Super Saints Podcast

Super Saints Podcast
God created us to become Super Saints. This is about our Journey to Sainthood in these times. Journeys of Faith Ministry, founded by Bob and Penny Lord is about Evangelization through communications, spreading the Good News of the Gospel especially t…

Jesus Carries the Cross Episode 32
Mar 27 • 14 min
Jesus Carries His CrossThe Long Road to CalvaryJohn cried out, a lone voice in the desert:”Prepare the way of the Lord; make straight His paths.” (Matt 3:3) He cried out! He didn’t speak, as if it was a passing thought like: “Oh by the way, did you…
Crowning of Thorns Episode 31
Mar 22 • 11 min
The Crowning with ThornsPilate, unable to move their hearts of stone, ordered our most precious Lord to be taken away. “The soldiers led Him away to the Praetorium. Then they stripped Him and dressed Him up in purple.” (Mark 15:16-17) They twisted…
Saint Rosalia Patron of Plagues Episode 30
Mar 20 • 9 min
Saint Rosalia decided at a critical period in her life to become a hermit and live a life of prayer. The world as she knew it, held no attraction to her. She wanted to devote her life to Our Lord Jesus.She gathered a few possessions—a wooden…
Saint Roch Patron of Plagues and Corona Virus Episode 29
Mar 17 • 14 min
Saint Roch Patron of Plagues and Corona VirusMiracle Worker - Patron Saint of Cholera, Plague, epidemics, dogs, dog lovers, pilgrims, bachelors, surgeons and grave diggers, among others.Family, the Lord works in powerful ways. What a time for St. Roch…
Consecration to Saint Joseph Book Review Episode 28
Mar 16 • 7 min
Today I want to discuss Saint Joseph and in particular the book that has just been published about Consecration to Saint Joseph. Certainly we are in much much need of the intercession of Saint Joseph at this time.In the midst of crisis, confusion, and a…
The Scourging at the Pillar Episode 27
Mar 12 • 11 min
The Scourging at the PillarThe Second Sorrowful MysteryThe gift of the Sorrowful Mysteries is different for each of us. Jesus speaks to every one of us individually. He desires to imprint on our hearts what is necessary and good for us. He comes to…
Saint Patrick and the Angels Episode 26
Mar 11 • 11 min
Saint Patrick went to Ireland, and in a period of thirty years, from age forty to about seventy, he converted the entire country. It is said that at a given point in time, he converted hundreds of thousands. Now how could one person do that all by…
The Agony in the Garden Episode 25
Mar 6 • 8 min
The Second Sorrowful Mystery of the RosaryOur Lord Jesus loves us so much, He made detailed preparations for our well-being, right up to the end of His life. He wanted to have a last supper with His disciples. He had instructions for them. He wanted…
Saint Frances of Rome Episode 24
Mar 6 • 10 min
Saint Frances of Rome had an Angel as her companion for over 27 years to guide and protect her.Her community, the Oblates of Mary are still in existence and still wear the clothes of the noble ladies of Saint Frances’ time.In 1608, Frances was…
Miracle of the Eucharist of Lanciano Episode 23
Feb 24 • 15 min
Lanciano is a small, medieval town , nestled in from the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Italy, halfway between San Giovanni Rotondo and Loreto. Everything about Lanciano smacks of the Eucharistic Miracle. Even the name of the town was changed from Anxanum…
Holy House of Loreto Episode 22
Feb 20 • 16 min
Our Lady appeared to the local Priest and said,”Know that the house which has been brought up of late to your land, is the same in which I was born and brought up. Here, at the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel, I conceived the Creator of all…
The Miracle of the Mice Episode 21
Feb 19 • 7 min
Saint Martin de Porres and the Miracle of the MiceMartin was born in 1579, in Lima, Peru. It was only 83 years after Columbus placed a small Spanish flag on the island of San Salvador, claiming it and the entire new world for the Catholic Queen,…
Formation of the Heart Retreat Episode 20
Feb 14 • 6 min
Formation of the Heart RetreatMarch 27-28, 2020Formation of the Heart is a way of deepening your relationship with God. During the retreat, you will learn tools to help you feel how God is working in your heart/soul. These tools enable you to understand…
Interview with Michael John Poirier Episode 19
Feb 11 • 52 min
An interview with Catholic Musician Michael John PoirierAfter exchanging vows in 1994 Michael and his wife, Mary, consecrated their marriage to be formed under the care of Our Lady of Guadalupe and dedicated themselves to helping build up and encourage…
Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Bernadette Episode 18
Feb 11 • 14 min
WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? WHAT HAPPENED IN LOURDES?Why did Mary come? What was so important at this time in history, in this country? It’s easy in retrospect to understand the need for divine intervention in 1858. In 1854, in the midst of this, and in th…
Saint John Bosco Episode 17
Jan 30 • 20 min
Saint John Bosco was gifted with many dreams, visions and prophecies, during his lifetime.
Origin of the True Cross of Jesus Episode 16
Jan 29 • 6 min
Saint Anthony of Padus uses the History of the Greeks to recount the story of the origin of the Cross of Jesus.
Saint Angela Merici Episode 15
Jan 27 • 12 min
Saint Angela Merici “I want to become a Saint, because I love Jesus.”
The Life of Saint Francis de Sales Episode 14
Jan 22 • 15 min
The future St. Francis de Sales was born in a chateau on the shores of Lake Geneva on August 21, 1567. His family was part of the House of Savoie, a family of Nobles in Europe at the time. He was baptised the next day in the Parish church of Thorens,…
The Conversion of Saint Paul Episode 13
Jan 22 • 13 min
Saul was thrown to the ground. He tried to see what had happened, but the strong beam blinded him.
Jesus speaks to Saint Thomas Aquinas from the Crucifix Episode 12
Jan 21 • 11 min
Later on, when St. Thomas was in Salerno, finishing the third part of his Summa, which deals with the Passion and the Resurrection, he was kneeling before the Altar in ecstasy. He could feel the overpowering presence of the Lord in the room. He looked…
Super Saints Podcasters Episode 11
Jan 15 • 3 min
Brother Joseph Freyaldenhoven and Steve Bailey introduce themselves.
The Vision of Pope Leo XIII Episode 10
Jan 13 • 4 min
One of the most important events in the last 500 years is known as the Vision of Pope Leo XIII.
How to Pray the Rosary Episode 9
Jan 7 • 6 min
How to Pray the Rosary, the life of Jesus and Mary.
Saint Brother Andre Episode 8
Jan 6 • 9 min
Brother Andre spoke to them all; he told them to pray; he then anointed them with some oil from a lamp which burned in front of a statue of St. Joseph.
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Episode 7
Jan 4 • 9 min
Under the direction of Archbishop Carroll and Mother Seton, the Catholic Parochial school system soared and blossomed, bringing quality education to all Catholics in the country.
Hope in 2020 Episode 6
Jan 3 • 9 min
There is a battle between the Culture of Death and the Culture of Life. The Evil in the World seems to be gaining ground but remember that God often works in quiet and silence.
2020 New Year Message Episode 5
Dec 31, 2019 • 5 min
God created each of us with a unique purpose and path to Eternity with Him in Heaven.
Abandonment to God’s Will Episode 4
Dec 27, 2019 • 12 min
Abandonment to God’s Will as exemplified by Saint Therese of Lisieux.
Do you want to be happy? Episode 3
Dec 26, 2019 • 4 min
Get to know the Saints. Let them influence you on your Journeys of Faith They are there for you; they will help you.
Christmas Message Episode 2
Dec 20, 2019 • 12 min
Journeys of Faith Christmas Message
Super Saints Episode 1
Dec 16, 2019 • 5 min
Introducing Super Saints Podcasts God created us to become Super Saints.