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Consulting Lifestyle
Thanks for tuning in the Consulting Lifestyle podcast! This show is done by a consultant for the consultants. You will enjoy a combination of solo shows and exciting guest interviews on various topics affecting the lives of B2B consultants: leadership…

#046 - Should consultants take a stand against inequality and injustice?
Jul 2 • 63 min
This is a crucial but necessary conversation to have in these special times.Georges Floyd was murdered on the 25th of May 2020. The next day, there were protests in the United States and then all over the world.We have seen companies using hashtags and…
#045 - How Vitamin C Blog is informing, connecting and empowering their audience with Kayci Scaggs and Catharine Nixon
Jun 29 • 31 min
#044 - How Vitamin C Blog is informing, connecting and empowering their audienceVitamin C Blog has been co-founded by Kayci Scaggs and Catharine Nixon about a year ago. They want to share information about healthcare in a fun and relatable way. They…
#044 - Bonus Episode: The importance of standing up for yourself or your business
Jun 25 • 10 min
In this short solocast, I express my opinion on the importance of standing up yourself. At the 6:35 mark, I read out a sermon pronounced by Martin Luther King back in 1967.His sermon is still so valid today in 2020. Stay tuned because at least 2 other…
#043 - How to unlock your career potential through Focus Inspired with Luki Danukarjanto
Jun 22 • 53 min
HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR CAREER POTENTIAL THROUGH FOCUS INSPIREDMy guest today is a DJ for personal development! Luki Danukarjanto is an ex-management consultant which has turned career coach. He founded Focus Inspired and has a passion for people,In the…
#042 - How to build Consulting Success while travelling the world with Michael Zipursky
Jun 15 • 40 min
Michael Zipursky is the co-founder of Consulting Success, an organization that has helped 400+ consultants around the world to add 6 or 7 figures to their annual revenue.Consulting Success is also a podcast focused on sharing stories and strategies of…
041# - Why cold calling is still an effective sales strategy with Jeremy Chen
Jun 9 • 45 min
WHY COLD CALLING IS STILL AN EFFECTIVE SALES STRATEGY with Jeremy ChenJeremy Chen is the owner of Answerfone, a start-up that provides virtual receptionist and virtual assistance services to companies. Jeremy is a young entrepreneur from Winnipeg,…
#040 How to sell 1.5B$ in real estate while using Gary Vee’s content model
Jun 1 • 44 min
HOW TO SELL 1.5B$ IN REAL ESTATE WHILE USING GARY VEE’s CONTENT MODELJas Takhar is a natural born salesman and entrepreneur. He made 1.5 billions worth of deals in his real estate career.He has co-founded REC, which is a real estate agency based in…
#039 - How to increase and showcase your value to reach peak performance with Alan Lazaros
May 25 • 38 min
Consulting Lifestyle episode #39 - INCREASE VALUE AND REACH PEAK PERFORMANCEAlan Lazaros is a peak performance coach, entrepreneur and podcaster. He is a proven track record of helping individuals and companies increase their value. He lives his life by…
#38 - How change management leads to project success with Ruth Fernandez
May 18 • 47 min
Ruth Fernandez is an arts and journalism who ended up having more than 2 decades of a global consulting career. Her passion for gaining and sharing knowledge led her to a successful career as a change management leader in many big SAP implementations…
#037 - How to buy businesses and be a franchise broker with Michael I Reeder
May 11 • 54 min
Michael I Reeder owns two businesses: an accounting & tax company called Swartz & Reeder as well as a business franchise brokerage called BizFranHub. Michael took only 5 years to grew from college graduate into a shrewd entrepreneur.His…
#036 - How to reboot your consulting career or business after a crisis with Jacqueline Grant
May 4 • 54 min
Jacqueline Grant is the owner of the Management Academy and the Women in Consulting Summit. She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2005 after having been laid off from her marketing leadership role.She managed to succesfully reinvent herself and…
#035 - How to use Jazz Yoga, consulting and speaking to realize your dreams
Apr 27 • 51 min
Jasmine Gercke is a woman who always strived to realize her dreams. She first came to Canada from England in 2001, 2 weeks after 9/11. She started in finance & B2B consulting at Ernst&Young, to then become a yoga teacher and open up her own yoga…
#034 - How to be a poet, entrepreneur and peace advocate with Chitra Lele
Apr 20 • 40 min
#034 - How a poet built a software company with peacemaking values with Chitra LeleChitra Lele is the young founder of Chitra Lele & Associates, a software consulting company. She managers her company with ethically aligned design…
#033 - How top class vendor maintenance can save millions in your business with Debra Richardson
Apr 16 • 41 min
#033 - How top class vendor maintenance can save millions in your business with Debra RichardsonDebra Richardson is an Accounts Payable consultant who has worked in various industries. She is “Putting the AP in Happy” for companies. In this episode, you…
#032 - COVID-19 offerings from tech giants, a Q1 2020 recap and Q2 2020 plans for the podcast
Apr 13 • 58 min
In this episode, I do 3 things:I detailed special offerings from tech giants Microsoft, Google, SAP, Salesforce, Dropbox, Hellosign and Asana for their clients during this difficult time. I do a recap on the past podcast episodes in 6 topics: Building a…
#031 - How his love for branding took him from wrestling to digital marketing with Neil Haley
Apr 9 • 38 min
#031 - How his love for branding led him from wrestling to digital marketing with Neil HaleyNeil Haley is moved by his love for branding.He is an ex-professional wrestler, currently a radio host while running a digital marketing and tutoring services…
#030 - How to be completely inclusive in your business with Kelly Bron Johnson
Apr 6 • 36 min
Kelly Bron Johnson is the founder of Completely Inclusive, an accessibility and inclusion consulting company based in Montreal, CanadaIn the past, she was a professional who was diagnosed late with autism.She has now a mission to make sure that no one…
#029 - How to build a 7-figures virtual summit business with Dr Mark T Wade
Apr 2 • 30 min
#029 - How a Doctor in neurology built a 7-figures virtual events business with Dr Mark T WadeDr Mark T Wade holds 2 doctorates in postural neurology as well as more than 30 certificates.However, he is a serial entrepreneur who built multiple 6 and…
#028 - How to use crowdsourcing to build an on-demand ERP consultancy with Osar Iyamu
Mar 30 • 46 min
#028 - How to use crowdsourcing to build an on-demand ERP consultancy with Osar IyamuOsar Iyamu is a San Francisco-based French-Canadian entrepreneur who founded On-Demand Experts Cloud in 2015, commonly called “OdeCloud”.ODE stands for On-Demand…
#027 - How to scale a family-owned insurance agency with Lorena Tomasini
Mar 26 • 33 min
#027 - How to scale a family-owned insurance agency with Lorena TomasiniLorena Tomasini is the co-owner of MALMIN, a health & life insurance agency that she runs with her mother. Created in 2006 and based in Miami, her business is helping both…
Bonus Episode: Consultant, your Expertise and your voice are NOT in quarantine!
Mar 24 • 16 min
This is a bonus episode in which I share three actions that B2B consultants can take during this crisis and that will have positive long-term effects on their well-being, their business and society.1. Your expertise and your voice are not in quarantine,…
#026 - How to build your Linkedin Profile: a Masterclass with Shawn Hill
Mar 23 • 42 min
#026 - How to build your Linkedin Profile: a Masterclass with Shawn HillShawn Hill is a Linkedin coach who focuses on helping midlife job seekers. Whether you fall into that demographic or not, his expertise on Linkedin is crucial for anyone who want to…
#025 - Government contracts made easier with Judy Bradt
Mar 19 • 35 min
#025 - From top expert to US government consulting business owner with Judy BradtJudy Bradt is a Canadian woman with a huge experience working with the US Government.She has been a top expert for Canadian companies doing business with the United…
#024 - How Clarity, Commitment and Consistency drive you to your goals with Conni Medina
Mar 16 • 54 min
#024 - How Clarity, Commitment and Consistency help you to get results with Conni MedinaConni Medina is the owner of Clarity Consulting Inc, an executive consultancy company that she started in the fall of 2019. Conni explains us why she decided to…
#023 - A review of the Podfest festival and lessons learned from live events
Mar 12 • 27 min
This episode is a solo show in which I will share my experience of the Podfest festival 2020 which happened in Orlando from 6th until 8th of March 2020. In this episode, I will talk about the type of conferences I attended during the festival, my…
#022 - How to build world-class resumes in any industry with Akeem Branford
Mar 10 • 50 min
#022 - How to build world-class resumes in any industry with Akeem Branford
#021 - Why you can have it all as a consultant with Wendy Maynard
Mar 5 • 36 min
Wendy Maynard is a successful business strategist and marketer. She exited a multi-million dollar marketing company in 2017 and has now rebuilt a thriving solo practice. We will talk about partnerships, sales, pricing, social media and strategy during the…
#020 - How this founder created two Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startups
Mar 2 • 43 min
#020 - How this founder created two Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startupsFrank Mendoza is a consultant and business owner. His passion for data and storytelling led him to founded and run 2 startups: Catalytics Consulting and Detecting…
#019 - Create your own opportunity to meet your drive with Brandividuation owner Amber Brooks
Feb 27 • 41 min
Amber Brooks is a branding strategist and marketer helping companies making branding part of their core identity. She also targets companies that want to make an impact on society.
#018 - How to run a successful events sponsorship business from home with Sheila Farragher-Gemma
Feb 24 • 42 min
Sheila Farragher-Gemma is an events sponsorship entrepreneur. She started other businesses before and during the interview you will learn her experiences, business model and vision for the future.
#017 - How to get 10,000+ views on Linkedin videos using your natural talent with Jonathan Palmar
Feb 20 • 35 min
Jonathan Palmar is a Linkedin video content creator. In this episode, we talk about the importance of deploying your natural talent regardless of your industry.
#016 - How a TikTok phenomenon grows her business with social media with Maayan Gordon
Feb 17 • 31 min
An exciting chat about TikTok, how social media helps entrepreneurs and the ambitions of Maayan Gordon, owner of @worldofglass on TikTok (1.7Million followers) and @monkeyboyart on IG.
#015 - Principles of success in consulting and in running a million-dollar business with “Your Agile Lady” Lizzy Morris
Feb 13 • 49 min
Lizzy Morris is the co-founder of the Bearded Eagle, a consulting company delivering training services to multiple organizations around the world. She has about 20 years of experience in consulting, and she will share with us throughout the whole episode…
#014 - Why Diversity and inclusion marketing matters with Fionna Wright
Feb 10 • 39 min
Fionna Wright is a multidisciplinary omnichannel marketer with a focus on diversity and inclusion as well as her public speaking In this episode, we go deep into the subject of diversity and inclusion.
#013 - She speaks across the globe, runs 2 biz & get more African women in tech with Rachael Orumor
Feb 6 • 49 min
Rachael Orumor is a global leader in the world of technology coming from Benin. She runs 2 IT businesses and get more African women in technology
#012 - Building people up by connecting 4000+ Black Professionals in 2 years with Lekan Olawoye
Feb 3 • 37 min
Lekan Olawoye is the CEO and founder of the Black Professional in Tech Network (BPTN) and The TalentX. The BPTN grew in a 4000 members-organization in 2 years.
#011 - Why I wrote my first tutorial book on a module of the SAP software
Jan 31 • 20 min
Diogène Ntirandekura explains why he decided to write the book “Exceller dans le service à la clientèle avec SAP CS”. He also details what are the subjects approached in the book as well as what type of non-fiction books he likes..
#010 - Why writing books is a great marketing tool for consultants with Martin Munzel
Jan 30 • 30 min
Martin Munzel is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and SAP consultant. He is the co-founder of Espresso Tutorials, a publishing company focused on short and concise SAP textbooks. In this episode, we will talk about his business, the value of…
#009 - Why organizations need a mission, a vision and a brand with Elizabeth Westbrook
Jan 27 • 33 min
Elizabeth Westbrook is a consultant with an impressive operations management experience. She helps businesses to grow responsibly according to their mission and values, and creates a lot of valuable content on Linkedin.
#008 - From selling snakeskin belts to running a remote B2B company with Gabe Arnold
Jan 23 • 50 min
Gabe Arnold is a serial entrepreneur based in Ohio. We cover deeply subjects such as entrepreneurship, partnership, working with remote people, entrepreneurial ADD and marketing.
007 - Develop a narrative style guide to market your business with Lyle Smith
Jan 21 • 46 min
In this interview, we cover the subject of copywriting with Lyle Smith. You will learn how your business and personal brand can benefit from having copywriting services that get a compelling story out of your business.
006 - Doing business with the government with Emily Harman
Jan 15 • 28 min
An interview with Emily Harman, small business consultant helping businesses understanding how to contract with government. She is also a life coach and a podcast host with her own show called “Onward”.
005 - Be a servant leader and know your life purpose with Denise Sarkor
Jan 15 • 39 min
#005 - Be a servant leader and a collector of skills with Denise SarkorDenise Sarkor is born in Liberia, fled the war, lived as a refugee in Ivory Coast before landing in New Jersey, United States. She is a collector of skills and has always gone the…
004 - How to start a consulting business in Dubai with Dhiren Bhatia
Jan 15 • 26 min
#004 - In this episode, you will discover the story of Dhiren Bhatia and the thinking behind the creation of Cloudscape, a Dubai-based technology consulting firm focused on retail and hospitality industries.
003 - How the Messenger Bot Guy makes your business more profitable with Paul Ace
Jan 15 • 29 min
The Messenger Bot Guy, Paul Ace, is a serial entrepreneur who built a successful business based on the conversational commerce experience.
001 - Welcome to the Consulting Lifestyle Podcast!
Jan 8 • 15 min
#001 - personal story about why he created a weekly podcast about business and information technology consulting
002 - What do B2B consultants actually do? with Peter Bjellerup
Jan 8 • 36 min
An executive consultant shares his vision about what real B2B consulting is, which perspective you should have when delivering consulting work and using the company you work for as a distribution channel.