Laundry and Other Mysteries

Laundry and Other Mysteries
A pod where we discuss how our guests do their laundry, what they do when the laundry is done, while offering tips for solving some common laundry mysteries to our listeners.

Learning To Shut Out The Noise with Antonio Briceno
May 11 • 49 min
Today’s main topic is meditation and learning how to shut out the noise and relax in the present moment. My guest, Antonio Briceno, is a meditation guide at Miriam’s Place but he’s also in the business of providing insurance and supporting the Colorado…
Reinventing Your Business After The Great Pause featuring Amy Cook-Porter of Terra Essentials
Apr 13 • 30 min
Listen in as I discuss how to rebuild and reinvent your business as we begin to recover as a community from the “Great Pause” when social distancing decreases and the ability to renew our engagements with current and potential clients increases. Whatever…
Learning About Business Cooperatives with Janerio Hardy and Fawna Charles
Mar 2 • 33 min
In this episode we learn a little about business cooperatives and in particular, we learn a little about Tree Pose Cooperative currently owned by Janerio “Jay” Hardy, a jewelry designer and his partner, Fawna Charles. You can reach Jay and Fawna on…
Socks, Chaos, and Disorder
Feb 24 • 13 min
In this episode, the Laundry Diva talks about the trouble with socks and how to keep them matched before and after the wash. The Laundry Diva also discusses her personal relationship with true crime, including a true-crime show. Before the end, the…
It All Works Together with Dr. Lauren Penn
Feb 3 • 49 min
Trigger warning for some adult language. For the record, I found this second part of the conversation, “It All Works Together” extremely motivating. If you are still trying to find some come kind of motivation to get your 2020 in gear, then throw those…
Who’s Going To Put Away All This Laundry? with Dr. Lauren Penn
Jan 20 • 29 min
On a quiet Friday morning, two days after Christmas, I sat down in the conference room, in Miriam’s Place, to chat about laundry and community service with Dr. Lauren Penn of PinPoint Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The conversation morphed…
Introducing The Laundry Diva
Dec 18, 2019 • 8 min
Introducing, Desiree Hickson, The Laundry Diva and owner of Diva’s Laundry Service in Colorado Springs, CO. Load up this podcast and listen as Desiree spins a tale of how she got into the laundry business and her Big Hairy Dream of taking compassionate…
Introducing The Laundry Diva and the Laundry and Other Mysteries Podcast
Dec 10, 2019 • 1 min
A short trailer to tickle your ears and get listeners excited for the premiere of a new podcast, Laundry and Other Mysteries. —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. —- Send in a voice message:…
Laundry and Other Mysteries (Trailer)
Dec 9, 2019 • 0 min
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