Talking to creators about launching their creations into the world

7: LookUp - Vidit Bhargava
Feb 11 • 39 min
Vidit Bhargava talks about the design and launch of his dictionary app LookUp for iOS and macOS. Links & Show Notes Vidit on Twitter LookUp for iOS LookUp for Mac 99 (film) Andhadhun (film) Mvdit (e-zine) VectorPad Designing LookUp for Mac (blog post)…
6: Nighthawk - Nathan Lawrence & Sam Gold
Jan 28 • 75 min
Nathan Lawrence and Sam Gold join the show to talk about the launch of their new app Nighthawk. Links & Show Notes Nighthawk Nathan Lawrence Sam Gold The Wiggles Stan WWDC Ruined by Design More Launched Website - Twitter - @LaunchedFM…
5: Myke Hurley
Jan 17 • 72 min
We're capping off launch week with the one and only Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM, host of countless podcasts, and co-creator of The Theme System Journal. Links & Show Notes Myke on Twitter - @imyke Relay FM Leo Laporte Adam Curry Reconcilable…
4: James Thomson
Jan 16 • 99 min
James Thomson, creator of PCalc, DragThing, and Dice by PCalc, joins the show to talk about his long history building software in the Apple ecosystem. Links & Show Notes James on Twitter - @jamesthomson Apps PCalc DragThing Dice by PCalc Mac OS 8…
3: Kaya Thomas
Jan 15 • 36 min
Kaya Thomas joins the show to talk about her indie app We Read Too, conference speaking, and writing. Links & Show Notes Kaya on Twitter - @kthomas901 We Read Too BET Feature BET Award Apple Developer Feature Julia Nguyen Elpha Column 16 MacBook Pro…
2: Christian Selig
Jan 14 • 50 min
Charlie talks to Christian Selig, the creator of the indie Reddit app Apollo. Links & Show Notes Christian on Twitter - @ChristianSelig Alien Blue Tweetie Indie Beginnings interview of Christian Apollo subreddit - /r/ApolloApp More Launched Website -…
1: Heidi Helen Pilypas
Jan 13 • 63 min
We're kicking off the show with Heidi Helen Pilypas, the co-creator of indie iOS apps When Did I? and Capsicum. Links & Show Notes Heidi on Twitter - @heidi_helen Capsicum When Did I? Heidi's podcast guest appearances App Stories Independence Waiting for…
Introducing: Launched
Dec 13, 2019 • 1 min
Introducing: Launched, the show talking to creators about launching their creations into the world. Hosted by Charlie Chapman. Show Notes Dark Noise Charlie Chapman's Twitter Launched Podcast Twitter LaunchedFM Subreddit Indie Beginnings Website:…