Running Virtually

Running Virtually
Just Plain Dave is a middle of the pack runner and endurance athlete in Southeastern Massachusetts, sharing thoughts and observations about endurance sports and training while keeping up with regular life (work, family, and the real world). If I learn something interesting, I plan to share it with you.

062. Flying Quahog Gansett Ultra
Jun 28 • 33 min
Putting to the test, the Ultimate Ultrarunner skill: Dealing with change and adversity with a smile. Join my real life running friends - - the Flying Quahog Running Club - - for an Ultra Grand Adventure. A 41-mile run from my house in southeastern…
061. Going Vertical (Evaluating Elevation Gain) with input from Coach Chris Twiggs
May 31 • 29 min
Run training, using elevation gain as a metric during marathon training. Summary of vert - - elevation gain - - during 2020 monthly training. Feedback from Coach Chris Twiggs on potential benefits of hill training. And Just Plain Dave’s discussion of…
060. Solo 50K - Bad Predictions - University of Hawaii Pisces V
May 12 • 27 min
Meandering thoughts from a couple of very long runs. A brief recap of a solo self-supported 50 kilometer run and a Patriots Day hike on Mt. Greylock. Seth Godin commentary on people being bad a making predictions. And a 10-minute recollection about marine…
059. Ten Ideas for Staying Positive
Apr 5 • 17 min
There are lots of stresses piling up. Too many things asking for our attention. I gathered a Top 10 list of action items to prioritize mental health and mindfulness. 1. Sleep; 2. Eat well; 3. Curate your attention; 4. Structure your day; 5. Manage stress;…
058. Forrest Bathing (and crisis management): we are in this together
Mar 21 • 22 min
Getting out in nature has tremendous value. Doing something (run, hike, watch a movie) with people you care about is also very important. Amid the chaos that is crisis planning and crisis management, I’d like to share some thoughts. Sometimes it’s more of…
057. A tour of Swansea Village Park
Feb 10 • 24 min
Join my brown dog and me for some of the sights and sounds of Village Park in Swansea, Massachusetts. Inspired by RunRunLive @ChrisRussell and by Run The Narrow Path @KristerW.
056. It is better to be different than it is to be better
Feb 1 • 17 min
Three thoughts while out for a walk with the brown dog: the importance of sleep; the mistake that is multi-tasking - we should focus on what we are doing; and it is better to be “different” than it is to be better. Reference to “The Knowledge Project”…
055. Planning Persistence and Patience - the 3 Ps of endurance sport
Jan 11 • 29 min
No New Years’ resolution for Just Plain Dave. Pick a goal. Make a plan. Then breakdown the process into bite-sized pieces and get it done. Planning,Persistence, and Patience - the 3 Ps of endurance sport. This approach works in real life, too. Happy…
054. The Brown Dog’s Tale (Tail)
Dec 27, 2019 • 27 min
Sharing stories and details about one of my favorite running companions. She’s brown, trim, happy to go for a run or walk no matter the time of day or weather. My trusted canine companion. In spite of my trust, she may be a little devious. Happy trails…
053. Grateful - Placebo - N of 1
Dec 8, 2019 • 17 min
Trying a new podcast medium, let me know your opinion. It’s a chilly morning in Southeastern Mass, I’m grateful for health & well being. Plus thoughts on nutrition and the Placebo effect.