The beertruth podcast takes a look at the craft beverage industry by talking with brewers and industry professionals. Find out what drives and inspires brewers, what their story is, and yes, what their favorite hop is.

Beer Basics: Pumpkin Beers
Oct 15 • 8 min
A brief chat with myself about pumpkin beers, where the style comes from, and not being judgmental.Check out beertruth:https://beertruth.com Music credit:“Maccary Bay”…
Round 19: Wayfinder Beer
Oct 8 • 70 min
A conversation with Kevin Davey, founding brewmaster at Wayfinder Beer. Kevin says smart things, I try to keep up.Check out beertruth:https://beertruth.com Check out…
Beer Basics: Great American Beer Festival
Oct 1 • 12 min
The GABF - what it is, how it started, and how it differs from what it started as.Go get your passport to the 2020 Great American Beer…
Round 18: Stone Brewing Co
Sep 24 • 73 min
My biggest interview yet! Steve Gonzalez from Stone Brewing joins me to talk Stone, his craft experience, and how to continue innovating after all these years.Check out…
Beer Basics: Oktoberfest
Sep 17 • 17 min
It’s almost that time of year! No, not pumpkin beers. Oktoberfest! Grab your maß and let’s talk about this historical festival, which unfortunately is cancelled for 2020.Check out…
Round 17: ABS Commercial
Sep 10 • 61 min
An interview with Alex Smith, brewery consultant with ABS Commercial. Alex provides perspective on the manufacturing and supply side of brewhouse equipment.Check out…
Beer Basics: Fresh Hop Season
Sep 3 • 24 min
The hop harvest is upon us, so let’s talk fresh hops. Or wet hops. Whatever your word of choice is, let’s do this.Check out beertruth:https://beertruth.com…
Round 16: Foeder Crafters
Aug 27 • 60 min
A conversation with Matt Walters and Dan Saettele of Foeder Crafters. Like foeder-aged beers? Hear from the owners of the company about what goes into these beautiful oak vessels.Check out…
Beer Basics: The Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law)
Aug 20 • 23 min
I explore the Reinheitsgebot, what it means, what it actually was, and what it means now.Check out beertruth:https://beertruth.com credit:“Maccary Bay” by Kevin…
Round 15: Topa Topa Brewing Company
Aug 13 • 61 min
An interview with founder Jack Dyer on the importance of giving back to, participating in, and supporting your community. Topa Topa is firing on all cylinders.Check out…
Beer Basics: Beer Books
Aug 6 • 28 min
Listen to me talk about books about beer. Why would you not be interested in this?Check out beertruth:https://beertruth.com’t forget to subscribe and leave a rating…
Beer Basics: Porters & Stouts
Jul 29 • 28 min
A very brief history on the evolution of porters and stouts. I talk lovingly about pastry stouts. Check out beertruth:https://beertruth.com credit:“Maccary Bay”…
Beer Basics: Intro to Pilsner
Jul 22 • 22 min
A brief foray into the lager family, specifically pilsners (or pilseners for you purists).Visit beertruth online: credit:”Maccary Bay” by…
Round 14: Heater Allen Brewing
Jul 16 • 55 min
I talk to Lisa Allen about why craft lagers are awesome and why pastry stouts suck. You’re welcome.Check out beertruth: out Heater Allen…
Beer Basics: Proper Glassware
Jul 8 • 29 min
I ramble about proper glassware, how to pour your beer, and how stacking glasses is stupid.Check out beertruth:https://beertruth.com credit:“Maccary Bay” by Kevin…
Round 13: Indie Hops
Jul 1 • 70 min
A conversation with Jim Solberg, cofounder of Indie Hops in the Willamette Valley. We talk Strata and the long and difficult process of bringing a hop to market.Check out…
Beer Basics: Hoppy Beer Styles
Jun 24 • 23 min
I dive into hoppy styles and complain about milkshake IPAs. Check out beertruth:https://beertruth.com credit:Maccary Bay by Kevin MacLeodLink:…
Round 12: Black Is Beautiful - Marcus Baskerville/Weathered Souls
Jun 17 • 37 min
Marcus Baskerville talks about the Black Is Beautiful beer collaboration, how to keep this momentum going, and how we can all be part of the change that needs to happen. Check out Black Is Beautiful and Weathered…
Beer Basics: Malt - Admiral Maltings
Jun 10 • 62 min
Dave McLean breaks down the basics of malt. From steeping to germination to kilning, listen up for your comprehensive intro delivered direct from a malt master.Check out…
Round 11: Almanac Beer Co
Jun 3 • 37 min
I chat with Brewmaster Phil from a safe social distance. We talk about mixed fermentation, collaborating with friends, and how Almanac is adapting during these unusual times.Check out…
Beer Basics: Hops
May 27 • 31 min
I cover the basics of hops, from bittering to dry-hopping, where they come from and what they smell like. Grab your favorite hop-bomb and let’s do this.Check out beertruth:…
Round 10: Percival Brewing Company
May 20 • 66 min
Phil at Percival Brewing tells the story of how the brewery came to be and the importance of community, and where he sees Percival going in the post-pandemic future. Beer, coffee, and bbq rubs, oh my!Check out…
Beer Basics: Ales & Lagers
May 14 • 35 min
This episode is the first in a series that dives into the basics of beer, starting by breaking down ales and lagers. An easy way to get a good baseline knowledge, or a good refresher course on the world’s best beverage.Check out…
Round 9: Belmont Station
May 6 • 41 min
Lisa Morrison, majority owner of Belmont Station in Portland, Oregon, chats with me about her craft beer story, how the store came into her life, and what the beer scene is like up in “Beervana”. We also deal with wacky circumstances over a Zoom…
Round 8: Breakside Brewery
Apr 22 • 57 min
Ben Edmunds, brewmaster at Breakside (say that 5 times fast) talks about the laid-back Pacific Northwest beer vibe. Ben also details the beer judging process, as well as how judging helps him improve his brewing game. I drink a Breakside IPA straight…
Round 7: Ecliptic Brewing
Apr 8 • 45 min
I talk to John Harris, legendary brewmaster and owner of Ecliptic Brewing. John tells his story, as well as what Ecliptic is all about. I hold out hope that milkshake IPAs will die.Check out…
Round 6: Surfridge Brewing Company
Mar 25 • 54 min
I chat with Steve Lieberman, co-owner/founder at Surfridge Brewing Company in El Segundo, California. Steve talks about their commitment to the environment as well as their beer, and what he envisions for the future of Surfridge (hint – think big). I…
Round 5: Smog City Brewing Company
Mar 11 • 46 min
I spend some time with Porter and Laurie, co-founders of Smog City Brewing Company in Torrance, California. They explain the origins of their passion for craft beer, what the word “community” means to them. I try to not spill my Smog City IPA on my…
Round 4: Patio29 Spirits Company
Mar 4 • 72 min
Round 4! I sit down with Adam and Eric Boone at Patio29 Spirits Company in Winters, California. We discuss the origins of Patio29, some specifics of the craft distilling industry, and what the future holds for Yolo County’s first craft…
Round 3: Hermosa Brewing Company
Feb 14 • 54 min
In Round 3 I talk with Dave Davis, cofounder at Hermosa Brewing Company in Hermosa Beach, California. Dave walks me through some of Hermosa’s beers, as well as future plans for the brewery and their “reason for being”.
Round 2: Dunloe Brewing
Jan 27 • 67 min
In Round 2 I talk with owner and head brewer Brennan Fleming at Dunloe Brewing in Davis, California. We talk about the art of blending, beer festivals, and the importance of the “road taco”. Grab a beer and let’s dive in.
Round 1: Five Suns Brewing
Dec 16, 2019 • 69 min
In this episode I sit down with Dennis and Sean at Five Suns Brewing in Martinez, California. We talk about how they got started, where they are now, and where Five Suns is headed. Grab a beer and join me.