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AI Perk
Hosted by RoundSqr, “AI Perk” features light-hearted discussions and conversations related to Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship in Digital Space and the like, all from the perspective of Enterprise AI. Visit:

Tesla and Edison
Jul 29 • 4 min
Even today, the most common debate amongst science nerds is on the topic, “Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla”. Who was the better inventor? Who was the most brilliant? Who was the most forward-thinking? Who had the biggest impact? and so on. From their…
Uncertainty & Risk: A Statistical Perspective
May 25 • 19 min
In continuation to the previous episode, this time, Srini Atreya brings in a statistical flavour to the conversation on ‘Uncertainty & Risk’, where he evaluates the Understanding Uncertainty’s take on the distinguished psychologist Daryl Bem’s experiments…
Uncertainty & Risk
Apr 27 • 10 min
In this second edition of ‘AI Perk’, Srinivas Atreya explores the two fundamental concepts of Applied Statistics – Uncertainty & Risk, where he discusses these concepts in-depth to bring a holistic picture and also, clear a few misconceptions people have.…
How to START an AI Project?
Dec 20, 2019 • 14 min
How can you get started with AI/ML? Should you take up a large project or find smaller opportunities to hone your processes and people? Should you build internal capability or call for external help? Do you need ‘big data’ for AI projects? This needs to…