Ball Out Dodgeball

Ball Out Dodgeball
Ball Out raises the bar for professional, collegiate and social dodgeball. Made by dodgeballers for dodgeballers. Hosts Brett Hadwin and Myles Garner bring years of playing, training and nutrition experience to the mics. Delivering easily digestible in…

Ep #31: Ball Out Tournament?!
Jul 30 • 48 min
The guys sit down to fill everyone in on what has been brewing at Ball Out. Talking about what is coming soon, in the future and what is still in the brainstorming stage. Since the launch Brett and Myles have been dedicated to spreading dodgeball…
Ep #30: Starting an NCDA Team w/Jacob Leski
Jul 23 • 47 min
The guys sit down with the first ever repeat guest on the show Jacob Leski to see what kind of process it is to create a Club Dodgeball team on college campus’. We talk about what some of the first steps to take are, the resources that prospective teams…
Ep #29: Premiere League How To!
Jul 16 • 63 min
Squad! In this episode we discuss building a USA Dodgeball Premiere League team from nothing. How to go from just hearing about the sport of dodgeball to creating an elite team. With some input from our awesome listeners we arm you with all the tools to…
Ep #28: Muscle Series 3 - Leg Day
Jul 9 • 62 min
Getting back to the muscle series the guys breakdown leg day. Looking at legs as a whole and then diving into individual muscle groups. Going over best practices for growth, balance and gameplay. Make sure to follow up each episode with a review of what…
Ep #27: Gym & Court Pet Peeves!
Jul 2 • 62 min
The guys had some lighthearted fun discussing pet peeves in the gym and on the court. Diving into some deeper reasons why some are very irritating and how easy they are to fix. Lots of laughs in this episode! Let us know if you have any that we missed!
Ep #26: My Athlete Box w/Justin Coldiron
Jun 25 • 64 min
Today the fellas sit down with their new partner Justin Coldiron from My Athlete Box. They talk about life business and some of the struggles that a small business has go to go through. If you are interested in more from MAB make sure to follow their…
World Update w/Alex Kelley
Jun 16 • 45 min
Today we take a break from fitness to hear Alex’s story. With everything going on in major cities we discuss how the dodgeball community can help make change and start the conversation.
Ep #24: Performance Nutrition w/Emily Bogaudo RD
Jun 4 • 59 min
Today the guys sat down with Registered Dietitian Emily Borgaudo. They discussed some of the things it takes to be a Dietitian and how proper nutrition can help gameplay. Diving into what kind of snacks and some little gems to help fuel your body.
Ep #23: Muscle Series 2 - Back & Bis
May 28 • 55 min
Today the guys sit down to discuss a muscle group that is not addressed as much in the dodgeball community. They were talking about back development. Strengthening and stabilizing to make you a better dodgeballer! How to feel and connect to the muscles…
Ep #22: Muscle Series 1 - Building a Six Pack!
May 21 • 72 min
The fellas are making this series to nail down some of the most important muscle groups and exercises they feel for dodgeball play. Talking not only about function but also the aesthetics of the muscle. The first group up is the abs and core muscles….
Ep #21: Canadian Dodgeball w/Lisa Morra
May 14 • 69 min
Today the guys sat down with Canadian Dodgeball Team member and fitness enthusiast Lisa Morra. We talk about how dodgeball interest is looking in Canada, we get to know more about her start and where she wants to see the sport go. We had some great…
Ep 20: How Sleep Effects Performance
May 7 • 51 min
Today the guys talk about the importance of good sleep. Discussing a few studies to back up what has always been said about how many hours you need and why. Brining up ways to quiet your mind before bed and how more sleep can help you lose stubborn body…
Ep 19: Flexible Fridays w/Christine Irvine
Apr 30 • 58 min
The guys sit down with Christine Irvine to talk about how she wants to help the dodgeball community through yoga. How we can all become more successful dodgeball players and how we can thrive longer in the sport. We learn more about Christine and why…
Ep 18: Meet The Hosts - Myles
Apr 23 • 63 min
The other half of the dynamic duo! This week it’s Bretts turn to interview Myles and dive a little deeper on how he got to be where he is at today. Learn more about Myles background in sports, fitness and dodgeball. Then we jump into your questions,…
Ep 17: Meet The Hosts - Brett
Apr 16 • 59 min
Today we catch up with Brett and get some background on what brought him to this point. Starting with sports growing up to starting Ball Out. Myles gets some good questions with help from some fan sourced questions. There are some good ones like is…
EP 14: NCDA Collaboration
Apr 9 • 61 min
Today Brett and Myles sit down with NCDA President Hunter Ford and League Expansion/Retention Chair Jacob Leski. Talking about the future of college dodgeball and how dodgeball is effected by COVID-19. Taking about how Ball Out can help the NCDA and how…
EP 13: Training w/Andrew Ketchum & Tyler Holmes
Apr 2 • 59 min
An episode that was in creation before the podcast even started. Brett and Myles sat down with Andrew Ketchum and his trainer Tyler Holmes to talk about Ketchums transformation and his improved play. We also get the opportunity to pick Tylers brain on…
Ep 12: Using Plyometrics for Gameplay
Mar 26 • 53 min
One of Myles favorite parts of the game. The guys breakdown how to use plyometrics in your training routine, how it transfers over to gameplay and why it is important to start slow with them. The guys also touch on some of the specifics of why different…
11: At Home Workout
Mar 19 • 62 min
Brett and Myles go all in on home workouts. Giving you tips on how to set up your week and their top workouts to implement at home. Answering a few listener questions and bringing the latest dodgeball news to you.
Bonus Ep: State Of Dodgeball
Mar 17 • 38 min
Brett and Myles touch on how the COVID-19 virus is affecting the nation and the dodgeball community as a whole. Touching on some home workout techniques and how to help when gyms are shut down. There are also some teasers about what are to come with…
EP 10: Supplementation
Mar 12 • 60 min
The Podcast has now hit double digits!! Today the guys talk about supplementation and the uses for them. How to implement them into your daily live and some overall knowledge on the topic. Touching on questions from our SQUAD!! and getting them…
EP 9: Agility Training
Mar 5 • 49 min
Today the guys talked about agility training. Structuring an agility program and different agility drill. The guys discuss how it can be done with or without equipment and how agility training is different from plyometric training.
Ep 8: Training USA Women Team w/Brenda Kramer
Feb 27 • 64 min
The guys sat down with Brenda Kramer the 2019 goal medal winner. They talked individual training as well as how she helped coach the Women’s USA worlds team. Discussing how she made it her own and helped the ladies succeed at worlds and how she looks to…
7: Conditioning
Feb 20 • 48 min
Today the guys talk about conditioning for game play and a tournament as a whole. Talking about how to better prepare yourself going into round weekends and how to setup a program to make sure you are playing at your peak. Using studies and experience…
6: What is Phasing?
Feb 14 • 56 min
Today the guys talk about building a routine. What goes into building a successful workout program and schedule. Setting goals to build that program and mix in some dodgeball news from the NCDA.
EP 5: 2020 Season w/Felix Perrone
Feb 7 • 60 min
A look into the 2020 season and the future of USA Dodgeball.
Episode 4: Sin City Re-Cap w/Matt Levine
Jan 30 • 56 min
Sin City Re-Cap w/Matt Levine
Episode 3: Post Tournament Recovery
Jan 23 • 45 min
Best practices for you body to recover from a tournament weekend.
Episode 2: The Basics of Nutrition
Jan 16 • 43 min
Breaking down the basics of what macro nutrients are and how the body utilizes them. Discussing how to use them in a macro plan and then getting into how Brett and Myles look at training for both in-season and off-season.
Episode 1: The Basics of Training
Jan 9 • 51 min
Training Fundamentals and philosophies
Welcome To Ball Out!
Dec 29, 2019 • 25 min
Brett and Myles give brief introductions to themselves as well as what is in store for episodes to come. Touching on 2020 as a whole, training and the state of dodgeball and the takes they have on it.