She Bangs She Bangs: Marriage, Adultery, Texas & Jesus

She Bangs She Bangs: Marriage, Adultery, Texas & Jesus
For almost ten years a woman fought for her marriage as her husband cheated on her, abused her, and eventually left her. Believing in marriage and miracles, she stayed and prayed and won her husband home. Years later she had an affair with a married ma…

Special Episode: TRUMP
Oct 9 • 26 min
A refreshing and convicting perspective on President Donald J. Trump and predictions on the upcoming election. You probably won’t hear anything like this anywhere else.
Special Episode: SCIENCE!
Sep 17 • 47 min
Special episode from the new podcast She Bangs She Bangs: For God & Country.
Jesus & The Virus: Part 2
Aug 12 • 11 min
Part 2 of a special episode of She Bangs She Bangs. Handy list of who’s who to pray for these days.
Aug 3 • 39 min
This is where everything falls apart. Messy. Dirty. Raw. Ugly. And Wonderful.
For the Church: Jesus & The Virus
Aug 1 • 12 min
A special episode designed specifically for the church. 12 min. It’s short.
7-From Wife to Mistress
Jun 14 • 35 min
Up to this point, my husband had been the only one who’d cheated. Things change.
6-To Russia with Love
May 5 • 38 min
James and I expand our family in new and exciting ways. And this is the last episode my hands are clean.
5-My Husband Comes Home, Maybe
Apr 2 • 32 min
James comes home?
4-Plan B
Apr 1 • 34 min
With new revelations of James’s philandering, my graciousness and patience have run out. Time for Plan B.
3-How to Fight Alone
Feb 29 • 59 min
James has left but the marriage isn’t over yet. Meet the characters of IGTS - the group that inspired this story and join the hellish and at times comical fight for a marriage. Alone.
2-The Man Who Stole My Heart
Dec 20, 2019 • 36 min
We get married. And then he leaves.
1-Grab a Whiskey and Welcome to the Club
Dec 19, 2019 • 31 min
The story of a faithful wife winning her wayward husband home to then becoming a mistress herself.