Life Free of Anxiety, with Erica Roth & Dr. Charles Barr

Life Free of Anxiety, with Erica Roth & Dr. Charles Barr
You’re NOT broken. You’re NOT alone. You’re on your way to living a life FREE of anxiety! Join Erica and Dr. Charles Barr (licensed clinical psychologist and anxiety specialist) as we walk alongside you on your anxiety journey. We’ve both been whe

How Faison Covington Overcame Anxiety and Started a Movement [Life Free of Anxiety #21]
Mar 27 • 25 min
When Dr. Charles Barr and I overcame our anxiety, it was largely due to the pioneering work of Faison Covington. She truly is one of the pioneers in the field and helped to change the way anxiety is diagnosed and treated, and has helped countless people…
Get Relief Today With This Relaxation Exercise [Life Free of Anxiety #20]
Mar 24 • 26 min
Here it is, Dr. Barr’s much love Relaxation Exercise. I can honestly say that this relaxation exercise changed my life! I can’t overstate how important it is to practice relaxation. I know I used to try to pull out a relaxation exercise when I began to…
The Relaxation Series Pt. 2: How to Use Relaxation to Overcome Anxiety Forever! [Life Free of Anxiety #19]
Mar 20 • 29 min
Of all the topics we will ever discuss, this might be the one that was most important in overcoming my (Erica’s) anxiety. It’s why we wanted to make a short series on the topic, and hopefully encourage you to get started on your relaxation practice!
The Relaxation Series Pt. 1: The Incredible Benefits of Relaxation [Life Free of Anxiety #18]
Mar 19 • 22 min
Reduced Frustration? Check… More confidence in making decisions? Check… Lowered blood pressure? Check! A life free of anxiety? CHECK!!! These are just some of the surprising benefits that can come with doing breathing relaxation exercises on a regular…
Coronavirus/COVID-19: Avoiding and Managing Anxiety During a Pandemic [Life Free of Anxiety #17]
Mar 14 • 44 min
A lot seemed to happen this week… Dr. Charles Barr and I had recorded a series on relaxation that we were going to publish this week, but the world seemed to turn a bit upside down over the past few days, so we’re pushing it to next week, so that we could…
Picking Up on Emotions and Workplace Anxiety [Life Free of Anxiety #16]
Mar 6 • 22 min
We discussed last episode that anxiety sufferers tend to be sensitive to stimuli, but what about sensitivity to comments and feedback or the feelings of others? We talk about it in this episode! Then Erica and Dr. Barr answer a listener question: How do…
Three Reasons Why YOU Got Anxiety [Life Free of Anxiety #15]
Feb 27 • 29 min
What if I told you that there were THREE reasons why YOU ended up with anxiety? In short, it’s not your fault that you developed an anxiety condition—you were built that way! In today’s episode, Dr. Charles Barr, a licensed clinical psychologist and…
A Loved One’s Perspective, Recovery and Life After Anxiety [Life Free of Anxiety #14]
Feb 20 • 28 min
When discussing marriage, we generally don’t think of divorce as a happily ever after type of ending… except for in this case! “Divorcing” anxiety has been one of the best things that ever happened in our marriage! In this episode Erica and Kyle discuss…
A Loved One’s Perspective, When Anxiety is at its Worst [Life Free of Anxiety #13]
Feb 12 • 15 min
We’re back for PART TWO of my conversation with Kyle… my husband! In this episode, we’re continuing the discussion of what it’s like to live with someone suffering from anxiety, so if you missed PART ONE, make sure to check out Episode 12.
A Loved One’s Perspective [Life Free of Anxiety #12]
Feb 7 • 23 min
Today, Erica is joined by her husband Kyle to talk about living with someone on an anxiety journey. Among topics discussed are: When did Kyle first realize Erica suffered from anxiety? How did anxiety manifest itself around their wedding? Did he ever get…
Depression, PTSD, OCD and Your Anxiety [Life Free of Anxiety #11]
Jan 30 • 26 min
Does depression cause anxiety? Or does anxiety cause depression? And what about PTSD and OCD? There are so many mis-diagnoses out there (including in Erica’s own case), so it’s important to understand how these conditions can be intertwined.
Anxieties, Disorders and Phobias… OH MY!!! [Life Free of Anxiety #10]
Jan 24 • 31 min
Dr. Barr and Erica break down a variety of anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder and specific phobias, along with the symptoms for each
Anxiety Therapy Options Explained [Life Free of Anxiety #9]
Jan 21 • 39 min
From talk therapy to EMDR, there are a wide variety of anxiety therapies out there. But, the key to overcoming anxiety is for one to intentionally and purposefully practice being unafraid—and therapy can be a great tool in that effort!
Anxiety Symptoms: Am I going to Be Okay? [Life Free of Anxiety #8]
Jan 16 • 38 min
All About Anxiety Symptoms: Am I going to be okay? Why do I feel like I can’t breathe? What is my body doing to me?
New Year’s Anxiety Resolutions that Can Help TODAY! [Life Free of Anxiety #7]
Jan 8 • 37 min
3 New Year’s Anxiety Resolutions that can help you and your panic attacks TODAY!
#SaugusStrong, Dealing with Trauma [Life Free of Anxiety #6]
Dec 31, 2019 • 33 min
Dealing with Trauma and Anxiety in the aftermath of the Saugus High School Shooting
Holiday Anxiety Pt. 3 - Travel Anxiety Continued [Life Free of Anxiety #5]
Dec 16, 2019 • 15 min
More tips and tricks to getting through travel related anxiety, whether it be in the car or on a plane!
Holiday Anxiety Pt. 2 - Travel Anxiety [Life Free of Anxiety #4]
Dec 16, 2019 • 16 min
Tips and tricks to getting through travel related anxiety, whether it be in the car or on a plane!
Holiday Anxiety Pt. 1 - Boundaries [Life Free of Anxiety #3]
Dec 15, 2019 • 24 min
How to not let anxiety keep you from enjoying the holidays
Meet Erica Roth [Life Free of Anxiety #2]
Dec 15, 2019 • 24 min
How Erica Roth’s anxiety journey began… and more importantly, how it turned into a life free of anxiety!
Meet Dr. Charles Barr [Life Free of Anxiety #1]
Dec 15, 2019 • 27 min
How Dr. Charles Barr overcame anxiety and went on to specialize in treating anxiety disorders
Well, Hello There! [Life Free of Anxiety #0]
Dec 9, 2019 • 1 min
Welcome to the Life Free of Anxiety Podcast with Erica & Dr. Charles Barr