Millennial Investor Shift

Millennial Investor Shift
The Millennial Investor Shift is a podcast where we talk with industry leaders in multifamily real estate. To learn tips and strategies they use to help them become successful and share with you those strategies. To help you shift into success on your real estate investing adventure.

AF 15: John Casmon-Don’t rest on your laurels to achieve your first. Continue to grow.
Jul 30 • 28 min
This week I had the pleasure speaking with John Casmon. John is the host of the target market insight podcast. He is also one of the organizers of the Midwest real estate networking summit. We dive into how john got into real estate investing via house…
AF 14 Ruben Greth- The process of becoming a thought leader and manifesting your goals.
Jul 23 • 40 min
This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Ruben Greth. Learning how he was able to another investor raise $650K by becoming a thought leader. The process of making your goals come true. By writing and reading your goals 2x/day and much more.
AF 12: Todd Dexheimer- Don’t be afraid to start small just start.
Jul 20 • 39 min
Todd was a wood shop class teacher (IMO one of the most fun classes in HS). After dealing with issues as teacher started looking for a way out of teaching. Came across a purple book most people may know. After learning about real estate investing. Todd…
AF:11 Overcoming obstacles as a new investor w/ Joseph Bramante
Jul 2 • 45 min
This week I had the pleasure speaking with Joseph Bramante. Joseph is a apartment Investor. Talked about the challenges that may occur to investors when acquiring their first property. How time zone difference could be use an advantage. Connect with…
AF:10 Learning about 1031 w/Alex & Mike
Jun 5 • 40 min
This week I had the pleasure of speaking Alex & Mike about 1031. We talked about what exactly is a 1031 exchange. How to get into a 1031 exchange. And why an investor should utilize it and more.
AF:09 People Connector, Cost Seg King w/Yonah Weiss
May 28 • 30 min
This week I had the pleasure of speaking with the man Yonah Weiss. Yonah is IMO a well known person on LinkedIn. Due to the way he connects with others and challenges others to be active on LinkedIn. One of the top social media platforms. Even Gary…
AF08: Journey of W2 Tech employee becoming a hotel syndicator W/Nichole Stohler
May 21 • 32 min
This week I talk with Nicole. To hear about her journey of going from deciding to be a real estate investor through the process of owning commercial properties. To investing in hotels. Connect with Nichole: Linkedin- Nichole Stohler
AF07: CRE Broker Tyler Chesser
May 15 • 43 min
This week I speak with CRE broker & investor Tyler Chesser. We learn about the journey of his first deal. How he transitioned into commercial real estate investing. After learning residential was more emotional base investing than commercial was. Connect…
AF06: From the stoop to owning an apartment W/ Jerome Myers
Apr 2 • 41 min
This week I talk with and learn from Jerome Myers. Jerome left the cooperate world after having the feeling just making bottom the line wasn’t right. He discovered a possibility of a way out. Standing on the front stoop of his fix and flip property…
AF05: Anthony Pinto-Zero to 8 Units as a Submariner
Feb 11 • 49 min
This weeks episode I discuss with submariner Anthony Pinto. How he achieved owning 8 units in 6 months. How he built a team that helped him achieve a lot quickly.
AF 04: Daray Olaleye- Taking Massive Action to Achieve Goals Quicker
Dec 24, 2019 • 55 min
This week episode. Daray talks about buying investment property 30 days after reading rich dad poor dad. Going from big 4 accounting to entrepreneur and smart goal planning. To help you achieve your goals quicker.
AF 03: Benard Reisz-How To Get Access To Your Own Money
Dec 4, 2019 • 45 min
In this week episode I talk with Principal advisor of ReSure Financial Benard Reisz. We discuss the benefits of using retirement accounts to invest in real estate. Different types of retirement accounts and pros and cons of each when using one to invest…
AF 02: Christopher Dedeyan- Power of Law of Attraction
Dec 4, 2019 • 48 min
In this weeks episode, I speak with peak performance coach Christopher Dedeyan. We talk about mindset, the power the law attraction has and more insightful topics. That will help you shift into success.
AF 01: Trevor McGregor-Power of A Coach
Dec 4, 2019 • 40 min
What do you do when your down and out? You find help. In this week episode I talk with coach Trevor McGregor. Where we discuss how coach about the power of having a coach and the 7 steps blueprint to achieve extra ordinary success.
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