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The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast
Welcome to The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast where your hosts Aaron Agte and Trishul Patel go beyond traditional finance questions to help you explore how to use your money to achieve the freedom you want in life. Aaron is a Financial Planner from the Ba…

#25. The cost of higher education is too high. Here’s what you can do about it.
Jun 2 • 51 min
There is a difference between how much you save for college and how much you save in a 529 plan.
#24. Always shop around for insurance, and above all avoid these common traps.
May 26 • 49 min
Insurance companies are better at insurance math than you.
#23. Molly Laughter: How to conquer debt and still get ahead.
May 19 • 50 min
Molly Laughter discusses how small incremental improvements over time can actually work.
#22. COVID-19 Retrospective: What did you miss?
May 12 • 50 min
The stock market shouldn’t affect your well-being, but the pandemic probably does.
#21. Why the VIX is useless.
May 5 • 47 min
Understanding the VIX can be informative, but don’t rely on it for making investment decisions.
#20. When markets crash, ignore this critical advice at your peril.
Apr 28 • 43 min
Going back to when a big drop in the market was our only concern.
#19. Life doesn’t need to begin at retirement. Here’s why.
Apr 21 • 52 min
How to internalize the message that life is about the journey to find the balance between happiness and meaning.
#18. Why happiness is not the answer to your problems.
Apr 14 • 56 min
Your personal well-being lies in the gray area on the spectrum between happiness and meaning.
#17. How to take advantage of your lazy brain.
Apr 7 • 45 min
Establishing good defaults and systems to take advantage of your lazy brain.
#16. What was money like when you were growing up? And why a strong foundation matters.
Mar 31 • 52 min
Trishul asks Aaron about his childhood experiences with money.
#15. George Kinder: Three life questions that will change everything.
Mar 24 • 52 min
Aaron asks Trishul Kinders’ 3 Questions.
#14. These key innovations will advance civilization in more ways than you can imagine.
Mar 17 • 55 min
A positive and optimistic vision of how technology will disrupt society for the better.
#13. Is Real Estate just a real pain? Or are the psychological benefits worth the costs?
Mar 10 • 52 min
The math and psychology of investing in individual rental properties.
#12. Sequence of Returns Risk: Why the first few years of withdrawals are the most critical.
Mar 3 • 51 min
Understanding the ‘Sequence of Returns Risk’ when taking withdrawals, allows you to make decisions today and adjustments in the future.
#11. In the active vs. passive debate, fees and taxes matter more than trying to identify alpha.
Feb 25 • 55 min
In the active vs. passive debate, fees and taxes matter more than trying to identify alpha.
#10. This critical market timing mistake is one that you don’t need to make.
Feb 18 • 42 min
Even if you understand that people can’t time the market, choosing WHEN to make an investment is still a difficult emotional decision.
#9. To better your physical health consider this advice first.
Feb 11 • 40 min
Health contains both physical and mental aspects and it is important to consider both for the benefit of your well-being.
#8. Stressed out? Or do you actually need more stress in your life? It’s likely both.
Feb 4 • 41 min
How money and work impact stress, but why you don’t want to eliminate all stress to live a fulfilled life.
#7. The impact of friends, family, and communities on happiness is larger than you might think. Listen through the end to find out why.
Jan 28 • 40 min
You need to choose to spend time with friends and family, you can’t just wait for it to happen.
#6. The difference between well-being and happiness and why you need to choose to be happy to actually be happy.
Jan 21 • 40 min
Just because you’re well off doesn’t mean you are happy, and vice versa. But there are ways to align well-being and happiness to suit your goals and aspirations and in this episode we’ll explore just that.
#5. The 4% rule is a good start, but betting your life on it can burn you.
Jan 14 • 46 min
The 4% rule is only a starting point. You need to know when it’s no longer “safe” or when you could spend more.
#4. Aaron and Trishul get personal.
Jan 7 • 37 min
Aaron and Trishul’s personal stories of how they have pursued happiness.
#3. Does money buy happiness? Sometimes yes, but not in the way you think.
Dec 31, 2019 • 36 min
How to make better money decisions with your own well-being in mind.
#2. Buying stocks can be fun, but don’t fall into these common traps. A quick intro to investing outside of your IRA.
Dec 24, 2019 • 46 min
Buying stocks can be fun, but it may not make sense for most people.
#1. What’s the big deal about FIRE?
Dec 17, 2019 • 43 min
What is FIRE and does it make sense for you?