The Joy to Lead Podcast

The Joy to Lead Podcast
Welcome to the Joy to Lead Podcast, hosted by Kaylan Thompson. This is a podcast for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who want to cultivate joyful, natural and confident leadership, lead teams of purpose and impact, and rise up a legacy of l…

Entrepreneurship vs. Being CEO
Jun 30 • 15 min
The problem with entrepreneurship… No one tells us how to build a company. How to grow a team. How to BE CEO.Ever heard of the phrase “small potatoes?” This is a phrase I started using to describe my own mindset several months ago. Now, I’m playing…
Leaving a Legacy of Joy with Mignon Francois
Jun 23 • 46 min
Today’s guest is a role model of mine in joy, leadership, faith and business - Mignon Francois, the owner and Director of Joy at the Cupcake Collection. We talk all about her journey through the tough parts of life and how she went from $5 to her name…
Leadership Burnout & Hiring Community Over Teams with Dr. Kim Hires
Jun 16 • 39 min
Today leadership burnout educator and coach Dr. Kim Hires shares about her journey through leadership burnout. We talk about how to prevent burnout by hiring a community, not simply a team - guys, it’s GOLD!Crashing head-first into Leadership Burnout…
Financially Healthy Hiring with Dondrea Owens
Jun 9 • 25 min
Dondrea Owens stops by the Joy to Lead Podcast to chat all about preparing our finances for hiring and to quell any fears we have with practical and actionable finance strategy advice.Dondrea Owens is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Through her…
The 3 Questions Effective CEO’s Must Ask Daily
May 28 • 14 min
I’m learning to start my mornings in a new, massively productive way…⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Instead of always asking, “what do I need to do today?” first thing, I am now asking myself, “What should I NOT do today?” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀See, effective executives (or, knowledge…
Financial Wellness & Wealth Planning with Allegra Brantly
May 26 • 48 min
Allegra Brantly, founder of Factora Wealth, joins us on the show to dive head first into how entrepreneurs can start pursuing financial health and wellness.And, she shares everything she knows about how entrepreneurs can start preparing for their…
Leading Yourself & Your Team During a Pivot
May 21 • 18 min
What steps do you take when you find yourself in a season of serious transition, or, if you need to make a pivot in business? HOW do you actually do that, and how do you lead your team without losing their trust and confidence in you along the way?In…
Embracing Our Imperfections in Life & Leadership with Jennifer Edewaard
May 19 • 41 min
Today’s podcast guest is a dear friend of mine, Jennifer Edewaard. She believes we’re strongest when we embrace and stand in our imperfections with whole hearts, and we dove into the concept of imperfection and confidence. The key to all of that?…
Intro to Leadership Styles and Discovering Yours
May 14 • 20 min
Get out your notebooks because I’m going textbook-deep into what a leadership style is, how to discover your style, and how to grow toward your desired leadership style state!
Intentional Allyship & Loving Our Neighbors with Dani Coke
May 12 • 33 min
Today’s episode is GOLD. I had the honor of sitting down with an insta-crush of mine, Dani Coke of So Happy Social and Oh Happy Dani to talk all about what it means to be an ally and to love our neighbors well.She owns So Happy Social, a creative studio…
How to Set Goals & Intentions for Your Leadership Growth (A Joyful Leader Group Training)
May 7 • 19 min
In today’s episode we’re going deep on how to set goals for ourselves as leaders - how do we want to challenge ourselves to deepen our personal and leadership wellbeing this year, and how do we bring that to life?
Preparing Your Business Systems for Hiring and Onboarding with Erin Haworth
May 5 • 52 min
Erin Haworth of Work With Process shares with us all about streamlining and systematizing our processes so we can set our hires and future team up for resounding success!We dive into:» Onboarding systematically» Onboarding with quality and…
Establishing a Culture of Trust & Improving Your Conversational Skills
Apr 30 • 27 min
One of the biggest fears I help each and every client first overcome is the fear of trusting others in their business.So, how do you initiate a culture of trust? Culture is built on relationships, which are built on conversations. To create a culture of…
How to Actually Structure Your Role as CEO of Your Business
Apr 28 • 30 min
CRASH COURSE in how to be the CEO your business needs you to be. Ready to step up?In today’s Joy to Lead Podcast episode, I’m breaking down some biz fundamentals (so bring your notebook and fuzzy pen) and we’re getting nitty gritty - CEO styleThis isn’t…
5 Ways to Be a Leader People Love to Follow
Apr 23 • 11 min
Don’t be a boss people hate - do these 5 things to be a leader people love to follow!
Building an Agency & Balancing Life as a Mom & CEO with Ashlyn Carter
Apr 21 • 47 min
Today I’m interviewing someone I’ve been following for years now, Ashlyn Carter, and I’m really excited to share our conversation with you today. I talk with Ashlyn all about how she’s built her copywriting agency, how she’s trained her team, how she…
From Burnt-Out with Critical Doubt to Transformed Leader with Kristen Achziger
Apr 16 • 23 min
My friend and client Kristen Achziger and I dive into her leadership journey - how she went from stuck, burnt-out, overwhelmed and discouraged to completely transformed and unleashed leader and trailblazer. We talk about joy, breakthrough, identifying…
Clinging to Purpose & Communicating Your Message with Elise Hodge
Apr 14 • 29 min
Elise Hodge, copywriter + founder of She Is Light, shares how she stays true to her vision by clinging to purpose + building a community around her message!Shownotes at
Shifting from Hobbyist to CEO in Business with Abbie Smith
Apr 9 • 15 min
Today my dear client-turned-friend Abbie Smith of Paragraph Branding House is stopping by to share her journey from solopreneurship to CEO of her business.We chat all about:Her experience in hiring an intern last summer and how that compares to her…
Mastering Time Management by Discovering Your Energetic Rhythms with Ali Cranmer
Apr 7 • 39 min
Ali Cranmer is a body & business integrator, and today she’s joining us to share her secret weapon for avoiding burning out and using our unique energy cycles to master time management - cycle syncing!Cycle syncing is using your menstrual cycle to…
Team Management, Selling & Tough Decisions During Seasons of Change
Apr 2 • 46 min
My dear friend and client Hannah Murphy, productivity strategist and wise leader, get together to chat about innovation and leading our teams with wisdom, confidence and grace through times of uncertainty. We also talk about selling & growing your…
Leveraging Speaking to Scale Your Business with Jessica Rasdall
Mar 31 • 41 min
As business owners, CEOs and the visionaries of our companies, it’s important for us to identify our own growth roles as we make hires and build our teams. Often, for many of us this means we’re able to step into a more lucrative and visible role as the…
Innovating & Leading Through Times of Uncertainty
Mar 26 • 24 min
In order to survive times of uncertainty and disruption to our natural growth pattern in business we must utilize our team to innovate a new path forward. How do you lead and pursue growth when you literally don’t have the answers? The answer is simple…
The Pillars of Successful Sales Conversations with Natasha Hemmingway
Mar 24 • 49 min
Sales and business coach Natasha Hemmingway shares her three pillars of successful sales conversations to help you energize your lead generation.We also talk about why sales scripts aren’t helping you, and why you need to narrow in on a few lanes to…
What does success FEEL like?
Mar 19 • 7 min
In today’s solo show I’m talking about visualizing success - what it looks and FEELS like - for your life, business and team, and why doing so matters!
Claiming Your Seat at the Table & Finding a Mentor with Linda Taliaferro
Mar 17 • 45 min
This episode of the Joy to Lead Podcast is a powerful one, thanks to my guest Linda Taliaferro. Linda is a career advisor who helps professionals to get unstuck, strengthen key interpersonal relationship skills, and establish executive presence so they…
6 Ways to Support Your Team Through Times of World Crises
Mar 12 • 13 min
How to support your team through chaotic, unnerving world events…Yes, address the #coronavirus with your team. Don’t pretend it doesn’t exist - there is no business as usual in this season. And your leadership DOES matter and have a positive…
Attracting High-Level Applicants & Hiring Top Talent with Nicole Jackson Miller
Mar 10 • 43 min
Ever submitted a job posting then watched with a waning spirit as unqualified applicants came pouring in? Today I’m talking with business coach Nicole Jackson Miller all about how to construct a job posting that attracts high-caliber applicants, create…
Using Masterminds to Strategically Grow Your Business with Amanda Lairsey
Mar 5 • 27 min
As many of us entrepreneurs do, Amanda felt isolated in the beginning stages of her business because no one seemed to “understand her crazy.” You know, when no one else seems to get your vision or share your yearning for something more out of life? She…
Curating Community & Avoiding Leadership Burnout with Madison Anaya
Mar 3 • 43 min
No one can do this leadership thing alone. The best part is - you don’t have to have all the answers or know everything. What you need is a strong and supportive community whose support you can rely on and trust. Madison Anaya of the Fearless Chase…
Carrying the Financial Weight of Hiring
Feb 28 • 14 min
I know the fear that comes with the financial responsibility of making a hiring decision. Once you say “yes” to providing opportunity to someone, you’re also saying “yes” to KEEP providing that opportunity while continue growing. Today I’m unpacking…
Budgeting for Financial Investments & Hiring with Katie Scott
Feb 25 • 42 min
In this episode of the Joy to Lead Podcast, I chat with Katie Scott of More With Money, who shares with us some valuable financial planning advice. She’s in the business of helping entrepreneurs build their business to live the life of their dreams and…
How Can I Truly Trust Someone Else in My Business?
Feb 18 • 15 min
Today we’re talking about how to trust somebody else in your business. This is the biggest hurdle that all my client’s face when they are about to make their first hire or their next hire. How can you open the door to somebody else and allow them to…
Discovering Your Purpose as a Multi-Passionate Business Owner with Taneshia Yerby
Feb 11 • 43 min
Today on the show we have Taneshia, the woman behind CEO for Women, a business on a mission to help more women start businesses built on purpose and faith.Grab your notes because we’re talking all about purposeful, intentional and sustainable growth by…
Awakening the Leader Within You with Ashton Long Smith
Feb 4 • 30 min
We’re all leaders - no matter if we’re leading teams, a company, in our communities or churches - and the key to awakening your leadership is standing confidently in your strengths and passions. In this episode, Ashton Long Smith of the Awakening…
Saying Yes to Breakthrough & Saying No to the Lies
Jan 29 • 22 min
In today’s bonus episode I’m getting super vulnerable about how the Joyful Leader program almost didn’t come to life - I succumbed to the fear of the challenge, let the impostor complex feed me lies, and shied away from my responsibilities ahead. Listen…
Growing Your Business Sustainably and Hiring Contractors with Abby Herman
Jan 28 • 39 min
Those overnight successes you see on Instagram aren’t really overnight successes. And truth be told, overnight success isn’t really sustainable. Today Abby Herman is sharing how she’s grown her business for almost a decade through slow, intentional and…
Get Ready to Hire in a Year & How to Tackle What’s Standing In Your Way
Jan 27 • 14 min
When Leadership is Uncomfortable…
Jan 24 • 11 min
How to Build & Lead a Small But Mighty Team
Jan 23 • 18 min
Hiring is only half of the equation - the real work begins once you’ve actually HIRED. Today we’re covering three keys to building a small but mighty team that is engaged, motivated and inspired to do needle-moving work.
Hiring, Managing & Leading Your Virtual Team with Hannah Murphy
Jan 21 • 45 min
Hiring and leading a team is daunting, especially as a young business. In today’s episode, Hannah Murphy of With Hannah Murphy is sharing her experience in hiring, managing and leading a small and efficient team all in under two years of business. She…
Overcoming the Fear of Team Leadership & Hiring
Jan 16 • 20 min
People who knew me at the start of my first leadership role comment, “You’ve changed and grown so much since then!” I hear it a lot - and I know it’s true! When I first started leading, I was so focused on and worried about being everything to everyone…
4 Hiring Mistakes I Made & How to Avoid Them
Jan 14 • 26 min
In today’s episode I’m sharing four critical hiring mistakes I made and have seen so many other entrepreneurs make when growing their team.
Identifying Your Rebel Streak & Trailblazing as a Leader
Jan 14 • 49 min
Today we’re talking about how each of us can identify our own purpose and define what our own leadership looks like so we can lead impactful teams on our own terms.
Entrepreneurial Leadership 101
Jan 14 • 25 min
In this episode we’re highlighting the lies traditional team structures have conditioned us to believe and how entrepreneurs are changing the leadership game.
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