Life = Choices; Choices = Life

Life = Choices; Choices = Life
Making better choices for a better life

Coaches as Hope Warriors
Oct 15 • 19 min
In this episode, Kim speaks about the role of coaches as Hope Warriors for their clients. She outlines eight ways coaches can provide hope to their clients until clients learn to have hope themselves. If you want to learn to be a Hope Warrior, check out…
Mental Freedom: Making Your Emotions Work for You Instead of Against You
Sep 24 • 17 min
In this episode, Kim talks about the two purposes of emotions—one that is your friends, and the other causes trouble in your most important relationships. Learn how to read the first and develop alternative methods to avoid the second. If you are…
The Language of Mental Freedom
Sep 17 • 17 min
In this podcast, Kim teaches about the words and expressions that once eliminated from your vocabulary will enhance your Mental Freedom practice. There are certain things you wouldn’t say along the path to Mental Freedom. Find out what they are and start…
Mental Freedom: Taking Control of the Stories in Your Head
Sep 10 • 19 min
In today’s podcast, Kim continues the conversation on her transformational Mental Freedom process by sharing an 8-step process for changing the narrative of the stories we tell ourselves in our head. If you are interested in being in her next Mental…
Mental Freedom Group Coaching
Sep 3 • 22 min
Kim is halfway through her first Mental Freedom Group Coaching cohort and wanted them to have an opportunity to share how it’s been going with her audience. She is looking to put her second cohort together so if Mental Freedom is something you’ve been…
Developing Self-Discipline in Students
Aug 27 • 21 min
In this podcast, Kim discusses a Socratic questioning process teachers can use with students to help them develop self-discipline. She outlines a progressive method to go from the goal of keeping students in the classroom to the rare event, when done…
Elements of a Glasser Quality School or Classroom
Aug 20 • 36 min
In this podcast, Kim talks to parents, educators and administrators about the elements that need to be in place to operate a Glasser Quality School. William Glasser is the founder of Choice Theory and his application to schools has been brilliant, with…
One Person’s Success with the Application of Choice Theory in Schools
Aug 13 • 28 min
In this episode, I interview someone in education I greatly admire, Rachel McElroy. Rachel is a Choice Theory phenom in my book. After only knowing Choice Theory for three years, she has taken the application of it to the B-BASE students in Albemarle…
Creating a Need-Satisfying Classroom or Workplace
Aug 6 • 21 min
In this episode, Kim discusses how the teacher or manager creates a need-satisfying classroom or workplace for everyone, including themselves. Each of the five basic needs are explored, as well as ways to address them at school and work. #KimOlver…
Qualities, Traits and Behaviors of an Empowered Leader
Jul 30 • 25 min
In this episode, I invite leaders to self-evaluate how they measure up to the qualities, traits and behaviors of the Empowered Leader, while asking them to celebrate the ways they do. If there are areas where you could improve, ask yourself first, if you…
Leadership Inspiration with Terri Winfree
Jul 23 • 25 min
Please join us for this inspiring interview with Dr. Terri Winfree. Terri is such a strong, resilient and connecting leader who began as a restaurant owner, went to college to learn something to help the restaurant,which changed the course of her life.…
All Lives Matter isn’t True until Black Lives Matter
Jul 16 • 24 min
In this episode, I talk about my personal involvement in supporting #BLM. My goal is to bring about understanding and clarity of who I am and why this is important to me. I am not trying to change anyone’s view but if someone is interested in educating…
Try Coaching Instead of Managing
Jul 9 • 22 min
What if what you learned about managing people was all wrong? Do you find your employees are resentful and talk behind your back? Or do you think your employees are taking advantage of your good nature? There is something in between I call Empowered…
Empowered Leadership
Jul 2 • 24 min
In this episode, Kim expands the concept of Choice Theory Leadership into a style of leadership called Empowered Leadership. It’s about balancing the work to be done with the people who are engaged in the work. Coaching instead of Managing Your Direct…
The Mental Freedom™ Process
Jun 25 • 22 min
Listen in to hear about the new process I’ve developed and am using with my clients, called Your Path to Mental Freedom. You will discover how to take 100% Responsibility for the things you do and release responsibility for what others do, while also…
Does My Happiness depend on Yours? – interview with Maureen Sansom
Jun 18 • 22 min
In this episode, I interview Maureen Sansom, who has been practicing Choice Theory for several years. She has been employed by the NSW Dept. of Education for the past 25 years and for the past 13 years, is at a school for the specific purpose of assisting…
Developing Effective Communication around Racism
Jun 11 • 31 min
In this episode, Kim speaks about the racial unrest in this country from her perspective which comes from listening to, learning from and facilitating diversity workshops over the past 20 years. Her perspective naturally has been shaped from white…
Mental Illness: The Disease of Disconnection
Jun 4 • 21 min
In this episode, Kim takes a look at the fallacies in the biological/disease/medical model of mental illness and instead proposes, what is currently called mental illness, is actually not a disease at all, but rather a person’s best attempt to get…
Diversity and Inclusion for the LGBT Community
May 28 • 111 min
Because my guests live in different time zones, they were interviewed separately, instead of as a panel, so this week’s podcast is a bit different, and by necessity, longer, than my previous diversity and inclusion podcasts. I will be speaking with three…
Diversity & Inclusion for Hispanics
May 21 • 35 min
Kim has a discussion with two exceptional humans whose skin tone categorizes them as Hispanic, who live with discrimination and inequities every single day over something they have zero control over. Many Hispanic people fear having a straight-ahead…
Diversity & Inclusion: Black & African American
May 14 • 53 min
My goal in doing this podcast is to provide a space for safe, honest, direct conversation of the life experiences with discrimination, oppression and inequities of some amazing humans, who also happen to fit into the category of Black or African American…
Diversity & Inclusion: Women in the Workplace
May 7 • 48 min
Listen in to the first of five podcasts about marginalized groups, what life is like for some of them and how best to be an ally for this group. In this podcast, Kim interviews six women of different decades working in male-dominated professions and the…
Why Do People Choose Misery?
Apr 30 • 20 min
So much of people’s misery is created in their own head. It’s not done consciously but it is done for a reason—ten of them to be exact. Come to learn why you might be choosing misery and how to stop.
Focus and Balance during Coronavirus
Apr 23 • 16 min
This episode address the concepts of focus and balance, particularly during the coronavirus quarantine. I lay out an 8-Step Process for developing and maintaining focus and talk about a better way than work/life balance to think about balance. Life…
Self-Discovery Coaching – Who Am I and Who Do I Want to Be?
Apr 16 • 19 min
Knowing oneself is the foundation of any self-growth and development program. Most people are only too familiar with the person they have been groomed to be, or the person others want them to be, but do you know who you were truly meant to be? Join in and…
Coronavirus and How to Get Your Needs Met
Apr 9 • 17 min
In this episode, Kim talks about the stages of grief many are experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic, the five basic needs everyone has, and how to get them met effectively when it’s so easy to get stuck on how you can’t meet them in your familiar…
Interview with LIV Pocket Coach, Jeanette Schneider
Apr 2 • 25 min
This week Kim interviews Jeanette Schneider, the founder and CEO of LIV Media. LIV is an acronym for Love is Viral. Jeanette and her team have created an awesome self-growth app called, LIV Pocket Coach, it’s like having a coach in your pocket. We will be…
How Do Kids Learn Responsibility without Punishment?
Mar 26 • 15 min
Choice Parents do not believe in the concept of punishment so I am often asked the question, “How do kids learn responsibility without punishment?” It’s a myth that children need pain to learn. In fact, the opposite is true. When children are being hurt,…
Flexing Your Parenting Negotiating Muscles
Mar 19 • 10 min
Almost from the time they are conceived, children are involved in an inherent conflict with their parents—parents are trying to keep their children safe, while children are trying to meet their other needs for connection, significance, freedom and joy.…
What Type of Parent are You?
Mar 12 • 20 min
Today we will talk about three types of parents—dictator/strict parents, permissive/uninvolved parents and Choice Parents. These types exist on a continuum and you likely move along the continuum to suit your mood, your child and/or the situation. I will…
What is Choice Parenting?
Mar 5 • 26 min
Join me while I talk with a Choice Theory parenting expert, Philip Mott, who is a former disengaged student turned teacher who found it harder and harder to fit into the educational system the more he adopted Glasser’s Choice Theory. He spends his free…
Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages
Feb 27 • 22 min
Do You Know the Love Language of Yourself and Your Partner? Are you bi-lingual? If you don’t learn your love language and the love language of your partner, you run the risk of loving each other without the other person feeling the love. This can be…
Sex & Romance: Synchronicity or Warfare?
Feb 20 • 11 min
Do you find yourself in a relationship where there is great synergy between you in the dance of sex and romance or has that dance turned into a battle where sex and romance are doled out in small quantities and weaponized against each other? It is a…
Relationship Habits
Feb 13 • 28 min
Do you have relationships in your life that you wish were closer? Are you at a loss for how to make them better? Often the problem in relationships is that one person is trying to get the other person to do something they don’t want to do, both of you are…
Couples Synergy
Feb 6 • 22 min
February is known as the month of love and I am kicking it off with an interview with Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian, founders of the revolutionary concepts of Couples Synergy. Listen to hear what they have to say about nearly 20 years of working with couples.
Support and Challenge
Jan 30 • 31 min
Choice Coaching is based on the principles of William’s Glasser’s Choice Theory. It has ten principles and subsequent goals for coaching. This show helps you understand the dance coaches do between supporting and challenges by filling you in on Choice…
Benefits of Coaching
Jan 23 • 16 min
Have you ever wondered if coaching is for you? What is coaching anyway? Are you thinking of becoming a coach? Have you considered hiring a coach? Join us to hear the benefits of coaching both for the coach and the client.
The Psychology of Success
Jan 16 • 27 min
This show is an interview with Dr. Nasrollah Navid on the Psychology of Success. Gone are the days when success is described by vocational and financial success. There are other aspects to consider when considering success.
More than Goal Setting…
Jan 9 • 38 min
How many times have you set goals on New Year’s Eve only to forget about them before the end of January? You start like gangbusters the first two weeks, then start to decrease progress before halting forward movement completely. That used to be me until I…
Life = Choices; Choices = Life
Jan 2 • 18 min
Life is a sum of all the choices we’ve made to this point to the various people and things we’ve encountered in our life. Making our choices is what life’s all about. If you are like me, you are every day trying to make better and better choices for a…
Dec 18, 2019 • 10 min
Learn all about Life = Choices; Choices = Life. This show explains the why, how and what of this podcast so you can decide whether you will become a casual listener or an avid fan. We’re hoping for the latter.