It's Not About You - Trauma, PTSD, Abuse & Recovery - Joe Ryan

It's Not About You - Trauma, PTSD, Abuse & Recovery - Joe Ryan
This Podcast is not about flash, pretending, or promises, just real, genuine, vulnerable, and honest talk. People around you will take your recovery personly; it’s not about them. There are no quick fixes from trauma, abuse, addiction, PSTD, or recovery. Knowing what happened to you is only part of the process, we have to relive the feelings, emotions, and scenes we avoid. When we stop blaming, making excuses and take responsibility for our own emotions, that’s the start of moving from victim to surviving, from surviving to survivor and finally to thriving and teaching. Support this podcast:

0008 - Abandonment, Reflection and Self Mirroring
Feb 19 • 12 min
When we were abandoned as children, we learned that to matter to our source figures; we had to leave ourselves and become what they needed us to be. Abandonment will cause you not to have a sense of self. Your life becomes an endless quest to please the…
0007 - Internal validation , Owning All Of You
Feb 12 • 46 min
Drew from The Anxious Truth and I were sitting around testing out his new Podcast gear. In the testing, we got into a conversation about part of the recovery process. There were a few gems that came out in the discussion, so I decided to put it out as its…
0006 - Step Two, Exposure Time
Feb 4 • 13 min
We are hiding the parts of us that we cut off, the pieces of us that were not acceptable as children. To protect these parts of ourselves, we create a false self. This false self was our protection, protection from our authentic self being seen by us, and…
0005 - False Self, Shame and Separation
Jan 29 • 12 min
The false self is created when we have to cut off emotions that were unacceptable to our source figures. When unacceptable feelings and emotions we expressed, we were shamed and emotionally abandoned. Before logical thought was available to us. We cut off…
0004 - Step One, Fed Up And Stripped Down
Jan 18 • 16 min
Nothing was working for me anymore. All that has brought me joy and happiness no longer did, and I had no idea why. Motivation and desire were absent from within me, and all I could do was sit in sadness. I had bottomed out, feeling that nothing outside…
0003 - Blocked On Instagram
Jan 8 • 26 min
After recording an episode of The Anxious Truth Podcast we just kept talking. The discussion started with my account being blocked on Instagram, the reaction from friends and followers and how their response leads me to memories that had negative actions…
0002 - Validating From The Inside Out
Jan 2 • 14 min
Shift Your Focus From Internalizing How You Perceive People See You And Start Looking At How You View Yourself. Validate From The Inside Out. Website: Instagram: @joeryan Managed Wordpress Hosting Provided By —- Send in a voice…
0001 - Pause For The Trauma Response
Jan 1 • 12 min
If we don’t take responsibility for our own emotions and reactions we will never heal. We will live this endless loop of blame and victimhood. We will find our world getting smaller and smaller, experience less joy, and become more reactive over time.…