Life = Choices; Choices = Life

Life = Choices; Choices = Life
Making better choices for a better life

Benefits of Coaching
Jan 23 • 16 min
Have you ever wondered if coaching is for you? What is coaching anyway? Are you thinking of becoming a coach? Have you considered hiring a coach? Join us to hear the benefits of coaching both for the coach and the client.
The Psychology of Success
Jan 16 • 27 min
This show is an interview with Dr. Nasrollah Navid on the Psychology of Success. Gone are the days when success is described by vocational and financial success. There are other aspects to consider when considering success.
More than Goal Setting…
Jan 9 • 38 min
How many times have you set goals on New Year’s Eve only to forget about them before the end of January? You start like gangbusters the first two weeks, then start to decrease progress before halting forward movement completely. That used to be me until I…
Life = Choices; Choices = Life
Jan 2 • 18 min
Life is a sum of all the choices we’ve made to this point to the various people and things we’ve encountered in our life. Making our choices is what life’s all about. If you are like me, you are every day trying to make better and better choices for a…
Dec 18, 2019 • 10 min
Learn all about Life = Choices; Choices = Life. This show explains the why, how and what of this podcast so you can decide whether you will become a casual listener or an avid fan. We’re hoping for the latter.