It's A Mess, Sis!

It's A Mess, Sis!
A therapeutic conversation geared towards black queer women who have discovered that the life script is not enough! Come join us and if you vibe, we tribe!

What Have Your Intentions Done For You Lately?: Still Being Intentional With Your Mess…EP. 18
Jul 23 • 43 min
A Mid year DIC down of our 2020 Intentions, new definitions, awareness, and how we cope with it all.
Is it Self-ish or Is it Self-care? EP. 17
Jul 9 • 54 min
This Episode we talk about Self-ish vs Self-care, what it means, what it looks like in our lives, and how we cope.
Daughters Will LOVE Like YOU Do…. EP. 16
Jun 25 • 61 min
This episode we initiate a conversation about our father’s love. We define it, discuss the impact, and describe how we cope with the love we experienced from our fathers.
There’s Something About JOY…EP. 15
Jun 11 • 43 min
This episode we are talking about, what it is, why we need it, and how we create it!
Mo’ Money, NO Problems: If Money wasn’t an Object, Who would you BE? EP. 14
May 28 • 53 min
This episode we are talking money and how much it would take have the life of our dreams. What doors it could open, opportunity and freedoms it could grant? But is it really the answer? And that led us to thinking, If money wasn’t an object, who would you…
She Get It From Her Mama: Unpacking our Mother’s Gifts
May 14 • 51 min
This episode we break down the “gifts” that we were given by our mothers, talk about the impact these “gifts” have had on our lives and the stories we tell ourselves about them, and finish it out with discussing how we cope with these “gifts”, what do we…
Raw or Protected: How do you take your TRUTH?
Apr 30 • 50 min
EP. 12 is all about how you like it…the TRUTH, that is! The TRUTH is something that has been coming up in our conversations, during our IG live “After Podcasts” (Sunday after each Thursday episode), so we felt it necessary to talk about TRUTH. And not…
What’s your “Milk and Honey”?
Apr 16 • 53 min
EP. 11 is all about breaking down our biblical, literal, and personal definitions of “Milk and Honey” and (D)efining, envisioning, and hopefully manifesting our d “Milk and Honey” by analyzing the (Impact) of the reference in our lives and discussing how…
Coronavirus… It’s Getting Real… Defining what this time looks like for you!
Apr 9 • 38 min
This episode we talk terms, definitions, hopes, fears, changes, and realizations that have come about as a result of the MESS that is the COVID-19 pandemic.
Your Gay is showing: How do you wear your “Gay” ?
Apr 2 • 45 min
A therapeutic conversation showing a vulnerable take on how we show up in the world as members of the LGBTQ community
Unpopular Opinions: What Experiences Are BLACK People Missing Out On?
Mar 19 • 57 min
This episode we tasked ourselves with listing 3 things we felt Black people aren’t doing, taught, experiencing, seeking, etc. that could be beneficial for quality of life.
“How do you like your eggs?” Flirting as a Self Honoring Practice
Mar 5 • 55 min
This episode discusses Flirting and how it’s potential as a self honoring practice.
When did you first know your were BLACK….American? The Diaspora Series, PART 1
Feb 20 • 45 min
In honor of black history month, we decided to discuss our personal history and ask ourselves” When did we first realize we were black?”
What’s love got to do with it? A talk about Self-love.
Feb 6 • 42 min
A discussion about Self-love and what it means, what it is, and how we deal with it.
Question: Are you BLACK or WOMAN First?
Jan 22 • 46 min
This episode we ask ourselves whether we put being black of being a woman first in our lives.
Now and Then… Exploring our 20-Year-Old Selves in 2020!
Jan 9 • 52 min
Exploring our 20 year old selves
May your Mess be Intentional…Setting Intentions for the New Year !
Dec 25, 2019 • 52 min
A candid discussion about setting intentions for the New Year and how it can be a powerful tool for manifesting and structuring the life you desire.
It’s a Mess, Sis! An Introduction…
Dec 20, 2019 • 26 min
Introductory episode giving listeners the who, what, when, where, why, and how about our podcast.