The Power of Digital Policy

The Power of Digital Policy
The Power of Digital Policy is a podcast that teaches you and your organization how to balance the risks and opportunities that come with operating websites, social media, mobile applications, voice assistants, AI and other channels. Through a monthly …

We must change our privacy mindset
Feb 24 • 29 min
In a world of growing compliance and privacy concerns, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Hema Lakkaraju tells us not to lose hope, and instead adopt a privacy mindset and collaboration across silos.
Slow down to do things fast
Feb 11 • 24 min
Digital policies are an opportunity for us to do great work, be innovative, achieve organizational goals, and minimize risk. But you can’t get all of that if you are not mindful. Former Buddhist monk, and now coach to executives and agile teams,…
Strive for privacy by design
Feb 4 • 11 min
After years of collecting as much data as they could, organizations everywhere are starting to realize that all of that data has an evil twin: risk. I address how to overcome risk and create opportunity from the growing consumer data privacy awareness.
We are all disabled. Onward with accessibility!
Jan 23 • 29 min
We all have a disability, at some point in our lives, whether it be visual, hearing or motor, temporary or permanent. Kevin Rydberg shares how to get to the “aha” moment in digital accessibility.
Accessibility is like a blueberry muffin
Jan 13 • 15 min
Host Kristina Podnar and James Baverstock, senior accessibility consultant at AbilityNet, discusses why you need to have accessibility included in your digital work from the very begining.
Digital accessibility!
Jan 6 • 8 min
Welcome to the first Power of Digital Policy podcast. It’s about creating and enabling accessibility inside your organization.
Dec 14, 2019 • 1 min
Welcome to The Power of Digital Policy, a podcast that helps organizations get digital policy right, whether for websites, social media, mobile applications, voice, AI or other channels.