All Things Telesales

All Things Telesales
If the Phone is Your Weapon, this is your podcast! We’re changing the perception of Telesales. We’re a tribe of Telesales professionals who believe in compassion before commission. We’re empowering the Call Coaching Experience by Starting with the P

64 - Nate Bailey - Bring Certainty to Others
Sep 17 • 26 min
Nate Bailey is an author that shares his expertise in coaching and leadership.
66 - Evan Carmichael - #Believe in Yourself
Sep 17 • 26 min
Evan Carmichael shares his ideas on how to be successful in sales.
65 - Amanda Farris - People are My Passion
Sep 17 • 27 min
Amanda Farris shares her ideas when it comes to networking
63 - Kilian Markert - Combining Macro and Micro Motivation
Sep 17 • 26 min
Kilian Markert helps business owners optimize their energy and productivity.
62 - Jeroen Corthout - Treating Your Customers as Friends
Sep 17 • 25 min
Jeroen Corthout shares his experience and ideas when it comes to CRM hygiene and etiquette.
61 - Coach Michael Burt - Does Your Coach Have a Coach?
Aug 17 • 48 min
If your coach doesn’t have a coach, then they’re probably a hypocrite. Vince Spampinato was once a coach of mine and Coach Burt was his Coach. Even great Coaches have a Coach. “Everybody needs a good coach in life.” Those that have great coaches…
60 - Aaron Walker - Growing from Success to Significance
Aug 16 • 25 min
His good friend, financial guru Dave Ramsey, invited him to join his Mastermind group, and from there Aaron Walker, set out on a journey into Masterminds.Growing from Success to Significance is a big theme of Aaron Walker’s. It’s important for everyone…
59 - Nick Bradley - 6 Characteristics of a Highly Valuable Business
Aug 16 • 25 min
Nick Bradley is the Co-Founder of the global consultancy and he also hosts the podcast Scale Up Your Business which is a top business and investing podcast in the UK. Also, he has just launched a new partnership here in the US with…
58 - Cody Loughlin - Question Based Selling
Aug 16 • 37 min
Cody Loughlin, the host of Money Talkers, talks about the importance of being quiet after asking the questions in the sales process and the impact that this discipline made in his career. Money Talkers is bringing financial education to young…
57 - Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco - What Are You Made Of?
Aug 4 • 24 min
C-Roc is the CEO of People Building, Inc. He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build…
56 - Dean Graziosi - Unlocking Your Potential
Jul 5 • 28 min
From finding real estate with no money down, fixing cars and selling them, tow trucks, had 20 apartments and a couple of houses for flipping to becoming one of the biggest educators who teach millions of people to unlock their potential. From dreaming…
55 - Neil Patel - Do What You Love
Jul 3 • 24 min
Traffic Traffic Traffic! Is one thing Neil Patel loves, Neil is a digital marketing expert who runs his own company called Neil Patel Digital and has a marketing software called Ubersuggest. Neil is passionate about helping to improve sales of a company…
54 - Brodie Kern - Wake Up Wealthy
Jul 2 • 29 min
Using AA as a catalyst to self-growth at age 21. Brodie Kern’s niche of helping people change their mindset and entrepreneurship came together and helped him create a business that will allow him to fulfill his goalBrodie started in the real estate…
53 - Nathan Hirsch - How to Scale Using VA’s
Jul 1 • 24 min
Nathan Hirsch - an Amazon seller who was frustrated with not getting proper people to work, discovered virtual assistants when he was in college. He then went on to build FreeeUp a VA operated firm that was also a platform for creators to find work….
52 - Judi Glova - 3 Habits to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity
Jun 27 • 26 min
Judi Glova is a speaker, trainer, and executive coach who helps people to unlock their potential by using mindful connections and help them to achieve their goals.Judi has dedicated her life to helping other high-achieving professionals tune into their…
51 - Brian Kurtz - How to Overdeliver over the Phone
Jun 26 • 40 min
Overdeliver author, a phone pro, and the Titan of Direct marketing is here today, Brian Kurtz. Brian teaches us on how to treat a customer and overdeliver and how to improve your phone sales game.Brian tells us about how his 95-year-old mother uses…
The Hustle
Jun 22 • 3 min
I have heard so many people talk about what they’re gonna do, how big they’re gonna become, how much money they’re gonna get but when it’s all said and done they don’t have the work ethic to match their vision. I don’t have time for ideas people and…
50 - Nikki Ivey - Celebrating Diversity
Jun 20 • 37 min
Storytelling! Nikki Ivey’s childhood habit has helped her to become a B2B sales and marketing leader and a personal branding master for salespeople and she aims to use her skills of communication to curb racism.Salespeople didn’t believe a lot about…
49 - Bob Perkins - Inside Sales - AA-ISP
Jun 19 • 27 min
Bob Perkins is an Inside Sales innovator who started as a teacher and got into sales because he fell in love with it. Bob helps advance scales of individual professionals and leaders that spend all their time selling remotely and virtually inside the…
48 - Michael Altshuler - ASE - Analyze, Strategize, Execute
Jun 17 • 41 min
Being one of the people who got paid by Donald Trump after he filed for bankruptcy was one of the reasons for his fame. In this episode, we have Micheal Altshuler. Micheal started his first business at 21 after he was fired for the wrong reasons. He…
47 - Travis Huff - Compassion, Persistence, Patience, & Personal Development
Jun 16 • 34 min
Compassion, persistence, patience, and personal development has helped Travis Huff to create the sales career of the superstars.PS. He is also known as 2Tallin as the artistStarted in 2008 from an idea he got in Starbucks to creating a company that…
46 - Jason Galardi - Even the Crumbs are Delicious
Jun 15 • 34 min
This Real Estate Sales Coach believes that the pie is so huge that even the crumbs are delicious
45 - Praveen Sales Adda
Jun 14 • 27 min
A fresh MBA graduate wearing a clean White Shirt and black shoes who aimed to become a Sales Guy in a country where sales were never considered a profession. 20 years later he is closing deals no smaller than a Million $. This is Praveen the founder of…
44 - Stephen Pronechen - Doing Small Things Right
Jun 5 • 29 min
This Enterprise Account Executive’s story is the perfect example of how doing small things right every day will get you there.
43 - Ryan Stewman - The Only 2 Things You Need to Close More Deals
May 15 • 33 min
Join Ryan Stewman as he delves into the two things you need to close a sale.
42 - Jeff Fenster - Make Friends and Have Fun
May 14 • 24 min
Maximizing time and finding the right cadence is key to stabilizing and balancing as an entrepreneur. Through his passion for startups and starting new companies, Jeff Fenster is bringing people together to achieve remarkable results. Jeff delves into…
I AM a Telesales Beast - Affirmation Anthem
May 7 • 1 min
A true Telesales Beast is disciplined, they emotionally detach themselves from an outcome, they are relentless at assuming the sale, they don’t do callbacks, they are one call closers with the heart of compassion before commission.
41 - Tony Whatley - The Sidehustle Millionaire
May 1 • 25 min
Sometimes all’s it takes is stepping out of your comfort zone and going all in. Tony Whatley talks about the benefits of expanding your skillset and letting go of surface-level excuses to not get started. He delves into the shortcuts he found along the…
Real Recognizes Real
Apr 29 • 3 min
The world needs you! Find your purpose, don’t be afraid to live for it and go and get it! I’d rather you fail at something you’re passionate about then to fail at some job you don’t care about! Failure is the motivation to get up and try again!
40 - Michael Gordon - The 6 Foot Rule
Apr 29 • 26 min
Taking time to follow the process, asking good questions, and understanding how to best prospect can better assist in reaching the outcome of a call. Michael Gordon talks about how he helps his clients integrate concepts and set goals to build a…
39 - Chris Von Huene - Figure It Out and Move Forward
Apr 28 • 25 min
SUMMARY Figure it out and move forwards. Chris talks about making sales, doing his job, and also being human while doing it. During this time skipping the sales script, have a conversation, get to the point and is the best way to not waste the prospects…
38 - Neal Kent - Contact Center Compliance
Apr 23 • 26 min
SUMMARY Neal Kent talks about the rules and regulations of using call lists, auto dialers, landlines, and texting and calling mobile devices to when contacting prospects. Understanding the nature of the platform of the platform you are using to dials…
Over the Pain & Over the Fear
Apr 15 • 2 min
Arise Telesales Beast!
37 - Billy Alsbrooks - Blessed & Unstoppable
Apr 12 • 47 min
Billy Alsbrooks hears the sound of a comeback for Telesales Beasts! Billy shares his past fears and anxiety and anyone dealing with those feelings can overcome.
36 - Eric Troutman - TCPA World
Apr 9 • 26 min
Class action Defense Lawyer, known for his work on Telephone Consumer Protection Act Litigation and Compliant, Eric Troutman talks best practice for following up with leads and minding the laws in place to protect client’s rights.
35 - Juan Rivera - Sell After the Sale
Apr 8 • 33 min
With 11-years of experience in the post-sales world, Juan Rivera shares his insight into the world of the customer support managers (CSM). He shares his passion for sales, tips, and strategies for building customer relationships and encouraging CSM’s to…
Bet On Yourself
Mar 27 • 4 min
This 4-minute message was heavy on my heart and I had to share.
34 - David Meltzer - Making the Phone Fun
Mar 24 • 25 min
Join David Meltzer as he shares tips on how to create a baseline and take the ego out of sales.
33 - Justin Welsh - The Impact of Storytelling & Culture
Mar 23 • 27 min
As an Advisor for high growth SAAS Companies and 16 years of sales experience, Justin Welsh talks about his transition from office culture. Through experience and passion for sales, Justin provides companies with tools to drive scalable growth. By…
31 - Rob Liano - Transitioning From Field Sales to Telesales
Mar 23 • 39 min
Transitioning from music to field sales, then from field sales to telesales, Rob truly grasps the opportunity and embraces the change. Join Rob as he shares insights into his sales journey.
32 - Morgan J. Ingram - Top 3 Best Prospecting Practices
Mar 23 • 25 min
Morgan’s shares his top 3 best practices and tips on prospecting. Get dialed in to find out more about cold calling, tracking fulfillment and asking how to get referrals.
30 - Kendra Lee of KLA Group - Doing Business During Challenging Times
Mar 23 • 25 min
Kendra gives tips and insight as to how to adjust to the current economic downturn. Kendra talks about how to track remote performance, why she started KLA Group, and how to stay motivated during these uncertain times.
29 - Scott Aaron - Turning Failures into Successes
Mar 12 • 27 min
Join Scott Aaron as he delves into going from one million dollars in debt to capitalizing on his failures and turning them into successes.
28 - John Malott - Intentional Gratitude
Mar 10 • 28 min
John Malott of Build Your Empire - Instagram page has over 1.5 million followers, featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, US Today and more. Join John Malott as he talks about navigating outside of societal norms and expectations by capitalizing on…
27 - Gina Gardiner - Enlightened Leadership
Mar 10 • 31 min
Join Gina Gardiner, an author, speaker, and coach. Gina works with people all around personal empowerment and transformational leadership and stepping into genuine power. Gina delves into the process of how she assists others with tapping into genuine…
26 - Patrick J. Tierney - Stop Selling Now
Mar 9 • 25 min
Join Patrick Tierney, sales performance coach and founder of ‘Stop Selling Now.’ He gives a walkthrough on how to cut through the noise and challenge the stigmas of selling. He also talks about his company ‘Stop Selling Now’ and teaching sales agents how…
25 - Sahil Mansuri - A Place for the Person in Salesperson
Mar 4 • 29 min
Bravado is THE Place for the Person in Salesperson. Join Sahil Mansuri, Bravado CEO, as he talks about Product Market Fit and building Bravado. He delves into LinkedIn, and the questions sales professionals ask, such as, “what are you most excited about?”…
24 - David Schlesinger - The Individual Contributor Role
Mar 4 • 28 min
David Schlesinger discusses the Individual Contributor Role, personal development, being the best version of himself.
23 - Jason Bay - Growing Outbound Engagement Faster
Mar 4 • 25 min
Jason Bay talks about growing outbound engagement faster. Jason delves into his experience with imposter syndrome, how he was able to overcome it by stepping out to gaining social proof. By taking action and pushing the barriers which landed him his first…
22 - James Buckley - Being a Practitioner of the Phone
Feb 26 • 28 min
James “SayWhatSales” Buckley of J Barrows Training and I talk about being Practitioners of the Phone.
21 - Joey Yak - Bow N Arrow
Feb 24 • 43 min
Exclusive Interview with Joey Yak, he talks about what it was like leaving Garret J. White’s Wake Up Warrior company to build his own empire.
20 - Ken Baldo - Dialing for DIALogue
Feb 21 • 36 min
Don’t dial and hope, dial for dialogue. Are you dialing for dollars or are you dialing for DIALogue?
19 - Kyle Smith - Fingerprints on the Trophy
Feb 20 • 27 min
Is your sales team adopting your playbook, influencing, and taking ownership of the playbook?
18 - Shawn Channell - Mutual Fit Discovery
Feb 16 • 30 min
Shawn Channell and I recently connected on LinkedIn, we decided to hop on a call and learn more about each other. We hit the record button for an awesome mutual fit discovery call.
17 - The Outbound Sales Guy - Celebrating the Dips
Feb 16 • 18 min
Martin MacArthur The Outbound Sales Guy joins the show and shares his amazing story of resilience and how he continues to give to the sales community on LinkedIn. #theoutboundsalesguy
16 - Cauveé - Motivation Music
Feb 16 • 24 min
Cauveé is an inspiration engineer, we discuss having a motivational playlist that can help you be more productive throughout the day
15 - KC Chohan - Together CFO
Feb 14 • 15 min
KC Chohan joins and talks about how businesses struggle to develop a structure for sustainable financial success. KC says, “By the time I left, Flowserve was doing $4.7 Billion in annual sales. I got bored with corporate America as the focus was on…
14 - Judi Glova - Connection is Currency
Feb 12 • 28 min
Judi Glova says as an intuitive leader, connection is currency. Are you connected with yourself? How are you connected with others?
13 - Ian Moyse - Yearning, Earning, Learning
Feb 11 • 23 min
Sales Director at Natterbox, Ian Moyse shares with us 3 Powerful Pillars of Servant Leadership - Yearning, Earning, Learning. Ian drops wisdom bombs left and right in this episode mostly because he’s the type of leader who never stops learning and…
12 - Zachary Babcock - Podcasting=Prospecting
Feb 10 • 27 min
For any company or person building a personal brandstruggling with whether or not Podcasting is a time suck…Zachary Babcock of the Underdog Empowerment Podcast and I discuss how it’s a Lead Generator and so much more.We also discuss fake influencers…
11 - Marcus Chan - Vivid Vision
Feb 6 • 29 min
Marcus Chan shares his vivid vision as a way of starving his doubts.
10 - Amy Volas - The Grass is Greener Where You Water It
Jan 31 • 31 min
Amy gives practical sales career advice, to help you decide if you should water your own lawn or go find another lawn, in whatever you do just be true to yourself, sometimes what we have in our head and what we say to ourselves isn’t always the real deal.
09 - Steve Brown - Affiliate Marketing
Jan 26 • 30 min
Steve Brown discusses affiliate marketing, how to understand the customer’s journey, and how to navigate the Affiliate Summit West show.
08 - Amber Kleine - Finding Your Voice
Jan 26 • 29 min
In this episode, you’ll learn that being authentic and real isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s actually a way of, “finding your voice.”
07 - Lila Smith - Verb Your Values
Jan 24 • 37 min
In this episode, you’ll learn how to, “Verb Your Values- how to connect for real instead of just “watching your tone” or using tricks.
06 - Liston Witherill - Building Trust on the Phone
Jan 20 • 36 min
Building Trust on the Phone with Modern Sales Podcast Host, Liston Witherill
05 - John Barrows - Leadership Starts at Home
Jan 15 • 26 min
Leadership starts at home and why companies should start embracing personal brands.
03 - Tom Jenkins - The Phone is Still King
Jan 15 • 19 min
the phone is still king if you want to win deals
04 - Jake Dunlap - Soft Like Charmin Leaders
Jan 15 • 26 min
Leaders are soft like Charmin these days
02 - Kevin Dorsey - Success & Significance
Jan 2 • 29 min
Kevin Dorsey tells a hilarious story of a sales rep who used Justin Timberlake and NSYNC references throughout a discovery call. Kevin shares his insight about significance, “I can’t define that. It’s too broad. It’s too big for me.” Success for KD is…
01 - Scott Leese - No Success Like Failure
Dec 17, 2019 • 29 min
Join Jake Lynn as he discusses there’s no success like failure with Scott Leese