The FASD Success Show

The FASD Success Show
Jeff Noble thought he knew all about FASD… until he became a full time FASD Foster Parent. Fast forward to now. Jeff has been coast to coast and from one side of the earth to the other talking, teaching and learning about FASD with other Caregivers, …

#033 Sara Messelt: Arming FASD Advocates
Aug 9 • 70 min
In today’s podcast we meet the Executive Director of Proof Alliance (formerly MOFAS) Sara Messelt and talk all things FASD supports, services and advocacy.
#032 – Dr. Jacquie Pei: Towards Healthy Outcomes: A Brand New FASD Intervention Model
Aug 2 • 91 min
In this podcast episode we talk with Dr. Jacqueline Pei, a Senior Research Lead, Professor at the University of Alberta and a practicing Registered Psychologist. She also recently published a new FASD Intervention Model.
#031 Annette Kunzman - A Moth to a Flame or Helping Teens Transition
Jul 26 • 72 min
Annette Kunzman poignantly shares her story of her sons’ early years but more importantly, many will be interested in her journey of how she shared their diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol with them, the timeline of their gradual acceptance and their transition…
#030 Sheila Burns: Turning Regret into Momentum
Jul 19 • 82 min
Sheila Burns Sheila has held leadership roles to address individual and systemic issues related to FASD in Ontario since 1998. She is an FASD consultant and author of My Kind of Mind.
#029 Ali McCormick: FASD Service (Dogs) with a Smile
Jul 12 • 68 min
Ali McCormick has gone from dog trainer to Foster Carer to FASD Caregiver to Social Worker to Assistance Dog Trainer. And what a wild ride it’s been for her and her family.
#028 Rebecca Tillou: Perseverance Pays Off
Jul 5 • 61 min
In today’s podcast we meet author, advocate, mom, wife, and adoptee Rebecca Tillou, who is also an individual on the Spectrum.
#027 Paula Schuck Shares Tips for Teens and FASD
Jun 28 • 81 min
Paula Schuck Shares Tips for Raising a Teen with FASD
#026 Dr. Jeffrey Wozniak: A Conversation About Choline
Jun 21 • 82 min
Dr. Jeff Wozniak: A Conversation About Choline
#025 Jodee Kulp: The 40 Year Parenting Plan
Jun 15 • 94 min
Jeff talks with FASD caregiver, author and advocate Jodee Kulp
#024 Dr Vanessa Spiller: Little Things Make a Big Difference with FASD
Jun 7 • 75 min
Dr. Vanessa Spiller: Little Things Make a Big Difference raising someone with FASD.
#023 Barb Clark talks FASD, Rages and Trauma Informed Care
May 31 • 86 min
Parent Barb Clark talks FASD, Rages and Trauma Informed Care
#022 Matthew Pakozdy Winning With FASD Supports
May 24 • 70 min
Matthew Pakozdy, an adult on the Spectrum, Winning with FASD Supports.
#021 Colette Philcox, From the Streets to Success
May 18 • 79 min
I am stoked to talk to Colette Philcox today – not only an individual on the spectrum, but the daughter of Brian Philcox and Bonnie Buxton – and the inspiration for Bonnie’s book: Damaged Angels.
Episode # 20 - Brian Philcox The Ignorant FASD Philosopher
May 10 • 94 min
What an absolute honour to present to you on today’s podcast – Mr. Brian Philcox – affectionately known as “Grandpa Brian.” With his wife Bonnie Buxton, he is the founder of FASworld, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness for FASD and supporting…
Episode #019 – Lisa Brownstone and the Eighth Sense
May 4 • 106 min
I first met her while speaking in Saskatchewan. Not only does Lisa share her professional experience as a (now retired) Occupational Therapist, a member of the Board of Directors of CanFASD, but she has also raised two individuals on the Spectrum and is…
#018 Susan Elsworth: FASD Knowledge Bombs from a MOM
Apr 27 • 77 min
Susan shares what led her to foster and adopt and reveals how, like so many others, she found herself in a State with no service providers, extremely limited expertise in Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and lack of systems support, including family.
Episode #17 - Aubrey Page: Life in the Military and as an FASD Caregiver
Apr 20 • 64 min
As a treatment-level foster parent in Ohio for 3 years, Aubrey noticed many of her kids had similar symptoms that were not trauma based. After one of her children was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, her eyes were opened to the prevalence…
#016 FASD & Aggression with Dr. Mansfield Mela
Apr 12 • 92 min
Get your learning game on as Dr. Mela drops mega information bombs about FASD and aggression that will leave you informed and ready to diffuse frustration and aggression in your household.
#015 Michael Harris-Understanding and Managing Anxiety
Apr 5 • 59 min
Micheal Harris is a Licensed Psychologist and FASD Speaker. He also happens to be a foster parent to a now adult on the Spectrum. Michael and I talk about ideas to lower your anxiety so you can support your child’s learning at home, the importance of self…
#014 Homeschooling in a Pandemic with Darlin Dee
Mar 29 • 64 min
Darlene is mom to a neurotypical adult son and an almost 13 year old daughter with FASD.With the recent events and closures of schools, many parents are asked to teach their children at home. The buzzword is “homeschooling”. But in fact, this is Isolation…
#013 – R.J. Formanek: From Emancipation to Innovation and Inspiration
Mar 22 • 76 min
R.J. Formanek is an FASD speaker, educator, creator of Flying With Broken Wings, a Facebook Support Group for Individuals with FASD, the caregivers and professionals who support them, as well as the inspiration behind and partner in the Red Shoes Rock…
#012 Dr. Ira Chasnoff Talks FASD and The Online World
Mar 15 • 67 min
Meet Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Chasnoff about his work and his book: FASD and the Online World, a hot topic for many caregivers. This guy is no joke! Dr. Chasnoff opened the first clinic in the United States on prenatal…
#011 Elizabeth Anne Russell Helping Birth Moms Heal
Mar 9 • 74 min
Meet Elizabeth (Anne) Russell. She is the founder of The Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Association. Anne is also the birth mother of two individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder(FASD). This is a raw and powerful story of a…
#010 MRI’S and The FASD Brain with Dr. Catherine Lebel
Mar 2 • 61 min
Meet Dr. Catherine Lebel as she describes her introduction into FASD and MRI’s as “serendipitous”.Catherine and her team study people’s brains and how they develop and grow — specifically trying to figure out how the brains of neuro-typical individuals…
#009 Jennifer VanLeuven Shadel of The Trauma Momma Sitcom
Feb 23 • 63 min
Meet Jennifer. Jennifer Shadel is a stay-at-home-Mom to three kiddos with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. When she’s not working hard to keep all the pieces together, Jennifer escapes to her small space to create hilarious and relateable parody songs…
#008 Yvonne and Nicole An FASD Mother Daughter Duo
Feb 16 • 117 min
Meet Yvonne: Full time Caregiver and Super Star FASD Advocate. Next, meet Nicole her daughter: FASD Public Speaker and one heck of a Pokemon enthusiast.
#007 FASD and Sleep with Dr. Ana Hanlon-Dearman
Jan 28 • 53 min
Jeff Noble talks with Dr. Ana-Hanlon Dearman a pediatrision who has dedicated her work to helping families deal with FASD and sleep issues
#006 FASD Parent and Peer Mentor Jody Jordan
Jan 26 • 83 min
Jeff Noble talks with Jody Jordan. Jody is a parent and FASD Family Mentor
#005 Tamra Cajo An FASD Diagnosis with Mindfulness in Mind
Jan 18 • 68 min
Jeff talks with Tamra Cajo, FASD Clinical Director at The Florida Center for Early Childhood
#004 Maggie May Amazing Adult with FASD
Jan 13 • 63 min
Jeff Noble talks with Maggie May an adult with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
#003 Gigi Davidson Founder of FASD Communities
Dec 20, 2019 • 54 min
Jeff Noble talks with FASD Communities Founder, Gigi Davidson
#002 Canfasd Executive Director Audrey McFarlane
Dec 20, 2019 • 75 min
Jeff Noble talks with CANFASD Executive Director, Audrey McFarlane
#001 Welcome to The FASD Success Show!
Dec 7, 2019 • 32 min
Meet FASD educator and advocate Jeff Noble as he shares some funny stories about his introduction to the Fetal Alcohol world and what to expect from his new show.