Business Beyond 2030

Business Beyond 2030
Business Beyond 2030 is the show where we explore the socio-economic and technological revolutions shaping our world and the role of business in realizing the future.

Sudhir Patnaik - Gibraltar India Development Center
May 20 • 34 min
In this episode, we have Sudhir Patnaik, Vice President - Engineering and Site Lead at Gibraltar India Development Center. Sartaj and Sudhir discuss breakout technology trends, the evolution of GICs, Asian innovation, designing organizational culture, and…
Ravi Machani - Machani Group
Jan 30 • 56 min
In today’s episode, we have Ravi Machani, Managing Director of the Machani Group, an 80-year-old family business run by the third-generation of entrepreneurs. In this episode, Sartaj and Ravi unpack the secrets of an entrepreneurial mindset, personal and…
Sebastien Hug - Swissnex India
Jan 16 • 42 min
We welcome Sebastien Hug to Business Beyond 2030 today. Sebastien is the CEO of Swissnex India and the Consul General of the Swiss Consulate in Bangalore. In this episode, Sartaj and Sebastien discuss Swiss innovation, international competitiveness,…
Sunil Shah - Societe Generale
Jan 7 • 44 min
We’re joined by Sunil Shah today. He is the CEO and Global Head of Societe Generale’s Global Solutions Centre and European Business Services. In this episode, Sartaj and Sunil explore digital transformation trends that are upending banking and financial…
Guru Bhat - PayPal India
Dec 30, 2019 • 43 min
We have Guru Bhat with us today. Guru leads engineering and technology for PayPal in India ensuring their 295 million customers remain delighted. In this episode, Sartaj and Guru dive into the future of Fintech discussing everything from technology trends…
Sanket Atal - Intuit India
Dec 21, 2019 • 36 min
We’ll kick things off with Sanket Atal. Sanket is the Managing Director of Intuit’s India Development Center which plays a strategic role in their mission of powering prosperity around the world. In this episode, Sartaj chats with Sanket to unpack…