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Mental Heath And Men With James Harris
Oct 12 • 36 min
Today we have Therapist, James Harris with us to talk about mental health and men. We talk about its importance, positive results, and how to take steps to strengthen our mental health. We also talk about James’ book and what inspired him to write it….
Flashback Episode: Your Purpose, My Passion With Joey Chandler
Oct 5 • 43 min
Joey hosts the podcast titled What’s Your Purpose, and on today’s episode we dive deeper into how we can learn our purpose. He even gives us a sample of how we can begin to do so, using me as the subject. Enjoy!What’s Your Purpose…
Protecting Your Energy
Sep 28 • 10 min
Episode number 40! I’m happy to chat again with y’all. Today We talk about the importance to keeping your circle, not small, but beneficial to your well being. Why should we be selfish with who we allow in our lives? Do the people closest to us bring…
Entrepreneurship Talk With Shod Harris
Sep 21 • 37 min
For motivational purposes only! We have an insightful conversation with digital marketing strategist, Shod Harris and get to the bottom of how he engineered the biggest marketing company on the east coast. The grind requires a lot of sacrifice and hard…
Taking A Breather
Sep 14 • 4 min
Feeling real meh. Taking a breather 💆‍♂️Click The Links Below:YouTubeWebsitePodcastInstagramFacebookEmail
5 MORE Ways To Invest In Yourself
Sep 7 • 13 min
Let’s gooooo people! We are on the road to mastering ourselves. Today we talk about 5 more ways to invest in ourselves. What are you doing to become the best you? What steps are you taking on this marathon we call life?? Enjoy!Designed for greatness…
Listen To This Before You Upgrade
Aug 31 • 8 min
Are you a peasant or are you an elite. Seriously, what do you ask yourself before you upgrade or are you an impulse buyer? Well listen to this first. Enjoy!Click The Links Below:YouTubeWebsitePodcastInstagramFacebookEmail
Achieving Anything You Want With Natsune Oki
Aug 24 • 35 min
Great interview with a fellow motivator by the name of Natsune Oki. She’s an Author, tv host, business owner and today we talk about that, but not without getting to know the person behind the many achievements. Enjoy!Get in touch with Natsune and pre…
5 Ways To Invest In Yourself
Aug 17 • 12 min
What is the most important thing in my life? ME! Yes that’s true, because if I am not whole then everything around me will crumble. In order to be the best and put forth the best energy and become successful, I need to invest in myself. Today we talk…
Check These Two Things Out
Aug 10 • 3 min
Busy week here in the Rediscover The Will office. Let’s talk about it. Enjoy!Merch : NOW Podcast: The Links…
Virus-A-Phobe: 2020 Goals Revisit
Aug 3 • 13 min
Today we dust off our 2020 goal sheet that we created and see how we are doing with checking em’ off and completing them. So, where are you at with yours?! Let’s talk about it!My review of “The Secret” by Rhona…
Being Authentically You
Jul 27 • 14 min
The greatest thing we can be in life is the most true and authentic version of ourselves, and deep down, within us all, that is something GREAT. Enjoy!Enjoyed the music? Check it out here in our study music playlist.Listen to Chill And Study Music #2…
Can You Trust RTWTL?
Jul 20 • 10 min
The nerve of me… but can you really trust me? Should you? Let’s talk about it.Enjoyed the music? Check it out here in our study music playlist.Listen to Chill And Study Music #2 right now here:…
Feeling Behind In Life? Listen To THIS
Jul 13 • 14 min
Your success is determined by YOU. You determine what is best for you and today we explain why it is ok to find that success at whatever point in life you find it. Keep going! Click this to send me a quick emailLast week’s…
Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late
Jul 6 • 10 min
We are the only thing that is standing between us and our dreams. What is holding you back?Listen to Chill And Study Music #2 right now here: The Links Below:YouTubeWebsitePodcastInstagramFacebook
What Happened To Customer Service?
Jun 29 • 21 min
Today we talk about customer service and how we can be of service to others. What are your thoughts? Should we be of service to others. But most importantly, is Chick fil a the king of customer service or what? Enjoy!Listen to Chill And Study Music #2…
Quick Chat + Flashback
Jun 22 • 27 min
Happy Monday great people. We’re back with another episode and today we released a new “chill and study music” playlist (#2) on YouTube and explain exactly what it is. Also, I give the reasoning for having flashbacks on the podcast. What are your…
The Life And Times Of A Black Man
Jun 15 • 15 min
We are witnessing a society of fed up people and where that leads. This is history being made. Let’s talk about itCheck out these black creators:Shod Harris - (creator) handles marketing, branding, promotions, and media content for small businesses and…
Check Yourself
Jun 8 • 6 min
Today I wanted to talk about practicing what we preach and keeping the end goal in mind. Most importantly, I hope you are well and safe. We have something cool planned for next week’s episode so subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss it! Love Did…
How Are You Doing? And An Update
Jun 1 • 8 min
Rest in peace George Floyd. Today we catch up and give a brief update on the podcast. God bless and talk soon.Did you like the song at the end? Listen to it here: The Links…
Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important To Me
May 28 • 8 min
This is just scratching the surface. I know it’s hard right now, but don’t allow yourself to be broken. Before May comes to a close I need you to hear this episode. Mental heath month happens to fall in May but it is an every month, everyday struggle….
We Are Meant For More With Leslie Saglio
May 25 • 34 min
Life coach and speaker, Leslie Saglio joins us today as she shines her bright and positive energy in hope of inspiring others so that they know that we are meant for so much more! Listen to learn more of her story. Enjoy!Find more on Leslie…
Motivated On A WINSday With Freddy Fri
May 18 • 43 min
Me and Freddy have an amazing conversation on how he got into motivational speaking, his coming up in Oklahoma, and why everyday is WINSday. Enjoy!Freddy Fri on youtube: The Links…
Make Today Better With Jacob Lethbridge
May 11 • 30 min
Welcome to the show Jacob. He’s a Author, speaker, coach, and he’s a man with a message. Listen as we talk about his journey to helping others by way of his encouraging words. Enjoy!Reach Jacob here: The Links…
Your Purpose, My Passion With Joey Chandler
May 4 • 43 min
Joey hosts the podcast titled What’s Your Purpose, and on today’s episode we dive deeper into how we can learn our purpose. He even gives us a sample of how we can begin to do so, using me as the subject. Enjoy!What’s Your Purpose…
Behind The Interview
Apr 27 • 34 min
Giampiero is back again, but this time we go back and forth asking each other a series of questions and talk about his experience on the show. Don’t forget to check out our newest YouTube video as well. Stay safe, stay well, and wash your hands!…
The Power Of Conversation With Giampiero Scattolon
Apr 20 • 44 min
Simply put, a conversation held between two people that is generated from an open and honest stance, can create something magical and filled with love. Today we talk with Giampiero and learn just a small piece of his amazing story, through an open and…
Using Our Time Wisely During A Pandemic
Apr 13 • 17 min
Now how can we use this time of quarantine wisely instead of watching Netflix all day? How can we come out of this better than ever?? Today on the podcast I give a few tips on how we can do just that. Let me know how YOU are making the best of your time…
Social Distancing And Transformation With Marlisse
Apr 6 • 32 min
Marlisse is a transformation coach who, still, in the days of social distancing finds a way to reach and empower women. Her story started off wit many episodes of abuse, yet she found a way to use that as her ammo to help others find their way. Today we…
Flashback Episode: Nuts And Berries With Wendi Michelle
Mar 30 • 35 min
*I’m out of the office! But I won’t leave you hanging. On this coming Monday’s episode we revisit an episode where we talked with Wendi Michelle. Original description below. We’ll be back next week with another great episode!*Join us as we look into the…
Progression And How To Improve Your Craft
Mar 23 • 10 min
How can we improve at our crafts? It’s simple to accomplish on the surface, but is it really though? Today we talk about the small, yet effective was we can improve at our profession and or craft. This is just another leg of the marathon aka the journey…
The Evolution Of Chrystal With Chrystal Orduz
Mar 16 • 45 min
Today we have with us my dear friend Chrystal. You have to hear her story for yourself. She ended up at a point in her life where she had to re-wire her thoughts. Consumed with thoughts of suicide, she felt that would be the means to an end of her…
Ten Episodes Down. Thank You
Mar 9 • 17 min
On today’s episode I take a look back at how we made it to 10 episodes and speak on the journey of the podcast. The 1st goal was to make it to 10 episodes and we did it. Here’s to many, many more and many more goals to achieve. I couldn’t have done it…
Fully Present With Jessica Brittani
Mar 2 • 24 min
Jessica Britrtani, mindfulness mentor, joins us to put us on to what mindfulness means and how we can adapt it into our lives. Visit calm and colorful to start your mentorship and to learn more!Visit here: In…
Malcolm X: A Tribute
Feb 24 • 16 min
Malcolm X. Fearless, intelligent, eloquent, and teller of the truth. In honor of Black History Month and to a man that has had an impact on my life, I’d like to dedicate this episode to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X. In my best…
G’Day For A Laugh With Allie Delury
Feb 17 • 37 min
What’s it like to quite your job, move to a foreign country, create some great content along the way, all at the cost of almost loosing your sanity? Find out as we are joined by military veteran, photographer, and content creator Allie Delury. Allie is…
Nuts And Berries With Wendi Michelle
Feb 10 • 35 min
Join us as we look into the life of Wendi Michelle and see how she overcame. Hear the genuine passion through her voice. Rediscover your love for your body aka your partner, your friend! Published author, wellness specialist, entrepreneur, and health…
Re-Wire Your Brain With Sean Douglas
Feb 3 • 22 min
I am honored to have Tedx speaker, Sean Douglas here today. Sean has inspired so many by delivering his story on how he recovered from a attempted suicide and rose from that to become something much more than what he though of; someone that just didn’t…
It’s Time To Quit Your Job
Feb 3 • 13 min
What are you waiting for? What is keeping you up at night? Let’s talk about why you need to quit your job. Head over to my social media and let’s continue to conversation. It’s only our dreams at stake, nothing big. Click The Links…
Rest In Peace Kobe and Gianna Bryant
Jan 27 • 2 min
Today’s scheduled episode will be released alongside next week’s schedule episode. I’d like to sent out my prayers to the entire Bryant family and friends. I’ll see you all next week.Click The Links Below:WebsiteInstagramFacebook
Yoga And The Desire To Thrive With Jennifer Dixon
Jan 20 • 27 min
We have a special guest with us today! Business owner, entrepreneur, and yoga instructor, Jennifer Dixon is here to school us on the positives and misconceptions of yoga and how it literally changed her life. Also, there is a FREE deal at the end just…
No More School With Dawn Chantel
Jan 13 • 33 min
Welcome to the show Dawn Chantel. Dawn is a coach that is here for all of the teens and young adults who would like a positive influence and guide to finding themself. She is offering a FREE workshop for you. Hear her story here.Dawn’s free workshop…
Setting Goals For 2020
Jan 6 • 12 min
In this episode I talk about a few of my goals for the new year. I also talk about how WE can, not only complete these goals, but how we can stay motivated and not get discourage in the process. What are your plans going into the new year?? Are you a…
Doing What You Love With Kris Evenson
Dec 30, 2019 • 17 min
Today we sat down and had a conversation with writer and photographer and just a amazing human being, Kris Evenson. Kris walks us through what passion and focus looks like. When you are focused on what you love to do, sometimes, it doesn’t come as easy…
Bonus Episode: Merry Christmas
Dec 25, 2019 • 5 min
Merry Christmas
Episode 00: The Leap
Dec 21, 2019 • 6 min
The leap of faith