in China, these technologies has been developed in…
Are tertiary Markets a good investment? Let’s look at TAX incentives, local culture and opportunity
Feb 25 • 27 min
Let’s talk Real Estate Investment, Tech Initiatives and Bourbon 🥃 with Louisvilles own Sierra Enlow. Interview with native Kentuckian, Sierra Enlow (linkedin) talking about the Louisville cities Tech Initiatives, Tax/Investment tools offered to Investors,…
Interview with Moiz from Nooklyn, a Technology Enabled Brokerage in NYC talking dystopian tech and the future for rental brokers
Feb 18 • 32 min
This episode explores the real deal future of Brokerages with the continuous disruption of Technology. Listen, as Moiz Malik, the Co-founder of Nooklyn explains what you and your business needs to implement, in order to thrive in the PropTech era. We…
Will Robots get rid of Real Estate Agents? Listen for tips and tech tools to survive and thrive as a Realtor
Feb 6 • 31 min
From 1985 we rapidly shifted from car phones, to flip phones, to the world wide web…and now we have TikTok- like OMG! If Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of Blackstone, is investing in Ai…you, as a smart agent, should know what the REAL DEAL behind technology is,…
What LabVentures, a Miami PropTech Venture Capital firm looks for in startups for their Startups Studio Candidates
Jan 28 • 25 min
More than Magic Leap, Miami, Florida is generating PropTech and Real Estate Tech startups. See what is happening in Miami, Florida- you’ll be surprised at the needs of each state. I was very impressed with Startup Studio- a subsidiary of Lab Ventures a…
If Your Office Lobby Had Yoga Would You Go To Work Happy?
Jan 17 • 45 min
In this episode, we explore ways technology enables occupants to develop a deeper relationship with other occupants and within their buildings, by creating and delivering “pop up” amenities in under utilized Commercial or Residential spaces.…
What Retail + Technology + Art in 2020 Looks Like
Jan 7 • 31 min
Immersive Entertainment Technology that will make Retail in 2020 Fun Again! Get ready to be transported into the world where technology disrupts the shopping center asset class. Area15, led by the CEO Winston Fisher, creates a new category of experiential…
A Decade in Review: How Technology Disrupted the Real Estate Industry
Dec 31, 2019 • 39 min
A candid talk discussing the past 10 years in Real Estate and the technology that has changed the way we live, work and play. This episode is also on YouTube, filmed with Mariel Ebrahimi, CEO of DisruptCRE
Introducing how Technology is disrupting Real Estate
Dec 30, 2019 • 1 min
Episode 01. An introduction to Real Deals by Chloe Podcast, where we have candid discussions regarding the latest technology and its disruption in the Real Estate Industry, forever changing the way we live, work and play. Check out our podcast for every…