The State of ESK8

The State of ESK8
Samuel James aka samjadelaide talks all things from the electric skateboard scene. With special guests.

Lacroix co-founder and CEO Alexandre Archambault
Mar 29 • 94 min
Lacroix helped redefine what a premium electric board could be. The Jaws, Nazare and Lonestar are almost a category unto themselves. In this past month, Lacroix also announced their new VESC-based motor controller, the Stormcore. Filling the hole left…
Metroboard founder and chief Ilan Sabar
Mar 15 • 72 min
The only OG electric skateboard company still around and still killing it today. I talk with Ilan about the roots of electric skateboarding, his take on Boosted, the question of quality vs. scalability, the future of Metroboard and much, much more (maybe…
The rise of the Evolve GTR, trouble at Boosted, the maybe Jed, Enertion and much more! (Feb 2020 solo show)
Feb 8 • 18 min
Let’s talk about all things electric skateboards. In this episode I cover Evolve Skateboards and the rise of the GTR, trouble at Boosted boards, Jed Boards - will they ever, Enertion woes, Meepo and a potential belt drive (too little too late) and the…
The Lost Episode with Jay Boston (bonus episode)
Jan 20 • 2 min
LINK TO FULL EPISODE - It’s a huge disappointment this episode didn’t turn out as well as it should have. We covered a lot of ground. Jay Boston is a YouTube personality famous for his electric skateboard and urbex content.…
Personality Hacking with Dan Anear
Jan 16 • 85 min
What’s a personality hacker? In this episode counselor, mental health professional and certified personality hacker profiler, Dan Anear, introduces us to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Enneagram test and Spiral Dynamics. We talk about systems…
Podcasting for business and pleasure with Rory Noke
Jan 16 • 54 min
Rory Noke is the main man behind Adelaide’s first and only professional podcasting studio. I recently got the chance to sit down with him and pick his brain about challenges of starting a business based around an emerging medium; podcasting for business…
Recovery with Colorado Cadi
Jan 16 • 59 min
Colorado Cadi (just Cadi or Caddy to his friends) is a recovering alcoholic who uses e-skate to help on his road to recovery. For him skating isn’t just a pastime or a hobby, it’s life saving medicine. Despite his past, Caddy has gone from…